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Why America still loves Captain America!

Updated on April 8, 2014

From Comics to Movies....


My son told me that a movie is being made of Captain America. It brought me back to a lifetime of memories growing up in a world of Superheroes, where Captain America was, certainly, one of my favorites. Many would be shocked to hear that Captain America got its beginnings way back in the 1940's. A cartoonist by the name of Joe Simon made a sketch of the character and originally tried to name it Super American, but there were many "Supers" around. (Superman was already created in 1938) Captain America appeared on the scene on the March issue of Captain America #1 of the year 1941. In it, is a picture of the hero punching Adolf Hitler on the jaw. While this may have sold millions of copies, the authors got its share of hate mail also.


Captain America was known as Steve Rogers, a underweight and thin man who tried to enlist in the Army. Due to his weak physical state, he was rejected for service, A general approaches Steve and asks him if he would like to participate in a top secret experiment. Roger consents and is selected for Operation Rebirth in which he is injected with doses of Super Soldier Serum administered by Dr. Josef Reinstein. Later on, due to the comics code authority, Steve takes the oral doses instead of the injected kind due to its association with drugs. Afterwards, a change takes place and Steve is transformed into a muscular and perfect being. Unfortunately, a Nazi spy slips in and shoots the doctor, who, sadly dies. The secret being committed to the doctor's memory dies with him, also. The Nazi spy dies while trying to flee. One version has him getting killed while running from Rogers and the other has Rogers throwing him into the machinery.


While serving in the Army, Steve makes friends with Bucky Barnes, a young soldier, barely old enough to fight. One night, as Steve as changing identities in his tent, Bucky walks in and is surprised. Afterward, promising not to reveal his identity to Steve, a new sidekick is born. Bucky makes the scene and is on many a Captain America covers.


Years pass, and near the end of the war, Captain America and Bucky are at an airborne object (I believe its a plane), fighting the enemy. The object explodes and Bucky gets killed and the Captain lands on frozen waters in suspended animation for 20 years. Afterwards, he is discovered by the Avengers and revived and thus a legend is born. Captain America has gone through lots of changes, but no doubt, his legacy will be admired by future generations. Enclose is a video of the Origin of the good Captain. Enjoy.

Captain America Movie Trailer


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