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An Introduction to Deacon Martin and the "Sermonology" tours

Updated on April 10, 2016
vrdm profile image

Born without a clue. A lifetime later, situation largely unchanged. Nevertheless, one perseveres.....

East Coast Road Productions is looking for bookings

for Deacon Martin's UK and US "Sermonology" tours.

Visit or Email

Comments written down at live performances:

an act to listen to /

thought provoking /

mixture of music, philosophy, & update current affairs /

no ulterior motive other than to seek the truth and share /

a musician with a conscience and compulsion to spread the word /

long lasting product - years of delivery /

slick delivery /

current affairs with humorous commentary /

alternative/challenging views /

subtle humour /

go home thinking /

enlightening /

empowering /

not the normal same old rubbish /

not afraid to ask the questions we don't /

simplify complex information /

sieve for the everyday drivel to find the golden nuggets of truth /

warm hearted, endearing, charismatic, humorous

ReverbNation REVIEWS

These are verbatim comments from music fans and consumers who have listened to tracks online and left their track ratings and written reviews. They do not know they are conducting market research when they hear the track, which helps to achieve honest and objective responses.

“A very low and soft singing artist presents. A slow and blues rhythm is heard in the background. The guitar sections are melodic and is producing a harmonious sound for this genre type of music. Not an overly attention-getting song but the music segments make you enjoy the song much better. Song's lyrics are sung in a soul searching manner.”

“The opening is very medium paced and starts of nice and steady. This is very effective as it keeps the audience calm. And then suddenly destroys that calm vibe. The change of paces within the instrumental is very good as it is very creative. It may not be a significant change of pace but it is noticeable and you listen to it closely. The guitar riffs used are good in creating a good change of rhythm.”

“A very nicely paced and clearly delivered little tune. The simple guitar backing is well performed with some good harmonies between the contrasting types of guitar used. The lyrics are kept simple, clear and distinct from the solo artist and it works well with the whole feel of this little tune. Very simple and down to earth, but with some very nice touches thrown in to add variety.”

“enticing intro. transfixing lead in. great lyrics full of colorful. the vocals are wonderful. the arrangement inventive and creative. the instrumentation rich and intense. the chorus impressive. the rhythm penetrating. the endtro enjoyable. outstanding tune.”

“Vocals almost seemed to be whispering as they sang the lyrics.At First I thought i was just my speakers. I enjoyed the funky riff of the guitar breaking into its solo in the middle of the song.Thought this was a great way to transition into the next verse of the song.”

“Everything is quiet at first. Nothing is playing. Until I hear some guitars, they sound pretty good. I really wish This was louder because I am having a hard time hearing this person. I really like the beat and stuff though.”

“Good guitar part in this song;very good quick beat. Lyrics are smooth with the music choice. Singer sounds like he is doing a good job.”

“Quiet introduction to the song, the instrumental and the singing almost started straight away. good instrumental however, and the melody was rich. the song had a very positive feel to it.”

“i liked the slow, sleepy sound of the introduction, because it made me excited for what was to come. I liked how the dynamics changed from the introduction to the verses. I loved how the vocals stayed soft, but there was an edge of passion to them. The vocals never seemed boring. The instrumentals are simple, but they impressed me because they have such a great melody. It is hard to have such a complete feeling to the instrumentals with only acoustic guitars, but this track pulled it off. The lyrics are honest and passionate. I loved the harmonies during this track. The voices blend very well together and help add a unique perspective to the track.”

“Nice and steady rhythm. Very pointed and enjoyable lyrics. Almost a whisper of a song that was different from other songs. Would like to hear more of this type of music. I couldn't say it 's mainstream, but it 's an enjoyable and unique type of music. The background flows very well with the vocals. Makes a person reflect and wonder if there isn't more to the story...”

“I like this guitar line. I also like this introduction. The lyrics are good and the vocals are good. Should get some radio play.”

“"Red berries in the bushes" did make me chuckle - wasn't sure if it was a comedy song at the start. Guitar reminds me a bit of Santana. Not sure who in the market this would appeal to... very simple and basic. "There's nothing left to say".”

“This is a calm and chill song. Something i would listen to while i chill and do nothing. Great job with the voice not going too loud or too soft compared to the background. Even the solo is soft and enjoyable by itself. Great job.”

“What sounds like a more melodic version of Trent Reznor's vocals, is perfectly arranged over a guitar backdrop laden with blues and rock influences. The song creates a sort of dark atmosphere, tapping into the hidden corners of the mind and its thought processes.”

