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American Idol Top 7 Part Deux

Updated on March 15, 2011

I had to name this part deux (which is hard to spell) because of Matt Giraud's save last week. That's just annoying. Not nearly as annoying as the dingleberry who came up with the idea of disco night. I was ready to post this before the results show, but I held off so I could comment on the Wednesday night dismissals. This blogging thing is so exhausting. In case you were wondering, I did not change the order of my list after the results were revealed. I'm just a genius.

That said, Lil finally busts out what the judges have been asking for by choosing "I'm Every Woman." I actually thought she might have done Whitney's version of this song last week from The Bodyguard. Either way, it didn't turn out the way everyone had hoped. She's a performer and she had a good time, but something was off. I'm not sure if it was the arrangement or what. Plus, she looked like she was crying during the judges' critiques. It was strange how she kept saying that she wasn't doing karaoke when nobody even mentioned that word. Maybe she had a Lil guilty conscience? Oh, I'm so devilish.

When Ryan announced Kris Allen's choice, "She Works Hard for the Money" I thought he was kidding. Then Kris walks over to center stage carrying his guitar and I thought, this is still disco night, right? Leave it to Kris to make that disco song a beach jam. I love him. He took a song with lyrics he found intriguing and did his own thing with it. That was badass.

My other love, Danny, chose "September" which was perfect for him. He was fun and not too cheesy. I have to admit, I was doing a little chair dancing (not of the stripper persuasion). He came out strong, and showed he's here to party. He wants to boogie a bit, and there ain't no shame in that. I was concerned about the line of sorority-looking chicks in his cheering section. I found out that they're his sisters. Maybe I shouldn't fast-forward so much! Is it a compliment or a threat when Paula tells you that you have the sexiest man vocals ever? I'd be frightened.

What was up with the overly dramatic entrance Allison had on the stairs? I was elated that they fixed her hair! Now she looks like Britney Murphy in Clueless. That was one direction to go. I didn't recognize the song, "Hot Stuff" until the chorus because the arrangement was weird. I wasn't feeling the "Hot, hot, hot, hot" part at the end. Overall, it wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't listen to it again.

Adam was rocking one tall faux hawk. At least he looked dapper, in a serial killer sort of way. Not judging. Even during a calm song, "If I Can't Have You" he has to throw in those wretched sounds. Paula sat there crying because she can't have him-she's not his type. She's so creepy in her adoration. I usually like his slower performances, but this one didn't do it for me.

Matt's "Staying Alive" was a very Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake rendition. Much like his outfit. He didn't have to slow down a fast song just to make it his own. He changed it up while still leaving it recognizable. Very nice. I bet the judges would have thought differently if he hadn't followed their love, Adam.

I liked Anoop's outfit, but it would have been hotter without the jacket. What was up with the Dirty Sanchez stashe? Sadly, I didn't want to dance the night away with Anoop this week. His voice is good, but what was that song? It was a weird combo of inspirational and adult contemporary. Poop.

Results show:

I'm kinda glad they got Paula to do their choreography this week. It's nice to see her do her thing, it's the only time she looks sober. It's almost unnerving. They were big time lip synching during their group performance. I guess it so that was so they could focus on their dance moves. That's entertaining.

They knocked out the dismissals pretty quickly. I was impressed. Ryan told Lil she was out-skis within the first 15 minutes. They should keep this pace and make the results shows only a half hour. They could cut some time by limiting Randy to only saying phrases once instead of 12 times. "Lil baby, it's just the beginning. It's just the beginning, Lil."

I am sad to see my fellow Tar Heel, Anoop, go home, but we all knew it was coming. He's right; at least he gets to go home to Happy Chappy! I'm pretty jealous. I was really hoping Allison would go, but at least she was in the bottom three. There's hope for next week.

My personal order based on this week's performances:

Kris Allen

Danny Gokey

Matt Giraud

Adam Lambert

Allison Iraheta

Anoop Desai

Lil Rounds


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    • profile image

      Adam B 

      9 years ago

      I cannot stand Adam Labert, he is a freekin poser. I think he has an outstanding range of voice and I would never say he cannot sing, but he has no soul or passion for actual rock. He plays a singer on stage, but he is not one.

      He basterdizes every song he tries to rearrange such as "Born to be Wild" and I refuse to watch him anymore.

      Great job on your hubs by the way.


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