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America's Got Talent- What Were you thinking?

Updated on August 4, 2017

What is wrong with the Judges?

 I have watched this show from the beginning. So far every season the judges have been really good picking the right talent for the show.

This year something has gone wrong. I watched the first round of the twelve acts, and I was getting ill. The magic act was the only act, in addition to Singer Skinner that I would keep.

What happened to the 8 year old girl that sang, At Last? Or the young boy that could play the electric guitar? Instead you pick a young girl that is "funny" and can not sing.

Okay the chicken guy, Mr. Skinner, looked better the way he was, hat and all. He has a nice voice but his song choices are wrong.

Grandma Lee is a sweet older lady, but her material is not very good.

The boy dancer, not!

Judges, you missed the boat, this season!


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