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Will America choose talent or hype on American Idol 2010?

Updated on July 8, 2010

Does America vote for real, raw talent or do they eliminate people that are "different" from the norm?

This seasons talent pool has been called karaoke, "different" and just not "Idol" material. While not an extreme fan, I watch the show when the final twelve are chosen. Last week , Sioban Magnus was eliminated. This young 19 yr. old from Cape Cod with the short , brownish , red hair cut is anything but cookie cutter. She was probably the most criticized of all the top ten candidates. Her outfits ranged from kwirky to elegant to cutting edge. One hand made dress featured "butterflies" on her shoulder, back and up & down her one arm! Simon found "the leaves" to be distracting!! She took the criticism well, had the hutzpah to stand up to it or to explain her choices and always tried to learn . Her voice is exquisite and she sings these notes that noone else can. While she didn't always showcase her voice with the best song choice, she grew vocally every week. The range of her voice reminds me of Mariah.

Another candidate who has landed in the bottom three twice now, is Michael Lynch. The 26yr.old new father missed his first babies birth because of his commitment to Idol. The giant Teddy Bear appears to "parent" the other candidates; he hugs and counsels them when they lose. This huge, loveable man has a mellow warm, solid beautiful voice. He is probably too conservative for Idol; he elicits harmony with grace - unheard of for Idol.

Lee DeWyze has talent but lacks self-confidence and is just now showing some outstanding ability. Unfortunately, he looks like Danny Gokey's brother, one of the finalists from last year. He probably won't win. Last week , singing a Sinatra ballad , Lee had his best night. He surpassed everyone and showed his real talent. But will he be able to continue this type of performance? He has luck on his side and has avoided lowest scores in the past . Will he become as consistent a performer as some others?  We will see.

Then there is Casey James a tall, handsome, curley haired young man who could be a model he's that pretty. Kara De Guardio just gushes over him . She has long ago given up her objectivity. He sings safe songs is obviously slanting towards country/pop and shows only that he can sing. At 27, he is the oldest and is never in the bottom three or gets out instantly.

Aaron Kelly is the 17 yr. old with a short spiked hair cut. He has chosen many incorrect songs for his voice , but has the sweetest smile. He shows alot of humility and probably is saved so many times because he is such a nice guy. The voting is only open for 2 hrs. after the show ; the teen set stays up fighting to get through those phone lines. Most adults don't ! American Idol wants and needs to sell to the teen market after all this is the design of the show.

Finally, Crystal Bowersox is a young, earthy guitar playing , very talented singer. She was never in the bottom three until 2 weeks or so ago. She is the most consistent singer. She does not look the best, nor does she spend alot on her wardrobe or even cares about this part of her act. She doesn't have to ! Her voice is amazing and she is always humble, always. She is hardly your average teen and if she wins , she will redefine the American Idol genre. Her fans call her Mommasoxx. She is raising a daughter with her families support. She sports dread locks and a puffy knit cap as her trademark.

I am no more qualified to judge Idol than any other person without a music degee/experience. But I know what I like to hear and talent always rises to the top. Will the show produce another star or another unforgettable wanna be? The world will continue to revolve, our lives will not be rocked by the outcome; but 1.4 million people watch the show to find out.


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  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 

    8 years ago from Georgia

    Good work here! I don't keep up with this, but my best friend is addicted!

  • fetty profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from South Jersey


    Sorry if I offended you; your statement proves my point!Lee has given ordinary performances; didn't smile enough usually looked unsure of himself or nervous. He even brought a bagpipe player on stage ( I like it, Simon was shocked); but, until the Sinatra set of songs he did not stand out. He took 40% of the vote last week, his best performance! He was great last week!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Lee was NEVER in the bottom 3!!!!!!!! & he probably will win the whole thing !!!!


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