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An Easy Way to Build Your Own Guitar

Updated on April 12, 2016

Blackbeard's Den DIY Guitar Kit - EG LP 10

Blackbeard's Den Les Paul Copy DIY Guitar Kit
Blackbeard's Den Les Paul Copy DIY Guitar Kit | Source

Why Build Your Own Guitar?

That is an excellent question as many people may be satisfied with the guitars they can find ready-made in music stores. After all, why go through the hassle of building something that you can purchase?

However, there is really nothing like building your own guitar as you can design the size and shape to fit your specific needs. In this manner, you can craft the right type of guitar for your needs that matches your arm length and comfort level. For many, having the ability to build guitar from your own design is a mark of something special which creates an indelible memory for the years that you will be playing it.

DIY Guitar

The very idea that you can design and build your own guitar may seem like a far-fetched one for many people. After all, a guitar is a complex instrument that requires skill, craftsmanship, the right tools and the natural drive to build guitar to your liking.

However, thanks to a new process of fashioned guitar parts made from high quality products, you can DIY guitar now with the professionals. Today, a person can now build a guitar or bass to their satisfaction while not having to fashion the individual pieces themselves, thanks to Blackbeard's Den.

What is a DIY Guitar?

Basically, this is a guitar that comes unfinished and in pieces that you put together yourself. It takes more work than just linking all the pieces together. However it is far easier than shaping the individual pieces yourself.

Essentially, you send in the design to the company about how you want to make the guitar. They will then fashion the parts and send it back to you. You receive a package of materials that includes all the guitar parts needed, including the neck, body, various parts and strings. The guitar parts are fashioned from high quality materials so that they will last a long time. Plus, there are many finishing touches that will help make your work a little easier. The fret edges for example are smooth and well finished which is an excellent sign of how good and well crafted the materials are for this particular product.

Building The Guitar

From the parts that you receive back, you can shape the headstock, put together the body, fit everything together the way it should be and then add the strings. You will need some extra materials in order to complete your guitar build, such as clear lacquer, sanding sealant, wet and dry paper at different grits to smooth out the rough edges and a burnishing compound and perhaps a car wax polish as well.

Naturally, you will also need the tools as well to build your guitar and perhaps a little expert advice from someone skilled at such endeavors in case you get stuck. However, since the guitar was initially created to your specifications, completing the process is something that can provide great satisfaction.

Applying the Wood Finishing

For those who have chosen their guitar to be crafted from wood, it is important that you apply many coats of sanding sealer so that you can fully protect it from what it will undergo as it is being used. Generally speaking, you apply several coats and then sand down any excess. In some areas you many only need one or two coats depending on the amount of wood that is exposed.

Assembling the Guitar

One great aspect about how DIY Guitars sends their customized guitar kit is that it does come with instructions that are clear and easy to follow. You may have to do some additional drilling, sanding or correcting, but overall the instructions allow you to build the guitar properly.

Once completed, you can now add the guitar strings and then start tuning to your satisfaction. Imagine giving guitar lessons while using a guitar that you built by hand.

Completed DIY Guitar Kit from Blackbeard's Den

Blackbeard's Den Les Paul Copy Completed
Blackbeard's Den Les Paul Copy Completed | Source

Blackbeard's Den

Setting Up your Guitar

For the most part, setting up your guitar for use can be done quickly and relatively easily. It will depend on the overall design and function level of your guitar. In some cases, customers have run into a few issues depending on how the guitar building went. You may have to raise the saddles on the neck so that the guitar strings do not set flat against the frets for example, but overall it should be nothing that cannot be overcome with a little work.

Of course, tuning the guitar will take a little time, especially if it is a new design. It’s best to start off slowly and tune one string at a time so that you can then tune them all and start playing chords. If you use nut tuning, this will mean a little extra work as it does require special skills and patience, but the reward will be well worth the effort.

In these circumstances, you may find yourself in need of assistance. That should not be unexpected, especially if this is your first time in building a guitar. Your local music shop should have a professional experienced in fine tuning guitars if yours needs extra help.

However, most people will only run into minor issues while building their guitars, so you should simply take things one at a time and only call for assistance if you have reached a point where you cannot think of a proper solution. When it comes to setting up your guitar for example, a profession should be able to do it in a very short time unless you have plenty of experience in that field.

Les Paul Guitar Blackbeard's Den

DIY Guitar Kit Les Paul Set Neck Guitar
DIY Guitar Kit Les Paul Set Neck Guitar | Source

The Union Jack - DIY Guitar Kit

Custom Built and Custom Air Brushed DIY Guitar Kit
Custom Built and Custom Air Brushed DIY Guitar Kit | Source


For those of you who are thinking of creating your own guitar, this is certainly the way to do it. DIY Guitar is one of the best thanks to the strong materials that are used so that you can craft a guitar that lasts for many years.

If you are thinking about creating your own guitar, then this is the path that you should take. A DIY Guitar Kit offers you the ability to skip the really hard part about creating the parts for a guitar and instead lets you simply assemble the high quality parts so that you can create something unique.

Andrew's EG TEL 10 DIY Guitar Kit

Andrew's EG TEL 10 DIY Guitar Kit
Andrew's EG TEL 10 DIY Guitar Kit | Source


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