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An Unbiased and Completely True Review Of..."Puddles Pity Party"

Updated on February 6, 2020
Ryan Saunders 7144 profile image

Music is subjective and everyone has their opinions, I don't work for Rolling Stone, but I know good tunes when I hear 'em.

The Sad Clown With The Golden Voice
The Sad Clown With The Golden Voice

So What's The Story?

Down in Atlanta, in a tiny home sized trailer lives an unexpected musical genius. He lives alone, only coming out infrequently for coffee and a bit of song. He unfolds himself from the doorway, coming to his full 6'8" height, not including the curled crown on his head. Hefting his suitcase and a handlamp, he departs for the local coffee bar, where he can have a cup of Joe, catch a Kevin Costner flick, and maybe delight the customers there with a croon or two.

This gentle, silent giant is Puddles Pity Party, the sad clown with the golden voice. A close personal friend of "Big" Mike Geier, he was thrust into the collective spotlight of the world via YouTube videos. The one that catapulted him to prominence was a cover of "Royals" with the internet phenomenon Post Modern Jukebox. Shortly after this, Mike talked the clown into creating his own YouTube page, a dedicated website, and the wherewithal to travel around the world, bringing his performance art to citizens of the world.

Thus began the legend of Puddles, who has performed live across the world, competed twice on America's Got Talent, and has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. His YouTube videos continue to grow in views, reaching upwards of millions of individual viewings. His intermittent residency in Las Vegas has sold out consistently, and his live shows thrill the audience with the talent in both song and comedic act.

Mike speaks for Puddles, often being interviewed in the clown's stead. If Puddles is directly interviewed, it is usually done through e-mail, as there is only so much that a silent clown can convey in person. Mike and Puddles share a delicate symbiotic relationship, each one meeting the need of the other. Puddles needs a voice, Mike likes the widespread influence and popularity the clown has brought into his life. They are a dynamic duo, crushing the tour circuit and YouTube together in an unstoppable path of good vibes.

How's The Show?

I cannot stress enough that anyone who saw Puddles on America's Got Talent only witness the merest fraction of what this clown can do on stage. There are short acts, a video presentation behind him with an almost ethereal connection to the song being performed. He wanders the audience, bringing people on stage, borrowing cell phones to record himself singing, only to pass the phone to another person, exchanging phones and doing it again.

There is something magical about sitting in the audience watching this 7 foot clown sing absolutely beautifully, sometimes mournfully, current songs performed in a way that belies the deep emotions beneath. Though the only spoken words from him are via the songs, the expressiveness he brings with his face and movements relays all the information you need to know about what he is thinking and trying to relay.

The fact that he stay behind after the show and has a moment or two with every member of the audience who wants to cuddle and get a photo with him is truly amazing and shows how much the fans mean to him. Meet and greets with celebrities are a tricky thing. Some of them go really well and the celebrity is congenial and is willing to speak with a fan for a moment or two before the manager or handler moves them along. Though Puddles' manager is present during the meet and greet and after show pics, I have had such wonderful interaction with the clown.

My last show, we had the before show meet and greet and I had worn a custom made hockey jersey featuring various pictures of Puddles and such. After the picture, he was pointing at the jersey and clapping, making I guess what could be called happy noises, he was truly delighted by the fact that this shirt was in existence. The hug we had before I walked back to my seat was warm and heartfelt, and there is something about him that drains all the worry and bad things out of you and replaces it with such a warm and pleasant feeling of goodwill. It is magical.

When you are at the show, there is a sense of goodwill throughout the audience. I have met so many fellow P3ers (have even been given little Puddles themed trinkets from more craft oriented fans). Becoming part of the community is wonderful, as I have never met a group of individuals who put aside so much of the personal opinions and ideologies and kept things positive.

I cannot recommend getting tickets to a show and experiencing the true joy of 2 hours with singing clown.

5 stars for Puddle Pity Party Live

Puddle Pity Party Introduction

© 2020 Ryan Saunders


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