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American Idol Spoiler Watch for Michael Lynche

Updated on January 19, 2010

Big Boy Is Bringing the Big Vocals to the Top 24

According to American Idol spoilers, Michael Lynche has made the Top 24 for American Idol 9. Based on his YouTube videos, Michael should be one of the most versatile contestants this year on Idol. Whether he emerges as a favorite will depend on several factors, most of which have nothing to do with talent.

Michael has a fantastic vocal range. Check out the Michael Lynche YouTube channel to see some of his work. His voice can also suit a soul song or a commercial pop sound. He definitely has an RnB flavor but can probably sing a wide variety of songs. His performance of "Heavy Breathin" is a good example of his incredible range and vocal control. Michael even plays the guitar. His performance of "Oo La La" show that he can bring something extra to the table that so many American Idol RnB contestants have not shown off in the past.

Michael is a big guy, but odds are most people will find him handsome in the same way people found Ruben Studdard to be a big but handsome "Velvet Teddy Bear." Using image to predict how a contestant will do on American Idol is somewhat difficult. Contestants that are clearly beautiful often get cut the first week. On the other hand, those considered unattractive also get cut right off the bat or sometimes go very deep in the competition. Looks do not appear to have a large effect on American Idol voting.

RnB male contestants do not seem to fare well with American Idol voters. Part of this is due to the fact that many of these contestants do not show much versatility outside that genre. I suspect Michael may be able to buck this trend due to his vocal skills. But will he want to branch out even if he can? Judges may give bad advice in this area. Michael may or may not want to market himself as an RnB star, but he should resist any notion of tailoring songs to an RnB style if he wants to win American Idol. History just does not bode well for that strategy. Diversity will likely get him farther in the competition.

Michael may have a tough time getting through the first round of cuts unless the show features him as a potential favorite. Those who are not featured in the initial auditions or Hollywood Week often fall by the wayside in the march up to the Top 12. He does not appear to have the kind of image that would instantly capture votes, so this could be crucial for his chances in getting to the Top 12.

Many are predicting that a girl will win this year. The show has had two male winners the past two years, and the producers likely want to mix it up and get a girl to the finish line. Of course, this could hurt Michael's chances of winning.

All things considered, it is hard to say how well Michael Lynche will do on Idol this year. He certainly has better vocals than most of the contestants we have seen in other seasons. On the other hand, his style has not fared well on this show. He should present himself as a diverse vocalist and entertainer to improve his chances of capturing the American Idol crown.


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