“This song feels like it could break open into a monster blues rock jam at any time, but it doesn't. Instead it chooses to lay low and groove for days, a welcoming change in the landscape of fuzzed out guitars and monstrous bass. Well conceived lyrics, an earthy voice, and great arrangement. Just a little more guitar flash would be welcome. A solid offering.”

“The tempo was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the instruments and the use thereof. I would definitely recommend. Lyrics clearly heard and the voice was very calming and that made it worth listening through the whole song.”

“I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! The artist is so different from any I have ever heard before. AMAZING!!!!!!!! They lyrics are great. The artist is so unique!!! Keep doing what you are doing. This would be a top song in the Country industry for sure!!!”

“I can get a visual with this song, and makes me want to hear more from the artist. I like the tone, and the guitar playing in the background. I especially love his voice when he says "Great God it gets me down" I feel like he is putting so much emotion into the music, which makes the song enjoyable to listen to. Fantastic visual with the lyrics.”

“This is a cool song! Its very indie and low-fi sounding. Its kind of like a cross between a folk ballad, alternative song, and a little bit country/rhythm and blues too. I like that they don't complicate their sound with a bunch of experimental mixing. It 's just vocals and guitar, or at least that is how it sounds.”

“The lyrics are great.. could see this tune being played on an HBO series.”

“The intro starts quietly with guitar. The vocal comes in and the song starts to build up with a second guitar. The vocal has a good effect and sounds doubled. The vocal also comes to a climax at the end of each verse. The track leaves you wanting more.”

“I love the way that they use the songs harmonies in this record. I feel that the music is very low key and smooth in many ways. It has a really good folk vibe that stands out to me. It has really long drawn out feeling. I feel like this was made for the winter in a lot of ways. They have great electric guitar playing that feels great to me.”

“Someone is picking a guitar. The singers jump in and sing the melody together, not quite in sync. It sounds almost like a folk song. You hear another guitar, almost on the other side, perhaps sounding a bit closer. I like where they go just before the chorus. The guitars start to sing together in their own styles.”

“I waited a while for the song to actually start but once it did I started to dig it.Not the speed I would like and not much going on as far as music but the voices seem to replace instruments needed.The lyrics tell a story and are not bad.The vocals are probably too soft for my taste but that is okay.”

“This is a laid back track. This is a smooth sound to my ears. The artist 's voice is so cool and laid back, that I have never heard before. This is a track that was very pleasant to my ears. There wasn't too much energy to the artist 's voice nor the beat but this was a track that I really enjoyed. I guess because it sound so different. I wish I could listen to this track one more time. This is a track that I would like to see at the top of the charts. The artist did a fantastic track job with this trakc.”

“The duel harmony verses are interesting, along with those flighty lyrics that keeps things in steady down to earth flow. The instrumental compliments that with sparse to quiet instruments which bring out a pretty decent sonic satisfaction. The volumes on everything could use a bit of hike but otherwise a decent track.”

“Kind of drags you down and makes you feel blue. A strong singer though, on key. Winter time is coming. Nighttime's getting longer... It 's kind of sad. I didn't enjoy listening to this song. The guitar solo on this is pretty awesome. Very talented musicians.”

“This is the best song Ive heard so far. They kinda scared me for a second but then kind of brought it all together and it all worked out well."

the Narrative Script (narration by S Hawking)

In the course of a career spanning more than 30 years, Deacon Martin's brand of gentle humour, philosophy, and music has become one of the UK's best kept secrets.

Having performed in pubs, clubs, small theatres, and festivals, throughout south west europe
his ever changing repertoire has won over audiences in a wide variety of settings.

The act is a combination of singing and tongue-in-cheek philosophy and theology.

It includes a rich blend of existential social commentary, wry humour, political and street savvy,
with an eclectic streak of electric guitar, banjo, harmonica, and song.

In this current guise, and formerly as a member of the legendary, “Flying Patrol Group”, he has played several years running at many UK festivals, including, Glastonbury Festival, Elephant Fair, Rough am Tree Fair, Torpedo Town Festival, Moon Fair, Forest Fair, and many others throughout the midlands, East Anglia, Wales, the south, and the South West.

With a degree in Particle Theology from the University of Convenience, Panama, Deacon Martin brings to the stage a gentle introduction to the Church of the Eternal Question
and its precepts.

A defier of temptation, he has led a life beyond reproach and continues to resist all manner of distractions and corruptive influences which inevitably find their way into his path.

Deacon Martin also has a very strong internet presence as a writer as well as a musician with many fans curious to see him in real time.

See also....

For more by Deacon Martin:


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