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Andres Segovia

Updated on January 22, 2011


Spanish guitarist, who was a leading figure in the revival of interest in the classical guitar and its music. He was born in Linares on February 17, 1893. He was mainly self-taught, though much influenced by an earlier master, Francisco Tarrega.

His first public performance was at the age of 16, in Granada, in 1909. It was followed by a long series of successes in Europe and North and South America. His debut in New York City in 1928 was a triumph both for Segovia as a musician and for the guitar as an instrument in the concert hall. The critics were deeply impressed by his technical virtuosity and profound musical imagination. In the decades that followed, Segovia continued playing throughout the world, and his reputation grew Segovia's scholarly studies and transcriptions of music written for other instruments greatly extended the repertoire for the guitar.

In addition, many modern composers, including Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Turina, and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, wrote for him. Segovia also gained an outstanding reputation as an interpreter of Bach, Handel, Mozart, and other classical composers.

Andres Segovia died in June 2, 1987


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