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American Idol Spoilers: Tyler Grady Reportedly Gets Through Hollywood to Voting Rounds

Updated on January 22, 2010

Can The Tree Climber Win American Idol?

As American Idol rolls along during its ninth season, the sites that release American Idol spoilers, including, have announced that Tyler Grady has made the Top 24. Tyler already auditioned on TV with Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." He had a cast on both hands. Apparently, Tyler likes climbing trees and hurt both hands falling out of a tree. This makes him seem silly but maybe fun at the same time. Tyler has a huge smile, and many of the fans will probably fall in love with him. But will Tyler emerge as an American Idol favorite and take down the crown of American Idol? His initial audition showed some considerable singing talent, so he certainly has a chance to emerge as one of the favorites.

Tyler showed a nice vocal tone and good range when singing a difficult song like "Let's Get It On." He did not attempt to hit the one big high note but still showed a good vocal range. There was not much originality to the performance, and this is something Tyler should work on if he expects to win Idol. Everything from the song choice to the 70s clothes was apparently meant to convey a throwback image. It may have been memorable for that reasons, but it lacked originality for the same reason.

On the other hand, Kara DioGuardi and guest judge Victoria Beckham just loved him. They thought he was cool and sexy, and maybe this is one of the big reasons Tyler got through to the voting rounds (assuming the spoilers are correct). However, sex appeal may get a contestant in the door. It will not get him to the finish line.

Judging how talented Tyler or any contestant is from a short audition is mainly guesswork. Some auditioners blast out of the box with a fantastic initial audition in one of the cities and go progressively downhill after that. Others start out slow and build up throughout the competition. Tyler is probably somewhere in the middle at this point. He may have the cool and fun image down, but the question is whether he can develop the kind of musical identity usually needed to win American Idol.

All things considered, Tyler Grady seems to be a contestant who could easily make the Top 12 just based on his image. His initial audition showed some hint of good vocal skills, particularly his vocal range. But he is probably somewhere in the middle as far as his chances of actually winning. He can improve his chances by showing more originality instead of trying to mimic styles of the past. Additionally, his musical identity is not clear just yet. He probably needs to develop that to emerge as a favorite and win American Idol 9.


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