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American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Contestants and Odds Updates

Updated on March 12, 2010

Ongoing Updates on Live Results and Odds

The ninth season of American Idol now has its 24 contestants. But Idol is still airing the city auditions. At this time, the spoilers are coming in, and this page will list updates and odds. Check back throughout the season to see how the odds change. The bookmakers usually do not release odds until the first week of the voting rounds. Until then, I will give a general opinion of the odds for each contestant.

Here is the running list of updates for the Top 24:

Eliminations for Week of 24:

Ashley Rodriguez - Janell Wheeler - Jose Munoz - Tyler Grady

Eliminations for Week of 20:

John Park - Jermaine Sellers - Michelle Delamor - Haeley Vaughn

Eliminations for Week of 16:

Todrick Hall - Katelyn Epperly - Lilly Scott - Alex Lambert

And here is your Top 12 of American Idol for Season 9:

Crystal Bowersox

Siobhan Magnus

Michael Lynche

Lee DeWyze

Casey James

Didi Benami

Andrew Garcia

Lacey Brown

Paige Miles

Katie Stevens

Aaron Kelly

Tim Urban

There were huge surprises in this list of eliminations. Lilly and Katelyn were considered to be moderate favorites and were booted in favor of Katie Stevens and Paige Miles. Paige was unspeakably bad with the song "Smile," but Katie is consistent on a vocal level but rather boring.

Katelyn made a horrible song choice after a great performance of the "The Scientist" the week before. One great performance just doesn't always get you over the hump.

Lilly was unique and had a great performance with "A Change Is Gonna Come." Unfortunately, she also made a bad song choice in the week with 16 left. Another problem with Lilly is that people get tired of that jazzy style every single week. Contestants like Lilly who don't know that they have to mix it up after 8 seasons of this show have no one to blame but themselves. Andrew Garcia is in danger of falling into that same trap.

Although many fans were surprised at the elimination of Alex Lambert, most of the complaints relied on his vocal tone. But Alex was always nervous on stage and can't even phrase the words properly. It's not a big surprise at all. Even Tim Urban, who is equally as bad overall, outperformed Alex in the week with 16 left.

Todrick probably got the boot because he was cast as kind of an arrogant jerk during the Hollywood rounds. He certainly toned down the off-putting remarks in the voting rounds, but the damage was already done. He deserved to make it on talent, but personality is also a big factor in a popularity contest like Idol.

Analysis of Top 12 odds coming soon.

So, who is the favorite with 16 contestants left in American Idol 9? I'll give you the typical betting odds for the contestants that are remaining. Odds are based on the bets actually placed. If you know American Idol better than the bettors as a whole, you may be able to predict better than the odds. For example, Katelyn and Siobhan are picking up steam big time, but do they have the personality to win American Idol? Or does Crystal have the image or demeanor to win? Everyone has a different opinion on these questions.

Crystal Bowersox is currently the favorite at about 4/1.

Lee DeWyze is next up at about 4.5 to 1. Next comes Siobhan Magnus at 5/1.

Andrew Garcia is losing ground, but he is still about 6 to 1 in betting odds. Casey James is right there about 6 to 1, as well.

The only other contestants even close in betting odds are Lilly Scott, Katie Stevens and Katelyn Epperly. Lilly and Katie are about 12 to 1. Katelyn had an average first week, but her last performance helped her pick up some steam. She is up to about 16 to 1 in betting odds.

Crystal would appear to be the true favorite. She is coming on strong now, and even Simon is behind her. However, that can also be the kiss of death. So it's hard to say for sure where Crystal stands. Andrew WAS the favorite before the voting rounds started. He needs to show some versatility as quickly as possible to reverse his falling trend.

Casey James is overrated by the betting public. He has next to no chance of winning. After a decent first week, Casey has shown that he is nothing more than a slightly above-average singer. There are little to no dynamics to his singing. Looks will not get him a championship.

Katie Stevens is the other contestant that has little chance of winning. Katie has a better voice than Casey, but she is in Karaoke Land. Katie does nothing with the songs but sing them well. She doesn't really have any kind of personal style to speak of.

Andrew Garcia

Andrew's initial odds of winning appear to be in the middle. He is very soulful, but image is an issue.

Update: Well, Andrew is certainly the most pimped male contestant this year. He is also very good at an increasingly effective way of doing well on Idol - putting a spin on a song to fit your own style. Andrew's odds are much higher now. He is the likely favorite among the guys and Top 5 overall.

Andrew has now dropped off the radar of favorites. He seems very repetitive and just can't find the right song to showcase all his skills. He should be safe for at least a couple of weeks in the Top 12 but needs to turn it around real fast.

Aaron Kelly

Aaron's initial odds of winning appear to be in the middle. He has the right image to get votes from young girls, but he lacks significant power despite having a pretty voice. The country image can also help him go pretty far in the competition.

Alexander "Alex" Lambert (status: eliminated in the Week with 16)

Alex's initial odds appear to be VERY low. His image is good, but he has a rather unoriginal voice.

Casey James

Not much is known about Casey yet. There were no published YouTube videos on the sites that I checked.

