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America's Got Talent Season 7 Audition Results and Predictions for Maurice and Shanice Hayes

Updated on May 14, 2012

Maurice and Shanice Hayes appear to be one of the early favorites to win the 7th season of America's Got Talent. Their audition was aired last on the Los Angeles and St. Louis episode that was broadcast on NBC on May 14, 2012. Going last is good for a couple of reasons. It is an indication that Maurice and Shanice Hayes may be a producer favorite. It also helps the at-home audience remember the act.

This is a father and daughter singing act with some experience as street performers. I predict their backstory and image as a family group are interesting enough to help them get some votes.

This act sang "You've Got a Friend" in the initial St. Louis audition. Talent wise, they are both competent singers. The judges were gushing over Shanice's vocals, but that is pretty typical of America's Got Talent. They pimp all sorts of girl singers, but the guys end up winning, anyway. In fact, the father has a better voice in my opinion, and the girl's vibrato should be smoothed out some. But overall, they have a fair amount of singing talent.

Maurice and Shanice do not have a perfectly clear shot to the voting rounds. It looks like the show is setting up a duel between Maurice and Shanice and the other father/daughter act of Jorge and Alexa Narvaez. When this happens, one of the acts often gets cut in the Las Vegas audition round, which is the last round before the live shows with public voting. I'd give the edge to Maurice and Shanice Hayes if only one of the acts makes it.

Assuming they make the voting rounds, I predict Maurice and Shanice Hayes will not win America's Got Talent 7. With the exception of Kevin Skinner, I do not consider them very close to the singing talent level as previous winners. They are like a Christina and Ali act that could make the Top 10 but fall short when pitted against better singers. In the first audition episode,they were arguably the best singers. There is no way AGT can't find someone better in all the other auditions coming up in Season 7.


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