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Amy Winehouse: Music and the Death of a Talent

Updated on September 12, 2011

Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse; 14th September, 1983 to 23rd July, 2011.
Amy Jade Winehouse; 14th September, 1983 to 23rd July, 2011.

The described troubled British Singer, Amy Winehouse, was announced dead after years of successful musical Carrier mixed with Controversy. Her Death was reported to take place at 15:54 BST on the 23rd of July, 2011.

Until her Death, she was a symbol of Artistic Success and Personal Controversy as evident in her two thrilling songs: Valerie and Rehabs, and a Reputation of substance abuse; respectively.

But it is the fascination with her raw Musical Artistic Talent that spans across the Globe going beyond the scandal to places where the interest is towards the thrilling sound of her voice on the Radio rather than how she Did not Live her life well.

Video: 'Valerie' depicting Amy Winehouse raw and undiluted

Amy Winehouse 'Rehab' on Letterman

Substance abuse

Amy Winehouse was tainted with accusations of Alcohol and Drug abuse. Several attempts by the Police to nail her with some forms of Charges were mostly neutralised for lack of evidence, except until recently, the 'Norway Saga' where she was fined three hundred and fifty pounds. One episode where she escaped the strong arm of the Law was the incident of '7Th May, 2008 Video Evidence' where she was said to be Smoking Cocaine.

Disastrous Performance in Belgrade

The serbia Performance during her last European Tour was publicise as the worst in recent time. She was reported to be Booed out of stage when it became evident that she was seemingly dizzy. The episode awoke the Initial Stigma which was expected to be minimal since it was evident that she just concluded a Rehab.

There couldn't be any other time to enjoy and appreciate her great Talent than now. Get your Copy!

Amy Winehouse Appealing Talent in 'Valerie'

She is such a Raw Talent that is capable of agitating your Nerves with just her natural voice and a Guitar as evident in her two Videos: 'Valerie' and 'Rehab'. There you find a woman expressing her Emotions in the manner of a musical Story. Small wonder then she is reputed for numerous Nominations, and a recipient of so many Awards.

Amidst all the Negatives, Amy Winehouse is a sourcess story in the area of her musical Carrier. Even though she had to battle with depression and self destructive Tendendies, she was able to bring out the best of her Music for us to enjoy. She should be remembered for that!

Amy Winehouse was a Singer and a Song Writer. Her major Success was from her 2006 Album 'Back to Black' credited with six Grammy norminations and Five Awards.

Let us let her Soul rest in Peace!


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Lovely Article - I liked her, still do. She just fell into the wrong hands, which can happen to anyone of us and it seems the people (her management) weren't keeping enough of a close eye on her. She was damn too young to go like that, but her music will live on.

      I like the Videos you posted. :)

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 5 years ago

      hungrymouse, Very well written! Those who were able to do an extraordinary thing during their short stay on this life, should always be admired. Thank you!

    • hungrymouse profile image

      hungrymouse 6 years ago from North America

      Excellent article. This has drawn much attention around the world and while we pay our respects in our own way we can all rest assured in the knowledge that there is always good things through the teachings and learnings from the most excellent of artists and among the legends that their love continues and will continue to touch the world. The lessons go on.

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      It is a Unique service that is being rendered at Fashion Blog. Fashion Advice that extends to Hair-styles is such a useful. Thanks!

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      Thank you .josh.! Certainly, Amy Winehouse still had a lot to offer. As much as we would have loved her to grow old with us, reality took to the Contrary.

    • profile image

      fashion 6 years ago

      Well written hub.Great tribute to Amy.It is indeed sad how it ended for her.Thanks for sharing.

    • .josh. profile image

      .josh. 6 years ago

      Well done, and great to see such a nice tribute. No doubt Amy had issues, but she also had an incredible amount of talent. Who knows what she could have achieved over the next 20 years.

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      QudsiaP1, that was a nice Advice. Nice to see you comment on this topic!

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      adeaugustus, I had to play back some of her songs to appreciate the talent she was. It was such a great loss indeed. Thanks for responding!

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      This is a very nice tribute.

      It is indeed sad how it ended for her; I hope other people learn and realise the importance of life.

      Don't do drugs...

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