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Anastasiya Shpagina - The Real Life Anime Girl

Updated on November 24, 2012

Anastasiya Shpagina is a young adult Ukrainian woman who spends countless hours perfecting her makeup in order to resemble an anime character in real life. At only 5'2" and 85 pounds, the young woman makes the Japanese anime genre come to life in her photographs. While it may seem creepy that she would spend over 30 minutes applying makeup to a single eye in order to bring a cartoon character to life, for Anastasiya, this is a normal everyday routine.

She has adopted the Japanese name of Fukkacumi, to fit in better with her image. She is also friends with Valeria Lukyanova, a woman who has dedicated her time to becoming a real life barbie doll.

Since her appearance on YouTube,Anastasiya has acquired a cult following. She posts regular makeup tutorials showing people how she applies her makeup to give her a unique appearance. Many people have subscribed to her channel because they find her fascinating and talented. However, she has also gained a fair amount of ridicule and bullying due to the nature of her appearance. Even so, she continues to post new videos for fans to enjoy.

To help get into character, Anastasiya often colors her hair a deep red and wears a variety of wigs, ranging from ultra long to short. She likes to take scenic pictures in costumes - known as cosplay - to help get into character and keep in the theme of an anime character.

She has appeared on numerous talk shows, usually alongside Valeria Lukyanova.

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