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“American Sniper” Targeted

Updated on February 18, 2015

What’s really behind the Progressives disdain of “American Sniper” is both disappointment and resentment. The Hollywood talking props and Leftniks are upset over the failure of “The Interview” and the success of Clint Eastwood and his production of “American Sniper.” Sony, Seth Rogen, et al. knew full well that “The Interview” was destined for failure. When Sony was “hacked” and threatened if it distributed that theatrical farce, the nation was encouraged to see the movie as a response both against North Korea and an endorsement of free speech. The response was disappointing at best and Hollywood realized that the movie would still be a failure. Many Americans just couldn’t bring themselves to save a picture that wasn’t worth making in the first place and this writer wouldn’t be surprised if many Americans felt the whole fiasco was a publicity stunt gone terribly wrong. Also, despite Clint Eastwood’s consistent ability to produce and direct “block busters” the “uberliberals” in Hollywood have a deep seated resentment for conservatives in their ranks and it must gall them intensely when they cannot keep conservatives in check. Finally, with the exception of a small segment of Hollywood, the vestige of disdain and animosity toward the military that was prevalent in the 60s and 70s seems to be manifesting itself again. However, America is better aware of the dedication and price paid by the military and any fault of an unpopular war rests on politicians and not soldiers.


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