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An open letter to all participating public personalities;

Updated on July 18, 2017

Insurmountable Complaints

I am so appalled and disgusted by your behavior, words, and participation in the current anti-American trend. Some of you really hit a nerve with me and I am sure many others, however, I am not concerned with aligning myself with any group or any person; this is from me to every single one of you. Not many of you are qualified to offer or give moral guidance, further no one needs baseless or made up opinions from anyone who is not, and likely never will be effected by your insurmountable complaints.

It is beyond unsettling that with having many people who follow you, people who look up to you and many who would say that they love you, based on your singing, acting or how funny you are, please explain how you dare engage in hateful and mocking behavior and or speech that encourages hate, violent behavior, and such an incredible anti-American tone? How could you be so irresponsible with the power THEY gave you to use it for your own personal feelings and opinions, whether wrong or right? It is very irresponsible and it is very ego driven isn't it?!

But he is your President


I Love the Usa

The United States of America is a spectacular country; it has always been and will continue to be because what we have is a racially and ethnically diverse country. While we may all differ on many political subjects, the majority of us are able to agree to disagree. NOT with you lot, you ram your ideas and thoughts down our throats, using platforms that should have been used to be thankful, to be humble and gracious, instead used to belittle someone from every characteristic you could possibly find, that is called bullying. That is called hypocrisy because you would stand out against bullying, yet stood there and did not stop bullying. I am ashamed of you. I do not care how you justify it, I do not care how you gloss it over and I do not care how you feel justified in doing so. The United States had lost its ability to change and evolve when business left our shores to go elsewhere, why didn't you notice or use your voice then? We lost many innocent lives due to terrorism here and abroad, where was your voice for them?

Many of you have attended rallies mostly to blame your disgust and shame on the current POTUS, but it's honestly because your candidate didn't succeed. However, you are doing this while yelling, fist pumping, and making a mockery of what a peaceful protest is. Making a mockery of our country.

I do not care if you don't love America, but I do care when you disgrace her when you show the world how an inept bully can draw out more hate, more disgust, and more unrest. I care. Those were wonderful opportunities to spur peace and to be thankful, humble and proud to live in such an amazing country. That's so far from what you demonstrated that I personally wouldn't care if you left the country. America doesn't need any more hate, any more unrest, and it doesn't need any of your "Do as I say, not as I do" bull crap either.


Many of you "public personalities" have been in the news for being drug addicts, having had drug offenses, being alcoholics, spousal and child abuse, cheaters, murderers, child molesters, and liars; yet no one marched or protested about what a reprehensible person you were or are. I'm sure that most people while troubled wouldn't have thought to alienate or bully you, those that really loved it was the newspaper, they relished in your misery and they made a lot of money betraying your soul. That was bullying, even if you were guilty of it, a bully is someone (in this case a newspaper editor) to use strength or influence to harm or intimidate a weaker person for their own agenda – politics would be included (at which point you would be the weaker person without a leg to stand on) so, how could you forget what that bullying felt like? I don't care if you were innocent or guilty of any of the accusations at the moment, I want to know how that felt; did you lose sleep? Did you become depressed? How much money did you have to pay out to try and stifle it from spreading more? Did you cry or feel like it? How much did you drink? How did it affect your movements, I am sure that you were not keen to go in public with the glaring cameras and microphones, I am certain that you took the time to get away and bury your head in the sand. So, let me ask you again, how did it feel to think, to believe that your whole world was crashing down on you? I am going to just guess not very good at all. I have felt that way and I will never forget it.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump


Not so Morally Sound

It's really laughable that a man who reportedly was bedding his nanny and got her pregnant, while his wife was also pregnant finds "words against women" offensive…really now? Know what I find offensive? A two-faced, cheating, lying man that at this point will say and do anything to be relevant. There, how did that feel? Not good aye? Are you mad? Did I go too far? What is too far? Ask yourself that next time you decide what is offensive and take any directive to be some sort of moral crusader. Clearly, actions against women weren't off the table.

