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Far From Heaven

Updated on November 30, 2009

An epic tale that'll shatter all expectations

"Far From Heaven" is perhaps one of the finest masterpieces ever assembled on the big screen. The story is set back in the 1950's with a mother, Cathy Whittaker played by Julianne Moore, that seems to have the perfect family life. However, things aren't as perfect as they seem as she soon discovers frequent and shocking turn of events that cause her life to almost become utterly destroyed. Todd Haynes brilliant homage to classic 1950's dramas work perfectly for this film by elaborating the emotions and struggle of the character's themselves. I loved how Todd used the stereotype of modern 1950's families and completely shattered it with modern and controversial themes like homosexuality and interracial courtship. Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid deliver probably the best acting jobs ever to grace the big screen. However, the story is the greatest aspect of this film. As you'll become completely engulfed by the powerful themes of this film. Julianne Moore plays a mother, Cathy Whittaker, that seems to have the perfect life in the fifties until, one day, she discovers her husband, Frank (Dennis Quaid), making out with another man in his office in the wake of the night. When Cathy discovers this, the couple's lives soon become in complete disarray. Frank's struggle in trying to cope and hide his homosexuality in this film is very well portrayed. Cathy soon becomes friends with their African American gardner, Raymond Deagon (Dennis Haysbert) however, many people soon become very disturbed by their friendship, so they ultimately agree to never see each other again. Julianne Moore gives a powerful performance of a woman trying to keep her family together during these times, so it's a shame the Academy didn't give her the best actress award. Dennis Quaid performance in the film is nothing to laugh at either because even though he did cheat on his wife, yet we still feel very sorry for his character at the end of the film.

However, apart from the story and brilliant performances of the actors themselves, Todd Haynes should get most of the credit for this one. I mean his powerful direction delivers all the elements of making a classic film that pays homage to film era's more relevant times. Introducing modern themes like interracial dating and homosexuality in a classic fifties style drama plays out rather brilliant in this film.

Overall, this film is definitely the best film of 2002. It has all the right elements that make it an instant classic with strong acting, directing, and epic story telling that'll have you almost begging for more. Julianne Moore gives a strong performance that allows the audience to identify with her character as well as Dennis Quaid. Todd Haynes' brilliant homage to fifties' drama style films plays out well in telling this epic story about a family coping with prejudicism of their society. "Far From Heaven" is definitely a instant classic to remember.


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