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An Unforgetable Character - Steve Urkel

Updated on January 10, 2016

What is it about Steve Urkel?

Steve Urkel was the boy next door, who had more doors slammed in his face than most boys. He lived next door to the Winslows, the leading family of the sitcom, Family Matters. Steve wanted to be a part of their lives, but he was unbearable and insufferable to everyone who came in contact with him.

When Steve was around you knew that there would be accidents and mishaps which were followed by his famous response, "Did I do that?" He drove everyone crazy, including the audience. Steve Urkel was often told to leave or get out and even though his parents were not visible cast members, Steve made it very clear that they did not want him around either.

Steve's presence was loud and consuming. He would not allow himself to be ignored. Steve wanted to be a part of the lives of his neighbors and friends but he just did not fit in.

Steve Urkel's intent was to help not harm. Due to his friend's unfavorable feelings about him, his help was usually not wanted or received. But that did not stop Steve. He was determined to help.

I Can't Stop Laughing and these are just clips

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Steve Has a Heart of Gold

In spite of the problems that Steve Urkel would cause when he was helping his friends, and he would cause some "doozies," in the end Steve was thanked, kissed, congratulated, and even asked to stay and join the family, because, he really cared about people, especially his friends. Steve stood strong on what he believed and rarely went against his principles.

Steve Urkel is an unforgetable character because he chooses to stand in the midst of opposition. He chooses the high road even when he is offered something that he really wants such as a kiss from Laura, his ultimate dream throughout the series or to be best buds with Eddie. He has principles and rarely goes against his principles. He exemplifies self confidence, a forgiving heart, loyalty to his friends, and unconditional love.

Even though you may be laughing loud and hard you will not miss the characteristics possessed by Steve that we all should have.


You Can Still Enjoy the Wild and Lovable Antics of Steve Urkel on Family Matters

Watch the re-runs of Family Matter on television, online, or purchase a Family Matters DVD, and you will understand why I think that Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, is an unforgettable character.

BET a basic cable station and a satelite station is currently showing Family Matters. Check your local TV guides for days and times.


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    • sybol profile image

      sybol 5 years ago

      Thank You chinared

    • chinared profile image

      Just call me, Rick 5 years ago from Asia, and all over

      Hi, Sybol. Nice review of Steve Urkel. I remember watching him, and in some small way, could relate to him. Voted up and awesome.

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      I must say that I loved that sitcom! My kids too! Good choice!