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American Idol Top 36 ep 1

Updated on March 18, 2011

Ok boys and girls, let's get ready to dial! I have a feeling the math this season is going to make my head spin. They're dropping from twelve to three for the next three weeks. That will leave nine standing and the judges will choose three wildcards, bringing them to twelve. I remember that from the second season. I don't like it. I decided before the show started which three I wanted to go through, so that made me biased. I actually hoped my picks would be great and everyone else would suck, just to make the decisions easier!

I was happy to hear Paula's nonsense talk start early in the episode. There's something comforting about her consistently loony comments. It's like hanging with your crazy Aunt Edna when she's forgotten to take her meds. Always a good time. Let's get on with the show.

Jackie: What was up with the Grease meets Run DMC outfit? She looked like she had a good time, which was nice. I wasn't that into it. I liked parts of it, but overall not for me. At least she has a good personality, but I doubt her survival in this group.

Ricky: I might have liked him since he's from my part of the world, but I had no idea who that kid was. I hate that garbage. He looked a little like Danny Gokey when he was wearing his glasses. However, his personality must suck because he's a good singer and they haven't shown him much. My advice would be to sing something more exciting for me to jam out to. Even Miss Nutbag Paula mentioned how no one knows who this dude is. (Side note: someone needs to get Kara to lean away from the microphone so we don't hear every breath.) I agreed with Simon that Ricky lacked charisma. Speaking of microphones, why didn't they give Ricky one? I didn't hear anything he said, which does not exactly help his case.

Alexis: She was embarrassed that Kara told her to make love to her fiancée because her parents would see that. Ummm, she has a kid--the jig is up, sista. That was a surprising performance by such a tiny girl. If she doesn't get voted through, she'll probably get a wildcard vote. She definitely has more personality when she sings than when she's talking. It's like going from an alarm to hitting the snooze button!

Since American Idol decided to have a little live-TV interruption by playing the wrong tape for Brent, I am going to do the same. (Although Seacrest gets a shout-out for attempting to take control and improvising the best he could. Good job, little man!) It's the 8th season of the biggest reality TV show ever, and they not only had technical difficulties (sorry about your job, dude), but the directing was a mess. The cameras were all over-the wrong places! I can just hear Seacrest bitching "Am I the only professional on this show?" That makes me giggle.

Brent: Brent was about as good as the directing. First of all, I don't like that song. Second of all, if you're going to sing country, you need to be phenomenal i.e. Carrie Underwood. Third of all, you're boring. Moving on.

Stevie: She's got really shiny hair. I think she was aiming for a young performance, and went way too far. It was like watching a friend's 8-year old sister performing in the living room. It was not good. They can blame the song all they want, but it was really just her. Another side observation: Did no one practice interviews with the parents? They all seemed caught off guard-that Seacrest was asking them questions, or even looking in their direction. It caused a lot of awkwardness.

Anoop: That's my boy, in case you haven't heard! He makes some random song choices. From Bobby Brown to Monica, but he tears ‘em up...usually. He was a little boy band tonight, but I didn't think he was as bad as they made him sound. I'm biased, I dig him. I like that Simon pointed out how likeable he is-it's a Tarheel thing. He is a class-act, thanking the band. Sigh.

Casey: What was up with her hat in her interview? Is she going to solve a crime circa 1941 later? I don't know how I feel about her changing the lyrics to a song like that either. I can't decide if she seemed like she was singing karaoke at a sorority casino night or in a Miss Texas pageant (thanks beehive). She's a pretty girl, except when she sings--that girl makes some weird faces. I found it rude when Kara and Randy sang to her. She looked like she was gonna cry during her critique, but she sounded fine when she responded. Weird. Even Simon tried the Paula move by saying she looked pretty-but her singing sucked.

Oil Rig: He seemed like he had a good time singing and he's such a nice guy. However, I didn't really like that gloppidy gloop. It's weird. He's someone I've had plenty to say about him in previous episodes, and I didn't have much to say about him this time. Meh.

Ann Marie: She's really pretty, but at some points in the song, she sounded angry that this person made her feel like a natural woman instead of feeling inspired. She's not a bad singer, but her interpretation skills are lacking. That was a mess to me. Ryan Seacrest is a pervert! He was making dirty jokes in his head when she said "I sat on the hard part." He had to move on, as do I.

Stephen: That song "Rock with You" requires a certain level of charisma and showmanship a la Michael Jackson before he went weird. I just didn't see it in him. He's another one I don't have much to say about. Besides, I was distracted by the bad directing again. What was up with the shot of Seacrest taking a nap during the judges' panel? Was he talking to Simon during Paula's criticism?

Tatiana: She belongs on Telemundo, not American Idol. She's such a drama queen! It's like God is playing a trick on all of us by making her a pretty good singer. Sometimes she sounds like a man, though, so she's got that going for her. I think she tried to be demure because people were throwing gum wrappers at her on the street for being so annoying. Thanks, Simon for pointing out what we've all been buzzing about--how exhaustingly dramatic she is! She was making Simon nervous that she might calmly light the building on fire. Why was she rubbing up on Ryan's shoulder? Because you can't hide that level of freakshow.

Danny: Love, love, love. I didn't realize that his wife died only 4 weeks before his audition. That's crazy. I dig him because he has depth and is an insanely good singer. When they showed Jamar in the crowd, my heart hurt. He's so much better than most of the clowns on there tonight. Anyway, back to Danny, I liked his little speech at the end about people rising above tough situations. Take me to church, Danny boy!

My picks to continue: Danny, Anoop, Alexis.

We'll watch this list get smaller, but here's Top 36 again in case you need it:

Adam Lambert

Alex Wagner

Allison Iraheta

Casey Carlson

Stephen Fowler

Stevie Wright

Danny Gokey

Jackie Tohn

Jasmine Murray

Jesse Langseth

Jeanine Vailes

Jorge Nunez-Mendez

Ju'Not Joyner

Kai Kalama

Kendall Beard

Kris Allen

Kristen McNamara

Lil Rounds

Matt Breitzke

Matt Giraud

Nathaniel Marshall

Nick Mitchell (Norman)

Ricky Braddy

Scott Macintyre

Ann Marie Boskovich

Anoop Desai

Von Smith

Alexis Grace

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro

Taylor Vaifanua

Arianna Afsar

Brent Keith

Felicia Barton


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