Update on Casey: Casey has a very low chance of winning Idol. He is like the Ace Young of this season but with even less talent.

Update: Casey has surprised me during Hollywood. He is much better than his first audition. He has been featured a lot. His odds are not high to win, but they are at least in the middle.

Christopher "Chris" Golightly

Christopher is a good singer. He sort of looks and sings like Justin Guarini. That is not a good thing. His initial odds appear to be low.

Update: Chris Golightly was disqualified for apparently having a contract to be in a boy band. Although he says the contract was terminated, he allegedly did not tell Idol about the contract. That is a violation even if the contract had been terminated.

Tim Urban has replaced Chris. Urban was borderline horrible and has no chance of winning Idol. Not one of his performances was good.

Ashley Makailah Rodriguez (status: eliminated in Week with 24)

Ashley's odds appear to be very high. She appears to be a favorite if not the overall favorite. Her talent seems to be a bit overrated, but there's no doubt the show is pushing her as a favorite. And she does seem to have the skills to back it up even if some overly ecstatic fans exaggerate her talent.

Update: Well, Ashley was not really featured much at all in Hollywood except her last performance. Her odds have dropped, and she seems to limit herself to a modern RnB style. Some fans like this, but it's not a good formula for winning Idol. Ashley's odds have dropped to somewhere in the middle.

Benjamin "Ben" Honeycutt (status: Ben was cut in the Hollywood group round)

Ben's odds appear to be high. Many people are reminded of David Cook or Kris Allen when they see Ben. Although that could hurt his chances of winning, Ben actually has a piercing vocal tone that goes straight to your soul. His voice is more like Bo Bice in that respect. He is one of my personal favorites so far.

Update on Ben: There is now some question as to whether Ben made the cut to the Top 24. This show needs talent. I hope he made it.

Update on Ben: It is virtually certain now that Ben was cut before the Top 24. Idol apparently needs to cut talent to make room for, well, whatever.

To be fair, though, Ben's small piece in the group round looked pretty bad.

John Park (status - cut in the Round of 20)

John's odds appear to be low. He has a nice, steady voice and vocal control. But people will not find him to be unique.

Katie Stevens

Katie's odds appear to be high. She is marketable, pretty, and talented. More importantly, the show wants her to succeed.

Katelyn Epperly (status - cut in Round of 16)

A YouTube video of her playing piano and singing is making the rounds. She is a good singer. It's hard to place odds on her because the video only shows her back. Her odds appear to be somewhere in the middle.

Update on Katelyn: Katelyn did, indeed, show some singing talent in her televised audition. Her odds are still in the middle as far as winning, but she certainly could get on a roll and make it to the Top 5. With this being a year set up for a girl to win, Katelyn's stock could rise if she continues to perform well.

Lillian "Lilly" Scott (status - cut in Round of 16)

Lilly is quite a good singer. She can sing jazz, and she did pretty well on a Hall and Oates number in her other televised performance. As Kara said, Lilly does not have a particularly strong voice. Idol voters love their strong voices. Lilly's odds are somewhere in the middle.

David Duke

Not enough is known about David yet to place any odds on him.

Update: There is apparently no David Duke in the Top 24 now.

Haeley Vaughn (status - cut in the Round of 20)

Not enough info is known yet to place odds on Haeley.

Update on Haeley: Haeley was finally featured in her audition. Her odds appear to be in the middle. She has a unique angle as an aspiring black country-pop singer. However, her overall talent level is still in question.

Update: Her talent level is no longer in question. Haeley has very poor vocal control. She may go far for being cool or whatever, but Haeley's odds of winning are low.

Janell Wheeler (status: cut in the Week with 24)

She is stone-cold gorgeous. But it's hard to tell just yet if that is why she was picked. Her MySpace shows some decent but unoriginal talent. Her odds appear to be fairly low to possibly in the middle.

Update: I was actually impressed with the small clip they showed of Janell during the televised auditions. She may have better odds than I thought. I'd still put the odds somewhere in the middle for now.

Update: The show has pimped Janell so hard. But they also pointed out her inconsistency in Hollywood. She was great in Hollywood at times but made a terrible song choice in the last performance. Janell's odds are good to make the Top 5 if she gets through to the Top 12. Her odds of winning are somewhere in the middle. However, if she is consistent, Janell is one who could surprise and take home a win.

Jermaine Sellers (status - cut in the Round of 20)

Jermaine's odds appear to be high. He has a backstory (helped take care of his mom, who has spina bifida). He also has a great range and TV experience with BET's "Sunday Best."

Jermaine seemed to have a rather poor attitude and demeanor during Hollywood Week. His odds have definitely dropped. Jermaine is now a long shot to win. His odds are low.

Lacey Brown

Her one uploaded video displays a country twang to her voice. There is nothing special about her. Lacey's odds appear to be very low.

Update: Lacey's odds are still low. She has no signature musical identity or the kind of personality to build a large fan base.

Lee DeWyze

Lee has apparently closed his online accounts as a result of making it to the Top 24. I'll reserve judgment on Lee. He does have a growing fan base online among those who have been following.

