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American Idol Season 8 Top 10

Updated on March 26, 2009

Seriously, who doesn't love Motown? This is always a great week, which is refreshing after last week's country debacle. You know it's bad when the one person who is supposed to rock it instead puts you in a sleeper hold!

This episode kicked off with a lovely dose of sexual innuendo. I'm not talking about Paula's under-the-skirt comment; I'm referring to Matt Giraud's rendition of "Let's Get it On." Good choice, JT wannabe! I liked the combination of the piano playing and the white-boy breaking it down swaying. He did the obligatory "touch a few ladiez" move while still keeping it PG enough for broadcast television. Good show, my friend! I did not understand how ole Matty G is like a worn pair of jeans as Paula said. It must have been the pills talking again! I will say that Matt is very slowly growing on me, very slowly.

I didn't think anyone could out-adorable Kris Allen, but then Smokey Robinson came along and got all giggly and melted my cold heart. What a cutie! I really dug Kris's version of "How Sweet It Is." He is the type of singer that I would go see in concert. I've got a weak spot for dudes who just stand there and play the guitar (hello, Jason Castro!). If that's what Kris looks like standing at the bus stop, then I'll gladly buy a ticket! Obviously, Simon knows about the marriage between being successful and being conceited. It is an art he has perfected. What was up with Kris changing the way he held his "2" from pointer and middle to pointer to pinky? That was just strange, kid.

I'm going to change Scott's name to Boring. He found a way to take an upbeat, fun song, "You Can't Hurry Love" and make it adult contemporary. He's a nice dude, but he just does not play my type of music. He took a step in the right direction by picking up the tempo, but it wasn't quite enough for me. At least he seemed to have a good time, which is also good. I think he's an amazing pianist and I'd actually love to hear him sing "Benny and the Jets." Beyond that, he can go home at any time.

Paula pulling out crayons and a coloring book for Simon was pretty entertaining, but not as funny as Ryan pronouncing it "crowns." That's adorable....for 4-year olds! And Paula has something else for Simon under her skirt....yikes!

Oh Megan. "For Once in My Life" is an amazing song, and she butchered it. It was kinda Vegas-y with the arrangement and the backup singers, and not in a good way. The highlight was when Paula said she's stunning, (as she always says when someone sucks) and Simon retorted "This isn't Next Top Model." How could you not love that guy?

Anoop, baby, please do something about those eyebrows. They're nutballs. His performance, on the other hand, was fantastico! I think he's a really good ballad singer (or balladeer as I learned from Mr. Randy Jackson). I agree that his falsetto wasn't that amazing, but I still felt it. I hope he can keep this momentum and sing something up tempo, or people will start getting bored with him too. At least he inspired Ryan Seacrest to show us his singing skills, and we all learned why he just HOSTS the show....

"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" is one of my personal faves, and someone sings it every season. It made me nervous that Oil Rig was the one who chose it, and I was right. It seems like he doesn't know how to interpret lyrics. He just goes through the motions of singing the song without anything behind it. He's a good karaoke singer, and I'd actually have a good time hanging at the bar with him, but he needs to go. Simon is completely right; he's not going to win. If he's going to stick around, I hope he doesn't butcher any more of my favorite songs!

Say what you will about Lil Rounds, but she's a much better showman than most of the clowns on this show. "Heat Wave" probably wasn't the best choice for her, but she knows how to work the stage. She used the backup singers effectively, unlike some of the others. She interacted with them, while maintaining focus on her. Lil understands the balance between song and performance better than most of the other clowns. Plus, her personality is one of the best in the competition.

Has Adam been reading my hubs? He finally scaled it back and did something calm, and I didn't hate it! He's a really talented singer and he proved that he can show that without alienating people like me who get annoyed by his theatrics. He still had his dramatic facial expressions and ridiculous outfit, but I could get past it because it was such an honest interpretation of the lyrics. I'm a little disappointed that no one, not even Simon, questioned why he was channeling Elvis with his outfit.

Danny Gokey had a good time this week. His performance wasn't really about the singing (but he didn't sing like a donkey with the flu), it was about having fun with an upbeat jam. It was adorable the way he interacted with the backup singers without being cheesy. I just love him.

Paula stood behind her chair in anticipation of dancing to Allison's rendition of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." That, or she really had to go to the bathroom and wanted to sneak out. I didn't understand a lot of the words because it seemed like Allison mumbled them. However, I'll give the girl props on her last note. It was hot. She's a really good singer, but I just can't get behind her. You will notice that she and Adam moved up on my list a little this week. Maybe they're breaking me down and I just haven't realized it yet!

Why did Paula just sit there while Simon drew on her face? Those two are freaks!

Here's the dwindling list (in order of my favorite to the bottom feeders):

Danny Gokey

Adam Lambert

Anoop Desai

Kris Allen

Matt Giraud

Lil Rounds

Allison Iraheta

Megan Corkery

Scott Macintyre

Oil Rig


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      honestly, i don't like motown. barf.

      omg yes anoop's eyebrows are crazy!!

      i am glad i am not the only person who didn't love allison. i also could not understand a WORD of whatever that shit was.

      i loved adam this ashamed to admit that. he was clearly the best.


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