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An Anime Review: My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

Updated on December 30, 2013

Having one of the longest names I can remember seeing as an anime title, this anime is another example of the harem genre: we follow a young man as he finds himself the subject of a number of girl's affection, and where the number rises constantly through the 10 episodes. Obviously the young man, in this case named Kanade Amakusa, is completely unaware of all this, and instead has other problems he focuses on. Fairly standard, but these days you need some sort of twist to this tired plot, and here is «My mental choice»'s:

Kanade is an attractive and well mannered high school student, who seems to under some sort of strange curse: at random times he will be given choices by an unknown entity, and he must choose between them. If he does not choose he experiences an unbearable pain until he gives in and picks an option. These choices are sometimes between things Kanade could do, usually something embarrassing, or they may change the physical world depending on what he chooses. Also, he is unable to speak about this to anyone.

Kanade seeing choices flash before his eyes, while his friend look at him in confusion.
Kanade seeing choices flash before his eyes, while his friend look at him in confusion. | Source

Kanade's strange behavior has left him as a member of the school's weirdos, particularly two girls named Furano and Yuouji. These two would be right at home among classical lazy anime stereotypes, Furano is the emotionless girl who says strange things, yet is actually vulnerable underneath. Yuouji is the hyperactive girl, who again hides her soft spots. But in this world, these two are so strange they are ostracized, defying regular anime convention. I really do not get it, especially since these two does not seem to be so annoying that you would want to know them, and the anime makes no effort to defy convention elsewhere. My guess is the creators had to place these among the losers somehow, and decided to just that without any explanation.

For those wondering, we are never told where Kanade's strange curse comes from, how he got it, really anything about it. We just know that a teacher at the school, one of those who looks surprisingly like a kid, had it before, and she can not talk much about it. Perhaps the novels explain some more, but I still do not find it very satisfying.

A Freeloader, God and a Gimmick

But this was only the starting point. Things are set into motion when a girl literally falls from the sky. A girl who claims to want to help with Kanade's strange problem, but has no idea how to do so, and instead eats his food and makes a general nuisance of herself. Thanks to her bottomless stomach she is given the name Chocolat, and her uselessness would have made me kick her out of the house or at least demand she does some chores, but Kanade is made of a more gentlemanly ilk.

But things start rolling forward when Kanade gets a message from God, a rather comedic rendition of the character, who tells him that he will now be given chores he has to complete. If he completes enough, he will be freed of his curse. If he fails even one, he will be cursed for the rest of his life.

So now we have two seemingly random plot devices that can force the main character into doing anything the writers want him to without having to bother with giving a motivation to do so. It is cheap, and it is used cheaply, mostly for laughs. He has to undress in class, he has to dress up in outfits, and he for some reason becomes the object of affection of a bunch of gays, or perhaps the curse turned them into homosexuals for Gods amusement.

Kanade and Chocolat
Kanade and Chocolat | Source

Plot and Flaws

For several episodes one specific task is laid upon him: he must make a bunch of girls say they like him. This triggers jealousy from other men and a whole bunch of fanservice, some of the most blatant and stupid I have seen. Then we go to some episodes at a water park, and surprisingly the amount of breasts does not drop at all. There is also a strange war between two girls who seduce men and then force them to battle for their amusement. I don't get it.

We do get some reveals throughout the show about the nature of these curses and conditions Kanade is suffering under. The very last episode finally gives some specific conditions for removing the curse, and while I will not reveal what it is, it does explain some things. Chocolat is revealed to have amnesia, and she regains her memories for a short while, becoming much more helpful. This does not last, unfortunately. Like many animes of its type, “My Mental Choice” refuses to go anywhere with its characters or letting the relationships change. This is especially annoying with Furano, the silent girl. Twice in the show does Kanade learn about who she truly is, and twice is his mind wiped afterwards. They tease us with progress and development and then remove it. It is extremely annoying and completely pointless.

Despite these flaws, “My Mental Choice” manages to at least be funny at times, and it may be what you are looking for if you want some easy entertainment. No groundbreaking characters or very original plot, but not the worst of the genre either. If you are okay with a show which mostly is concerned with sticking to status quo and using cheap gimmicks to get its main character where it wants them, you may consider watching this. On the other hand, there is probably no harm in skipping it either.

© 2013 Nidag the Goat


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