The hypocrisy in Hollywood never ends; we have a man who had verbally abused his young daughter over the phone, and now says that he doesn't like POTUS because he abuses power. I'm sure he didn't get the memo that only you can do that. Further, it is not a legal requirement to show your taxes and it is not an obligation either, but I would guess that by what you have demonstrated that legal and obligation aren't two words you comprehend well.

We also have one of the most admired Americans traveling overseas and calling himself and band mates "ashamed Americans" How could you use that platform to disgrace our country! How could you go from being an American I was PROUD of to one that I am so embarrassed by and disgusted with. Please, don't you ever go to another Country and apologize for the POTUS that is the lowest act of any person, and even more an entertainer. You said this to great allies of the United states, and a lot of Australians Support President Donald Trump. I don't care if they cheered…. most support AMERICA, maybe you should get back the patriotism you had for America, or maybe I should realize that a couple patriotic songs are to make money and not necessarily how you feel, and it could be easily confused because it wouldn't be the first time you led someone to believe in you and cheated them. I have done that also, but thankfully, I learned from it and try hard to stick to saying what I mean and meaning what I say, and I have even messed that up here and there, but I am careful with my audience because what I might say in front of an impressionable mind is a huge responsibility. I am a people pleaser and that often makes it hard to say how I feel truthfully and I think many struggle with that. But please don't put America on blast like that again it was uncalled for and for those of us who are currently in another country, you could be putting us in harm's way. Not cool. Not American.

Then we have the alcoholic, STD giving, living train wreck calling for the death of someone else? Is that like the same of your career or the HIV you passed around?

How about those stating, " Trump cannot be my president" citing 100 years ago women couldn't vote"…. what? Did we lose our right to vote or something? Also just curious if making history with a first Female President is more important than the security of this great nation. Perhaps not to either of you with the ability to just fly off or have security deal with any intrusions, but for the average American who can't afford those luxuries and many in bigger cities who have to walk to most places they go, security I'd imagine is an issue for them and the results of the campaign proved that. In terms of trust, how many times have you trusted anyone who lied over and over to you for his or her own gain? I pray not many.

Then we have another calling Trump "mentally unstable" while at the same time reportedly had kicked her adoptive daughter out 2 weeks before she was 18 and called her "mentally ill" with a host of other not so nice things said by her own adopted daughter…what kind of a bully kicks out their child who they believe is mentally ill? Where are the morals in that? Please refrain from trying to be another moral crusader.

Then we have more, many others of not-so -high moral grounds telling "the little dumb people" who to like, who to vote for, what to be offended by, what to think and what to believe, to rally, to protest, to march, and ultimately to set fires, destroy property and to physically abuse those who support opposition. This makes me physically sick. You are making America a sh*t show and will ruin our dollar and our reputation, not necessarily in that order. Instead of a revolution or resistance – you are pandering to the same behavior you claim offends you.

Peaceful protests?

President Trumps' Words Offend You?

On another note, I am curious how a book about copulation, abusive copulation to some, sells over 100 million copies and people are offended by "boys locker -room talk" I find it interesting because 100 million is a lot of books, not to mention $547.4 million dollars at the box office, whose watching this? Who is reading it? Who's paying all this money to read about and watch what many would call "abusive copulation?" Was no one offended by it? Did anyone find there might be a line between abuse and dominance? If you watched this or read this, please re-evaluate how offended you are that year's ago a man said some distasteful remarks about women, which by the way was purposely aired as a leftwing tactic…. you know that bullying thing that you also dislike…but it's fairly obvious that it's only when it is aimed at you. Further, you are offended by what he said, were you equally offended by politicians who actually did it? Did you march? Riot? Speak out even? Did you go on national television and denounce him as your president? Did you travel to other countries and be sure to declare your embarrassed to be American? I use the word copulation because of younger people who may come across this, and while I know that there's likely more here to offend than just that word, I feel the need to use it instead.


Have you protested or marched for these people?

