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Andrej Pejic – ultimate androgynous gay look of the modeling world

Updated on February 9, 2012

Born in 1991, this young male model is becoming one of the major stars in the competitive modeling world. What makes him so unique? Like the title implied, he sports the ultimate androgynous look that blurs gender lines. Without looking at his bare chest, many think that he is a very pretty young female. In fact, according to his friends that he is on a strict diet to keep himself lean and look just like a woman. This hub has pictures of him and other related information about him.

This Australian male model was born in Tuzla. Andrej Pejic is part Serbian and part Croatian. He is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) in height. Andrej is blond with blue eyes. His features are distinctively feminine which explains why he is so successful at modeling female clothing. Many said that Andrej has the ultimate androgynous look. Some even claim that Andrej Pejic is the most beautiful model in the modeling industry today.

Due to being in the modeling world or his own preference, Andrej wears makeup, nail polish and high heel shoes. It is kind of surprising that he actually looked really good in these outfits. A lot of people are wondering what he will look like years down the road. It will be very interesting but we will have to wait and see.

Is Andrej Pejic gay or straight? Media is very curious about his sexual orientation. However, he is not answering if he is gay, straight or bisexual. Whatever it might be, his fans will support him no matter what. Based on rational reasoning, he is most likely gay. When asked about his childhood, he say that he is very happy, has lots of friends and mainly girls. Most gay men have lots of girl friends because they get along so much better with girls. Some bloggers on the internet say that Andrej Pejic's speech and mannerism remind them of their gay friends. Whatever his sexual orientation might be, let's hope this androgynous male model continue to be very successful in the modeling industry.


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    • profile image

      Ria 5 years ago

      Andrej Pejic is NOT gay. In fact, he is very straight. He loves petite women with small feet. Andrej Pejic wants to marry a petite woman with small feet.