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Sheila Coley, A Talented Entertainer and Singer [Interview]

Updated on July 28, 2016
Sheila Coley performing, "Because You Love Me" by Celine Dion. Her breathtaking performance of this song, always wows her audiences.
Sheila Coley performing, "Because You Love Me" by Celine Dion. Her breathtaking performance of this song, always wows her audiences. | Source
Sheila captures the heart of her audience as she sings, "I Feel Good," by Stephanie Mills.
Sheila captures the heart of her audience as she sings, "I Feel Good," by Stephanie Mills. | Source

A Singer that Penetrates the Heart

Sheila Coley, is an inspirational source of genuine talent. She has the voice of #Celine Dion and Stephanie Mills combined. Sheila's versatile style, gives her an advantage that few singers capture in their music. This five foot powerhouse, exudes with soulful sounds that always captivate her audience. During an interview with Sheila, she expressed how hard and good times have made her the outstanding performer she is today.

Sheila, when you perform your new single, Hard Times, what inspires you? "The song was written by Rick Benning. One of the reasons I like the song, is because it did not have to grow on me. We are alI dealing with hard times, no matter what our status is in life. It can be discouraging, when no matter how hard you try, the devil is always there. You have to keep going. When people hear my song, Hard Times, they can relate to it." Sheila goes on to explain how the song has tremendous elements of hope, regardless of what we are going through.

How long have you been performing? "When I was five years old my grandmother Juanita, liked singing around the house. She discovered that I could sing. My grandmother then started telling others that I could sing. In school, I always wanted to sing. My family is a big support to me. They are at every performance. My family in Wilmington, North Carolina supports me also. I grew up in that area. After high school, I started singing with a jazz band." Sheila fondly remembers how she attended Laney High, the same school #Michael Jordan attended. Her roots have truly been a source of influence in her performance.

Why do you sing the song, Hard Times so passionately? "One of the first songs that I started to sing was Celine Dion's, Because You Love Me. At that time, I was in a wheelchair. My husband Rick, stood by me. It was difficult because I was attending college and working full time. I had just signed a record deal. My world stopped when I was in an elevator crash." Sheila humbly acknowledged how difficult these times were but her faith in God and the support of husband, helped her get through those hard times. Such tribulations in Sheila's life, helps her to sing so passionately.

Where do you think the music industry is going? "It is changing with the times. Things are different from when I was growing up. We are in a digital age. You see so much out there. I see it as positive and negative. Some music have underlying words that are negative. Any song can be good or bad." Sheila embodies what the music industry should also be about today, real talent. She is a true professional, who sings from depths of her heart and soul.

What advice do you have for young people within the music industry? "Be yourself. Do not let anyone control you. When you get out there, they want you to be what they want you to be. People will tell you what to wear or not. Do not let the record company tell you to go half naked. You must be your own person." Sheila is determined not to be manipulated by sexually explicit music and clothing. She considers herself to be a God fearing woman, who respects her roles as wife, mother and professional singer.

Sheila can often be found touring with her husband Rick Coley, who is a promoter of various artist. One of the shows that she performs in includes #C.P. Lacey, a very talented comedian who imitates great performers such as #Tina Turner, #James Brown and #Michael Jackson. With Sheila's magnetic voice and Lacey's multiple characters, this team makes the perfect source of entertainment for weddings, anniversary celebrations, family reunions or any event in search of professional entertainment. I had the privilege of having them for my anniversary celebration and they were both outstanding. The audience was thrilled with Sheila's amazing voice and Lacey's comedic creativity. Sheila Coley, truly is a classy source of talent.

Sheila Coley and Richard Benning, sing their hits "Love Will Follow" and "If You're Not Sure." Their powerful voices on this video are unforgettable.


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