See results

Immigration, Travel Restriction,and Asylum Seekers/refugees

Now I will briefly discuss my thoughts on immigration, travel restrictions, and asylum seekers. First, here are important questions. Are you are against national security and are you against securing our borders? Could it be that you are all for illegal entry into a country? Or maybe you can think we can afford to take in every asylum seeker that needs a home. Is that right?
Here are my thoughts:

Illegal entry into a country is just that "illegal" and has always been and will always be. It really is not relevant if you like it or not. At least we do not shoot them dead on sight like other countries that you rally for, do.

There is a difference between a true asylum seeker and someone who's wanting to take advantage of a weak point to gain entry. Haven't you seen the pictures of fresh new asylum seekers, refugees/or opportunists entering Germany? Did you know a refugee could be a male that decides that he will not go into the military to fight for his country based on just telling the (UN) welcoming country he just doesn't support the government anymore? Or tell the (UN) welcoming country that they are a refugee because they fear persecution based on their race, nationality, religion or even their political opinion. These are people who voluntarily leave their country. Now, it is true that many do because they have to, there is war, natural disasters, and or political instability, kind of like the USA right now (political instability) but to be a refugee they only have to say that they fear the persecution of their state, a civilian death toll in their country does not matter, what matters is what they say they fear.

Do you see the problem yet? Do you see how "easy" it would be to gain asylum even if all you and a few friends really wanted was to take the opportunity of your countries problems and settle somewhere you always wanted to live? They don't even have to have problems in their country, tell the United Nations you are all gay, when you are not, and we all know in those countries they would be killed, so the UN labels them asylum seekers. That is taking advantage of the system and it happens legally in most countries, and it also turns out that many of those are Islamic and while it is few in some cases and many in others, it causes distress where they move to. There are many places around the world that can attest to you what the vast differences in religion and culture have done to their countries, but you don't want to know about that because you think you know what is best for everyone and your egos have gotten bigger than your shoulders. This EO that was signed is about vetting people better to keep riff-raff out of the country, we have enough of our own. This will not stop any genuine asylum seeker or a refugee from entering the USA – so what's the embarrassment about huh? Mr. Springsteen, You called yourself an "ashamed American" to a crowd of people who elected a Prime Minister based on his "stop the boats" campaign…do you know that Australia areas are having difficulty dealing with the cultural differences and religious differences? How about Halal? Do you know about the radical Sunni Islamists, which established themselves in 2001 in Australia?

11% of homeless persons are veterans


Have any one of you marched for our broken veterans to have medical care, housing, and jobs? Have any one of you marched when Florida banned feeding homeless people and now it is a total of 33 cities that ban or restrict feeding HUNGRY PEOPLE! What the %#!!! But you will use your voices to mock, belittle, and bully someone because your ego tells you that he isn't your president? Get the FK out of here! HE IS and you should be HELPING you should be supportive no matter who is president. No one in this country is being bloodied because of any policy; no one is being bullied except the republicans and conservatives. It is going to get really bad if they decide enough is enough…and I DO NOT ENCOURAGE any of that disgusting behavior, we are above that and we are better than that. We have proven that. And again I will say, because I used the word "we" I am not writing this on behalf of republicans or conservatives or any other single person, I am angry and I am writing it for myself.

Do ANY of you know any of the consequences of having radicals live in your country? You will say no, but you do, it just didn't hurt you so it's isolated incidents, right? "Well, not many died, so…probably not really relevant?" Isn't it true that terrorists attacked us on September 11th? Over three thousand people died, I can't even fathom the number of lives connected to those lives, which were destroyed. Or are you into "alternative facts now?" Or are you a conspiracy theorist? How about the attacks since? Google is your friend. How about Globally? Does it occur to you that what happens in other nations can happen in ours if we are as relaxed as they were? Do you even care? I am going to guess that you don't because you're too busy gushing hate for your own country and pouring blood for those who never personally asked you for your damn help. You are angry because you didn't get your way. This abhorrent behavior started before he was sworn in before a policy was made. This was done because you think you are better than he is and you want to pretend you are on a higher moral ground, you are not. I have not bothered to take the time to look up rap sheets, I have mentioned here what I already have read about, but I believe if I did, I would have a lot more comparisons to make, I simply can't be bothered, I am not angry about any past sins you may have committed, I am angry that you pretend you are holy.

