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American Idol Spoiler Watch: Tori Kelly

Updated on January 10, 2010

Will the "America's Most Talented Kid" Contestant Be The Next American Idol?

The ninth season of American Idol is set to debut on Tuesday, January 10, 2010. The usual American Idol spoilers are making the rounds, and one interesting prospect I ran across is Tori Kelly. Tori is not new to televised singing contests. She was a contestant on "America's Most Talented Kid." She draws a comparison to American Idol winner Jordin Sparks in that respect, as Jordin was also successful on a kids' TV music contest. Tori is potentially one of the better vocalists to make it on American Idol. She has a good chance of becoming an American Idol favorite going deep in the competition if she gets past the judges to the voting rounds.

Many feel that the producers and judges will push for a girl this year. A male has won the last two years, and the guys have pretty much dominated those years. Frankly, I personally wondered if they cut most of the good girls early to make it easier for a guy to win. And the same suspicion makes me think the Powers That Be at Idol will give the boot to most of the good guys this year to give the good girls a better chance to win. This may improve Tori Kelly's chances of getting to the voting rounds if the Powers That Be decide to give her a shot.

Tori's performance of Christina Aguilera's "Keep on Singing My Song" at only 11 years of age is amazing from a purely vocal standpoint. See the video below. She has remarkable vocal control. Of course, her skill at 11 is going to be limited in terms of stage presence and emotion. But her vocals were spot on. The only other thing I see in this performance that I could criticize is that it's a bit of a copycat performance. However, I do not expect an 11-year-old singer to have already developed her own style.

Tori is now 18. It remains to be seen how much of a unique style Tori has developed over the years. However, her YouTube profile suggests that she has a good deal of versatility. Tori seems to enjoy the diva songs like Beyonce's "Halo," a song for which she did a good job. However, she also did a decent but unspectacular performance of Paramore's "The Only Exception." The guitar playing was a little rough, but it's a good sign to see her trying to branch outside the typical diva stuff and show more versatility.

Tori has a bit of a following already on her YouTube and MySpace pages. However, a couple of thousand YouTube subscribers is a small drop in the bucket compared to the millions of people who vote on Idol. That likely won't affect her chances of doing well on Idol.

In the end, Tori seems to be a likely pick as one of the pop diva choices that always occupy a few slots on American Idol. However, this does not bode well for her chances of winning. The only real diva-type singer to win is arguably Jordin Sparks. More soulful singers tend to win. Nonetheless, the pop-diva types often go deep in the competition. Tori Kelly has a good chance of going into the Top 12 of American Idol 9 as one of the "pop diva" picks this year if she is featured by the producers in the early Idol audition episodes and shows a decent on-camera personality.

Tori Kelly on "American's Most Talented Kid" at 11 Years of Age


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