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Does Anyone Care About Lamar Odom? (Shmoe KarTRASHian's ex)

Updated on October 24, 2015
Has Life with the Kardashians driven Odom to a life of booze, drugs, whores
Has Life with the Kardashians driven Odom to a life of booze, drugs, whores | Source


Lamar Odom aka Odorous Odom and Shmoe KarTRASHian have called off their divorce proceedings now that Lamar has completed his Sexual Training course at a Las Vegas Whore House. Updates on the 12's 13's and 15's

Stop Idolizing Losers

A story about pleasure-ladies, drugs, booze and Lamar Odom

Where have all our heroes gone? They are still here, but our uninterested, under educated citizenry have chosen instead to honor the bawdy, glitzy, pornographic, narcissistic headliners like the Kardashian troupe, and former member Lamar Odom. As a whole these self promoters add little value to our lives but much to their own in the form of wealth. They have learned to make a fortune by bringing the impressionable public down to their level.

How can we and the media defend our attraction to trash mongers like the KarTRASHians and a discard husband, druggie, boozer and whore monger: Lamar Odom.

The press and TV talking heads fueled by public demand, provides the idiotic segment of the American public with frequent updates of poor little 6’7” Lamar Odom, who was found in critical condition after massive drug overdoses sustained at a Las Vegas whorehouse. The poor bastard needed help apparently after playing a real life role in a trashy family comedy. Unfortunately, this incident that happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas. It became headline news and stayed that way.

Who the hell cares about a broken down addict who experienced a K'shian sized meltdown. Now millions of admirers and excited fanssit by their screens waiting for the latest on this a-hole athlete.

What is with this fascination with losers? Oh look at his loyal ex wife, the poor Karfashian girl - Shmoe sitting loyally at his bedside. Is she proud of her former lover? Better yet, did this occasion give her an idea for a new show segment. . That's the kind of stuf Americans love.

Meanwhile the live TV updates continue:

  • Odom opened his eyes this morning
  • Odom took a drink this afternoon
  • Odom looked chipper this afternoon
  • Odom will probably recover

Stop the nonsense already. Who really gives a crap. Aren’t there better things to report? You know - the wars, Russian infringements, Chinese Business, ISIS,North Korean Threats - you know, the kind of stuff that really matters.Anything but Odom. When he recovers, you will have another story the next time he is discovered messed up at a whore house.

Keep the druggy and unseemly character Odom off the air. He and his ex are odorous. He is of no concern to concerned people.Besides they thrive on the free publicity.

Some things are best swept under the rug. Lamar Odom is one of those


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    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 2 years ago from back in the lab again

      I couldn't agree more. I think a lot of it has to do with the way athletes are portrayed here in America and the way the average joe is considered worthless.

      Here in America a single Mom working two jobs to feed her kids and pay her bills is seen as unworthy of being able to make ends meet. Everytime we hear about minimum wage increase or wages in general going up we have to hear pundits and folks in the media talk about how those sorts of jobs are unskilled and the folks who choose to do them don't deserve to be able to feed their families or pay their bills and yet the same people complain when struggling people take government benefits. And yet we have athletes getting back millions to move a ball around a court for a few hours and who the media hangs on their every word and their condition is always reported on 24/7.

      It's a value thing. We don't value the average person just struggling to get by, we consider them leeches if they take any government assistance, we don't value the soldiers or the Vets we pay them and treat them like after thoughts but we value reality TV stars and overpaid egotistical musical "artists" and athletes. Such is the sad state of our media and the values underpinning our fucked up society.