Lady Liberty

Do you know there is a difference between banning and background checks? Do you understand that there is a difference between respecting a "snake's" capability and therefore using precaution rather than killing every single one of them because you don't know which is poisonous and which ones aren't? Understanding that some are just harmless and want to be fed, find a place to reside and be left to live in peace. Also understand that some are still snakes – even then, what if they keep traveling back to the place they "escaped" from? Isn't that a good indication they really were not trying to escape? It is common sense! I am not against America… I want to stand by Lady Liberty, taking in the hungry, the poor and the sick. I just want to know, like other common sense Americans, that is what we are opening our arms and money to. Is that so hateful and wrong? So many people are in dire need of our safe hands and loving embrace, and I will never in my life be against providing that, and I am also not against our government ensuring that those that need it, get it and those that don't are caught out. Muslims are peaceful and they have my respect. Many Islamists, however, aren't peaceful, like many Christians. When personalities and bias collide with religion, it's rolling dice much of the time. Also, I do not consider refugees or asylum seekers snakes, I use it metaphorically.

For Charlie Sheen that means
a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.”.
Compare mixed metaphor, simile (def 1).
something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; emblem; symbol.

We march for Asylums seekers and refugees, why can't we house and feed out own? Why can't we march to stop this insane law?

President Donald Trump


I Admire the Dedication from Our President

Now before you ever read this, did you anything about me? NO. Did you know where I stand on these matters? No. Did you know that just seeing B.S. Call himself an ashamed American would spark such a reaction in me that I sat down to write this? NO. You knew nothing about me, and really still don't, but I'm confident by the time I am finished with this you will hate me also and you will call me mentally ill and you will go out of your way to belittle me and probably use words like "delusional" "trump lover" "out of touch" "senile" who knows, but know this…I think many of you are unreasonable, out of touch, delusional, and most certainly a few senile. Your wealth and popularity will only go so far when your morals and dignity are clearly confused or non-existent. I know most of you will tell us all how you donate to charity right? That is not hard to do. Write a check and then write it off on your taxes. Don't even bother trying to justify being a bully, anti-American, and being egotistical windbags. I've heard enough thank you.

I am not writing this to say that you have to or even should consider loving the POTUS, or even like him, but you can be a decent human being and if you can't be a good American at least be respectful.
I admire his determination to bring jobs back into this country so it can once again evolve and grow, while jobs aren't likely on your "to do" list in the way it is for the average American, it is really important for us. I also admire his hard work to get the price of Air Force One down, what other POTUS has EVER done that? I admire his determination to secure our borders; didn't you applaud it when Hillary voted for a wall? Calling it a fence doesn't negate the fact she voted for a wall and secure borders. I also am hopeful that the medical insurance he comes up with his advisors is fair and balanced. I wish that he would also look into medicare, the elderly are hurting too.
I think what you hate; really dislike is that his personality is much like yours. Many of you think the sun rises and sets on your pearly white shoulders and it is unacceptable that anyone else wields the power that you do, most especially when you disagree with him or her. Isn't that right? Being a bully works well in Hollywood, but I assure you it isn't going to keep working on the public, who have to go to work to live; Paid protesters not included…please list the job you left so someone can take it. People are homeless you know.


LGBT, what in the hell are you crabbing about? Do you realize that at the end of the day you have the rights that you do, not so much because of protests, marches, and bitching, but correct me if I am wrong, it was because we got sick and tired of the abuse that you endured, completely disgusted with the bullying and physical abuse and worked hard toward ending that, I understand that you face many challenges still, but you have come so far because of everyone's support, which never included any of us burning anything down, smashing up a store, or making terroristic threats. It was because of unification…that is what brought about results. You have not lost any rights under this administration so stop pandering to the evil that caused you so much anguish! And, Thank Cyndi Lauper.