Update: Idol showed a very short clip of Lee singing in his initial audition. He was somewhat marginalized by Idol, which already makes his odds low. He had a nice, soulful vocal tone but questionable vocal control in his audition. His odds are low.

Michael Lynche

Michael has a great range - really great. He can be soulful but also bring a pop flavor. In terms of image, it's hard to say. The only winner remotely close to him is Ruben Studdard. No, that is not because they are both black. They actually seem to have somewhat similar voices. I would place his odds somewhere in the middle until we see how he performs live.

Update on Michael: His initial audition aired during the "Road to Hollywood" episode. I was surprised at how average it was. He did not sing as well as his online videos that he took down. His odds are still in the middle (although he was rumored to be a favorite of the judges in Hollywood).

Michelle Delamor (status - cut in the Round of 20)

She is both attractive and talented. Michelle is the diva type - not exactly my personal favorite but the type of singer that has a fighting chance to win on American Idol. Michelle's odds are high at this point.

Update: Michelle was very marginalized in Hollywood. She was barely shown at all except to show her getting picked for the Top 24. Idol is clearly not going for the diva-type singer this year, and that is bad for Michelle. Her odds have dropped heavily at this point.

Tyler Grady (status: eliminated in the Week with 24)

Tyler was already featured for his initial audition. He is a good singer but seems to be overrated by his fans. His audition showed nothing distinctive. Considering everything, Tyler's odds are somewhere in the middle. I think he may also have more talent than what we saw in his first audition.

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal apparently closed her YouTube account, suggesting that she did, in fact, make the cut. Not enough is known about her to place odds on her chances of winning.

Update on Crystal: Crystal's odds are low. The short clip of her audition was actually very good. Unfortunately, Crystal does not have the kind of superstar personality to win American Idol. Prove me wrong, Crystal. I loved your audition.

Update: Oh, my gosh. This girl is incredible. She is my favorite right now. Crystal has been featured prominently. My guess is that the show wants Crystal to make the Top 12 and at least the tour. She is an amazing singer and plays instruments, as well. Her image is still a problem. I can only hope that the fans give her a chance if she continues to do well, which is highly likely.

Jose Munoz (status: eliminated in the Week with 24)

Jose is one of the last contestants to be spoiled. Not much is known about him yet, so there are no odds for now.

Update: Jose has been treated badly. We saw only one small clip of his singing. He is relegated to cannon fodder at this point and will have trouble getting out of the first two weeks.

Paige DeChausse

Paige's audition and videos show rather unrefined vocals. Some will find her soulful, and that might help her chances. Nonetheless, her odds appear to be low to possibly in the middle due to her TV exposure.

Update: Apparently, Paige DeChausse did not make the Top 24. Instead, a different Paige made it. The source must not have known the last name. Paige Miles is reportedly the correct Paige in the Top 24. I will post odds when I find out more about Paige Miles.

Update: Paige Miles is the Paige in the Top 24. She is also in danger of not making it out of the first couple of weeks. Paige was not shown singing, and the only thing we know is that Simon said she was really good.

Paige Miles: Paige survived the round with 24 contestants despite going first. She is still in danger of being eliminated because viewers are not that familiar with her. She came out and sang well but didn't show much originality. Simon seems to think she has the best voice, but we haven't seen that yet.

Siobhan Magnus

Wow. Siobhan has some killer high notes. I like her raw potential. But Siobhan seems to be very unrefined as a singer. She also looks like she is screaming when she belts out those awesome notes. It's going to be hard for her to develop a style and performance skills in such a short time. Siobhan's odds are fairly low now. She needs a good vocal coach, but there just isn't enough time for her to develop now.

Update: Now that Siobhan has weathered the storm of the first voting week, her chances are looking much better to make a decent run. She may have the best raw skills of anyone in this competition. Vocal control is still an issue. Siobhan's personality cuts both ways. Some people don't like her because she seems weird. Some people call it "quirky" and love her. I personally love her.

Vered Didi Benami

Not enough is known about Vered Didi Benami to place odds on her chance of winning Idol this year.

Update on Didi: Didi's odds appear to be in the middle but with the possibility of trending upward. She has a great voice but may lack the composure to handle the stress of the competition.

Update: Well, Didi has been featured more in Hollywood, and she is an excellent singer. Didi may even be the overall favorite. I believe she does have control of her nerves, as she continues to perform well when it comes time to sing. Didi's odds are very high at this point. Look for her to make a serious run for the top.

Todrick Hall (status - eliminated in Round of 16)

Todrick's Hollywood appearances were a mixed bag. On the one hand, he was featured a lot. On the other hand, he was cast as a bit of an arrogant crybaby. Todrick managed to last to the week of 16. He should have made it on talent, but his personality led to his early downfall.

Although Hall was rumored to be a scam artist, that story never really picked up much steam. That likely had little to no effect on his early demise.


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    • fetty profile image


      8 years ago from South Jersey

      Very thorough job, nice looking and efficient use of words. I like the way you state your opinion versus the facts or odds. This is a very useful hub.


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