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American Idol Spoiler Watch: Michelle Delamor Brings The Diva Vibe

Updated on January 22, 2010

May Lose Votes to Ashley Makailah Rodriguez

Every year, a few websites jump at the chance to provide the public with American Idol spoilers. For the current American Idol 9, and other spoiler sites have announced that Michelle Delamor has made the Top 24. Michelle was already seen during her initial audition. The show only broadcast a very short clip of her singing "Chain of Fools." Idol also showed its seemingly obligatory "butt shot" of the attractive female contestants, and Michelle definitely has some nice assets for this kind of competition. She is clearly a diva-type singer, and that may be bad for her this year due to the presence of one Ashley Makailah Rodriguez. As a result of this, Michelle has a major hurdle in front of her when trying to win the American idol crown.

Of particular note is Michelle's Delamor's version of "Note to God" on YouTube. She displays the right emotion and holds the song together nicely. One possible question is her power. That is not so clear from her performances. She really needs to branch out some, too. The days of  a pure pop diva winning Idol appear to be in the past (if those days ever even existed except for the Jordin Sparks victory). Singers like Michelle often go deep but come up short in the competition.

From what we have seen so far, Michelle is certainly attractive and has talent. But Ashley Makailah Rodriguez seems to be the TCO (The Chosen One) among the producers when it comes to the diva contestants. This creates a potential vote-splitting problem for Michelle Delamor. However, it will not necessarily hurt her chances of going deep in the competition. Many similar singers can go deep in the competition, so Michelle still has a chance to make the Top 5 or so regardless of the presence of Ashley.

Considering that Ashley is the featured one while they showed only a few seconds of Michelle, it seems clear who the producers prefer between these two. In actuality, Michelle seems to have more potential when it comes to talent than Ashley. Ashley will likely be the most overrated contestant, but the producers will keep shoving her down our throats, and some people are bound to swallow. She is already a big favorite on the various American Idol forums.

Michelle Delamor should mix it up and show more versatility to improve her chances of winning. Coming out and blasting a rock song away might provide enough shock value to put her past Ashley. As it stands now, she will not win unless she takes votes away from Ashley. From a talent perspective, Michelle is probably near the top among the spoiled contestants and certainly better than the overrated Ashley. But building a fan base involves much more than that. She will need shock value or a surprise elimination of Ashley to become the American Idol favorite and take the championship.


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