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An Essay About The Importance of Music

Updated on August 9, 2011

I had asked myself about how the music started. We may be curious about things and we have the possibility of asking questions and we seek answers. Every noise has a music. So how do you define music? We may not seek the meaning of music for we always pay attention to listening to music and not the meaning of it. If we are asked to look for the meaning of it then we can look for in the dictionary or in the internet. In my case I am looking the meaning in the internet. I always prefer the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. The online dictionary that I mentioned was famous and even the site was not yet established it was already a famous dictionary. So I had looked in to it and maybe you should also look in to it. For me is anything that is pleasant to the ears is music. Anything that vibrates create a sound and if that vibration creates great sound then it may be consider as music. Just like the music produced in a vibrating glass. I remember in the movie where a music was produced in a vibrating glass but the glass is filled with liquid and I think it was wine. So I had talked something about music. So what is music to you?

In our everyday lives we hear music and I consider the voice as a music because it may or may not be pleasing to the ear. If it is pleasing to the ear then it is music. I think that a pleasant sound is just one meaning of music. A sound can become music when it has a rhythm and melody. Have you experienced tapping your feet? It surely produced a sound and when you put rhythm in to it then it will become a music. Maybe you had seen tapping of shoes in the television or in movies that you had watched before. Somehow when you listen to a sound you may imagine of a melody then it will become a music. When it is good to the ears then it is music.

We hear music everyday and our life will become music too. We may describe as our life as music when it is in harmony with others. Your relationship maybe a harmony to others and it create a good music. I think we all like music. We have music preferences. Since the technological advancement; music can be heard through a device. A device called radio or television. Now there are portable radios and television. The technology just getting better and better. Listening to music is a good way to remove stress and there is no doubt about it. It can also be used for enchanting the woman you loved. You can sing a song and have fun. What would the world be without music? If there are no rational being in this world then who would listen to music? Thank you to the music. We thank music that it make the world go round. We listen to radio. Download some mp3's or even create a song. There are many importance of music and we might not think of it but if we think of it then we can surely know it.


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    • profile image

      sakshi 3 years ago

      Its gooooooooood

    • profile image

      Ashin diji 4 years ago

      music is a thing that can create an incredible impression on our mind

      this para gives me that.