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An Anaylsis of The Cure's "Love Song"

Updated on February 10, 2010

 Music is typically thought of as sound repetition that is pleasant to people and generally produces some altered state of mentality. For instance, hearing a particular chord of an acoustic guitar being strum potentially makes many people feel more relaxed or happier. When words are added to the vibrations that create sound, that is, language integrated with the complex signals- individuals develop what can very well be an infinite range of responses. Such is the case in the European gothic pop band The Cure’s 1989 single “Love Song.” The song is composed of various instruments and words that perpetuate an unconditional love springing from its literary roots to its vocal delivery.

The Cure’s songs are known for their dark, depressing and obsessive lyrics about the various aspects upon which one can love another; “Love Song” is a unique example of this notion. The basic literal structure of the song is indicative of a poem. Because the song has repetition and an AB meter it is a prime example of closed poetry. “Whenever I'm alone with you -you make me feel like I am home again. Whenever I'm alone with you-you make me feel like I am whole again,” this short excerpt of “Love Song’s” first stanza or verse is an example of the writer’s, Robert Smith, use of particular literary techniques. The first and most obvious is the use of repetition. Smith repeats the word’s “you” and “again” numerous times that hint at the speakers concern for their object of affection. The repetition of these words also develops an AB meter that effectively pleases listeners-people like the consistence of such a pattern generally.

Smith also uses the repetition of words to display the severity of love, it being primary the theme of “Love Song.” “However far away, I will always love you -however long I stay, I will always love you- Whatever words I say I will always love you -I will always love you.”(Disintegration, 4) This excerpt exponentially increases the emphasis on love by repeating the word and the overall meanings of the sentences. When the speaker expresses how their love would survive with even such negative constraints as distance, the listener or vessel of affection is assured to the perpetuating severity of their love; and the perpetuating emphasis on “I” and “you” creates non-opaqueness that administers to the idea that the love is mutual. So, an alternative thought could be that if “Love Song” is being used to woo an individual it suggests that they have feelings when that particular person could have no such emotions.

The excerpt, “However far away, I will always love you -however long I stay, I will always love you- Whatever words I say, I will always love you -I will always love you,” definitively defines love as something unconditional, based on the fact that the love will remain despite multiple constraints and even the eradication of one’s decision to continue being in love. When the Smith writes, “Whatever words I say, I will always love you,” he suggests or even so much as condemns the speaker to a life of longing and obsession with the object of affection in the song.

The Cure’s “Love Song” is a beautiful piece of music and literature. It has the potential to influence, as it has, thousands of people’s life with its message of love. As found in classical literature, tragic tales can last for ages as milestones of human consciousness and grasp on intellectual or intangible qualities, “Love Song” is one such piece of art. Its theme can be sadistic or inviting, pathetic or heroic, it simply depends on an individual’s interpretation; and that is profound.


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    • fucsia profile image


      8 years ago

      I love The Cure! maybe amung all their songs this is one of song I like less, but I know a thing nice of "love song": Robert wrote this lovely words as a wedding anniversary gift for his wife, Mary. Another song in the same album is for Mery: "Pictures of you".. but many, many, many songs are dedicate to her, or inspirate from her.


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