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An Interview With Otu, A Talented Young Singer

Updated on September 27, 2015

Otu's "Big Shouts to the DJ" video

Otu Gives "Big Shouts to the DJ

Otu is a talented young singer, who demonstrates a redeeming quality for the music industry through his songwriting. He is better known as Synseer, but is referred to as Otu, in his current video that is featured on YouTube under shutterspeedfilms. He is an impressive young artist, that envelopes talent and wisdom in the selection of his songs and lyrics. During our interview, Otu expressed concern about life and his love of music. Join me as we embark on the thoughts of an amazing new artist that you will be hearing more from in the future.

What artists inspires you? "Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson and Neo. He always gravitated toward people who had something to say." Otu, who prefers to be called Synseer, fondly remembers how his father would fill their house with music by such great artist as Al Greene and Teddy Pendergrass. Their music was also an inspiration to him as well.

Are you compared to other singers? "Yes. If they are listening, people will compare you to somebody. That means they're listening." Otu explained that it really does not bother him when people do this. "Although the best advice I can give, is be yourself, be humble and keep God in your life."

What inspired you to write the song, Big Shouts to the DJ? "Big Shouts to the DJ was written by me and produced by Nate Hall. I had taken sometime off. I stopped recording for about a year and during that time, I decided to record a single that nobody could say, no to. I wrote a track that could be built around it. I heard the beat and got the idea of a DJ song. People no longer pay homage to the DJ." Otu's name Synseer, symbolically helped me to understand how serious he is about making songs that are tailored to disc jockeys. He feels they no longer receive the respect, they had years ago. Otu, then went on to explain a new form of technology used by disc jockeys called, "serato." To a layman such as myself, Otu described how, "disc jockeys use to come with crates of music but now with the internet, you can download songs rather than buy vinyls. You can have music on hard drives that is connected to two turn tables that most disc jockeys are now using. When a DJ use serato, he can set a playlist and walk away from it. They do not have to be at the turntable anymore." Otu continued to explain other technological aspects of the music industry which proved he is not only talented but knowledgeable about field.

What do you hope to accomplished within the next ten years? "I want to be remembered as an excellent songwriter, where I reach thousands if not millions of people." Otu, desperately prefers the name Synseer because his songs come from the heart. The intensity of Synseer's love for what he does is obvious as he recounts,, "Whether it is a club or bedroom song, I want to reach the heart. I want to be remembered as a great songwriter." He felt that songwriting had greater longevity.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? "I want to bring R&B back to the Blues. If you ask what R&B stands for, most people do not know that it is Rhythm and Blues. The history behind Rhythm and Blues is pain. As it changes, rhythm is behind the message. Dance songs also have a message behind them. Blues has a message behind it as well. I love R&B. I want to continue improve in that area. I am twenty four years old. I have done a lot of research on where music is going. I believe in God and sees God's hands in my music pursuits. I feel that I am on the right path. I often talk to people about their opinions concerning where music is going." Otu better known as Synseer, went on to denounce any interest in bragging about himself or being put on a pedestal. That is definitely not what he's about.

It is impressive to see young people, striving to maintain themselves within such a competitive industry. Otu, tries to focus not only on the music but the business and intellect of what he writes. His interest is not just in performing but also songwriting which will give Otu greater longevity. This genuine source of talent, embodies hope for the future of our music. Whether he is called Otu or Synseer, we should look forward to his new releases between October and January. "I also have a song coming out called Lost Girl, which addresses a touchy subject that whoever relates to the issue can find solace in this song because it is something that needs to be heard." Otu, has a new album that will be out in the future called, Lady Chaser. For more information and to check out Otu's video on shutterspeedfilms, go and click on Otu's, Big Shouts to the DJ. You can also find him on facebook at synseerthesongwriter. It is my hope to continue my discussion with Otu also known as Synseer, concerning his future plans.


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