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Ancient Aliens (2009-) If You Honestly Believe This Nonsense, You're an Infantile Idiot

Updated on July 24, 2020
A dumb meme, I mean show.
A dumb meme, I mean show. | Source

5 Stupid Things About Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is dumb and I put this review under tv comedies becuase it's dumb and silly.

Ancient Aliens is a dumb show made for evolutionary throwbacks and mentally backwards hicks, dumb idiots, toothless losers, fat blueberry shaped people, and people with pretentious names and bad haircuts. Ancient Aliens was started by a German pervert who wrote a dumb book who's not Donald Trump Erick Von Dickeken. I mean it's Boris Bummstein or whatever and Stephen Stephanopoulos or the guy with the bad hair who's a dumb meme, Bummstein has been arrested for being a fraud making false claims and molesting mummies. Just kidding, he's not a fraud he's a hack, no wait he's a charlatan, no wait he's a snake oil salesman, no wait he's a dumb idiot who lies a lot and molests mummies.

Bummfeld and Stunkanopolous say in this show that; aliens built the Great Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and every other building edifice erection assembly place or structure ever built by men, and not dumb aliens. Dumb idiots without brains agree with this obvious nonsense because; they only have two teeth, smoke crack, are racist and xenophobic, and ironically think everyone besides them is an idiot. It's a fact that if you call everyone else a retard because you lack a robust vocabulary, then it's a fact that you are a retard and you just project your stupidity onto other people.

If you think ancient civilizations were so stupid they couldn't use basic tools like; rope, the wheel, or a hammer, or even a pointy stick then perhaps you're just projecting your own pathetic stupidity onto ancient civilizations who were smarter than you thousands of years ago before the invention of indoor plumbing when people couldn't even watch the fake history channel. You need to stop smoking crack, meth, marijuana, or any other mental depressant your taking because your dumb enough already, and you don't need a mental depressant to make you dumber. And if you don't do any drugs and are just this dumb naturally, I suggest you follow your ancestors and go walk naked into the wilderness to die of exposure, so the human gene pool will be less dumb.

There is an infamous picture of a hieroglyph inscription in Egypt that retards, I mean special individuals, use to prove aliens exist, which looks like a helicopter and other modern technology. This, however, is false the hieroglyphs from the Temple of Seti I and Ramesses II which originally read as "He who repulses the nine (enemies of Egypt)." Then it was plastered over by Ramesses II which then read "He who protects Egypt and overthrows the foreign countries." (1)(2). The original hieroglyphs were mundane objects like spoons bowls lamps hands and other symbols that could easily be seen in ancient Egypt, and the plaster on the new carving started to fade because fat sweaty morons who believe in ancient aliens got to close to them and the two inscriptions and they melded into each other and looked weird. This has since been fixed and debunked, so go read a peer-reviewed book and not a dumb balderdash conspiracy theory book that is written by a known hack.

In conclusion, the show Ancient Aliens is bunk nonsense rubbish gibberish claptrap blather blether rottripe hogwash baloney drivel bilge bosh bull bunk guff piffle poppycock phooey hooey malarkey twaddle dribble codswallop cock stuff and nonsense tosh cack garbage flapdoodle applesauce wack bushwa bunkum tommyrot cod and gammon. Oh and Ancient Aliens is bunk and to a lesser extent so is History Channel, which now has more fiction than actual history on it.

actual facts about history
actual facts about history | Source

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  2. "Helicopter Hieroglyphs Explained".

Ancient Aliens Debunked - (full movie) HD


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