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America's obsession with serial killers: Treacherous?

Updated on September 23, 2013
Dexter, the serial killer who has been admired for his killing s in the show globally. They say he kills culprits. Well, killing makes him one, doesn't it ?
Dexter, the serial killer who has been admired for his killing s in the show globally. They say he kills culprits. Well, killing makes him one, doesn't it ? | Source

Ominous signs of bloodbath on TV

Today, there are close to two dozen shows being aired on American television which revolve around serial killers. This trend, apparently, started with Showtime's Dexter. Dexter, the protagonist of the story, a lab geek and interestingly enough, a serial killer binds the plot together. His character has inspired a few people to commit heinous crimes and taking lives; reportedly one in California recently.

Now, would you not count that as an ill-effect of these projections. Well, executives beg to differ in its entirety. According to them, they are "bringing the truth to light". There are approximately 50 serial killers roaming freely in the United States presently, if sources are to be believed. They opine that they are putting it the way things coexist, 'hiding in plain sight' (a Dexter quote). Besides, one needs to be sensible enough to differentiate between right and inappropriate. Among those who have stood in support of this trend on television are CBS president and FOX chairperson.

Eminent TV personalities when asked about the topic and its impact magnitude were no different. Majority startlingly (in my opinion) considered as a fine and fresh taste of the youth. The conventional tales have been done away with as per them. However, few did opine that this big a number would render a sense of insecurity in the society. Lunatics might get inspired by the happenings projected which they must not. Consequences, that are already in front of us.

It was violence portrayal on the screen which can be partially help responsible for the Colorado shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings and even the Navy Yard shooting recently.

If you ask me, shows like these are a 'no-go' irrespective of the number they are being aired. Fans, the crazy die-hard ones often tend to imitate the activities. Additionally, the ones who commit these are often lonely, restless and burdened with anxiety, as per surveys.I whole heartedly root for shows like 'NCIS' and the FBI oriented ones. They are the ones with the message, 'Truth always wins, peace prevails, no matter what!'

Personal Thought

I firmly believe that the state of affairs would take a turn if certain things are adopted. The top ranked thing on the list being on attitude. Unless, the eminent actors and show executives presenting the 'bloodbath' realize that taking up the show was a mistake that could have been avoided, the probability of 'the change' is bleak.

The shady landscape with its ominous signs out there, still has masses blinded. Why you ask? Because the protagonists kill, they evade law like a cakewalk and manage to win each time. Take Criminal Minds for instance which has depicted countless murders (literally) and left its viewers thrilled on their toes.

I know many of you would differ on this. I would have too if the killings and attacks wouldn't have become a common sight globally. Being smitten by the curiosity of a protagonist's life is good until it inspires you to indulge in anti-social activities. The ones which having committed, you regret for life.

© 2013 Ankit


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