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All About "Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens" (Her Photo Is Shown Below)

Updated on April 4, 2011
Images Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens
Images Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens

Lady Phenomena Is Andrea Stephens

Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She was crowned "Lady Phenomena" because of the many titles that she has under her belt. Andrea Stephens is not only a producer, businesswoman, and talk show host, she is also a minister of the gospel. She is the pastor and founder of "Christian Alliance Kingdom Ministries." She is a phenomenal woman that is quoted as having said "All is to the Glory of God, Jesus Christ, because it is by His spirit that I am able to live my lifelong dream of being a television talk show host and producer." She is married and says that her family is very important to her. Andrea has been named "The Beautiful Producer" not only because of her looks but because of her spirit.  She will be coming out with her new clothing line and cosmetic line in the upcoming months.

City Access Atlanta has chosen Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens as our "Cover Girl" of the month.

Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens Presents "Educating Our Nations" & "The Andrea Stephens Show"

Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens--The Andrea Stephens Show
Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens--The Andrea Stephens Show


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