Abortion – OH NO! The taboo subject that no one wants to ever agree on…
Let me start by saying I have never in my life witnessed a bunch of women saying the same thing over and over like it is on repeat – except for maybe "I have a headache" The most used words to justify abortion are "My body, my choice". And you are so right! You have many choices, you can take care of your body and use birth control, there are many out there, one even prevents pregnancy for up to 5 (five) years. You also have the right to use a "morning after pill" and you have the right to demand your spouse or lover wear a condom for extra protection against pregnancy and venereal diseases. I'm sure C.S's ex's wish they had practiced "my body, my choice". You also have the right to have an abortion because the EO signed was about "international Federal Funding" and had you read about it, you'd have saved yourself some exercise doing all that marching and pretending that you were back in 1960…I pretty much think the only way to get back there is LSD, not sure I've never tried it, but if you don't go back to being mature, grown women, I may just try it so I can see what the 60's was like because I was just a toddler.
Side effects you will say...well pregnancy if unwanted is a really bad side effect, so is having an abortion. It's a fact of life that not everything in your life is going to pander to your whims, wishes, and comfort. You just have to be an adult and deal with what you can do with what is offered to you.
I am a woman, after all, I believe in women's rights and nowhere have I noticed that I lost any of my rights.
What I do NOT believe in is using abortion for birth control, or as a convenience. I strongly believe that it should be a rare occasion because we are responsible for our bodies and our health and if we are going to scream "that" like 3-year-olds having a full on tantrum, maybe it's time we all practice what we preach and stop being hypocrites. I think also it is horrible that the man who fathered the child has no say, I think he should have a say and I think if he was good enough to lay in bed with then he is good enough to listen to. I think if you were really practicing being in control of your body, you would have been responsible and not get pregnant. There are cases of rape and other sexual misadventures that can cause pregnancy and you will never hear me say or see me write that you aren't entitled to abort it, but what I may say is "do it quickly, safely and get therapy to help you heal from all the trauma". You can call me names, bitch, scream and yell at me all day long, and I will not care because that heated response will prove me right. When a valid explanation can surpass what I believe, there will be no name-calling, swearing or the usual threats. That is what ego driven people do…they don't care about reason, facts or anyone else but themselves and their own beliefs, they will not consider any other way of thinking – and it is ironic because that is what you accuse the POTUS of, and maybe you are right, I don't know, I have been unable to determine that based on all of the rioting, marching for no reason, burning things down and destroying the property of others while physically abusing those who oppose your way of thinking. Can you see the hypocrisy there?

Reported Statistics

52 reporting areas in 1997
and 47 in 1998
1970 - 2013
Note: Not all states reported for each year.

While You Are Worried About Women and Children

Maybe you should consider for once how you are making The First Lady feel, and his sons, daughters..maybe you should consider the impact of all this screaming, rioting, protesting, and insulting a young child's father.

You could not possibly care one iota about women or children and carry on the way you have been.

Please grow up.

One Thing That Humbles Me Deeply Is To See That Human Genius Has Its Limits While Human Stupidity Does Not. Alexandre Dumas, fils.

I very well could be hated for this, and I don't care. I am least brave enough to stand on my own and tell you what I think without the hand holding, security, and cameras.
The difference between me and all of you is I can't afford security guards, I can't afford two weeks worth of groceries most times, and I don't have a bunch of people surrounding me to tell me I am right and pat my back. I don't live in a big, secure house and I don't have drivers or my own jet to go bury my head in the sand. What I do have is a strong sense of right and wrong, I have a voice and while I can't use an award ceremony, concerts, or television to use my voice, I do have this platform. I have a love of country, of home. I will not make a mockery of my country for the world to see. There are other ways to be heard. If our country was in danger of our freedom and liberty, I'd be marching and burning sh*t down with you. But it is not.

We all have skeletons, we have all been ridiculed, lied about, shamed and many of us bullied too…. why on earth would you ever want to be the one the giving end of those horrible and very undesirable traits? I'm not a saint and I will not pretend to be I have gone full crazy on news stories and lashed out at so many people, and yes, it felt good, but we all know that is an inappropriate response to disagreement. It is the way of the ego and I think, I hope, we can ALL do better at taming it.

One thing that humbles me deeply is to see that human genius has its limits while human stupidity does not.

Alexandre Dumas, fils.

Respectfully, Shot by Lisa


© 2017 Lisa


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