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Andromeda, a Show That Almost Made It

Updated on May 31, 2017


I viewed a few of the early
episodes of Andromeda
recently, and was rather
confused as to why it had
not be a huge success.

Created by Gene Roddenberry,
in a Star Trek Universe, with
interesting characters and
plots; why wasn't it a hit?

Performing the usual searches to find out why this show flopped I bounced
into a number of different purported reasons.

Some blame Kevin Sorbo, the ostensible star, others the writers, but the
fact is, Andromeda is a show that really ought have been as big as
Star Trek. (Thinking the Next Genereation or DS-9)

What it Was About

Andromeda Ascendant is set in a 'dark' universe; not the happy 'we all get
Star Trek future.

We begin with a Rip Van Winkle; Captain Hunt, [played by Sorbo] who had
been held in stasis by a Black Hole for three hundred years. During this time
a 'dark ages' descended on the galaxy.

The ship, Andromeda Ascendant, is to captured for salvage by Becca and
her crew, paid for by a freaky alien, who travels with his mercenaries.

Becca's crew is made up of the Geek, Shamus, a purple skinned female of unknown nature, called Trance, and a really awful looking Magog who is a

Among the mercenaries is Tyr Anasazi, a genetically enhanced human, a Nietzschean

The personalities of the named characters are complex, more interesting than
those on board the Enterprise.

During the first episode of confrontation between Captain Hunt, who is
used to the old time Star Trek Federation, and Becca and her crew who
don't know that kind of life, there is a combining of the two; that is
Becca and her crew, plus Tyr, Captain Hunt, his ship and computer.

The mission is to attempt to recreate the Federation, hence, the
Andromeda is not just flying around for exploration.

The fact the crew doesn't trust him or each other adds to the interest.

The tension between Hunt and Becca, leads to many possible incidents,
but the personality of Tyr was probably the most enticing.

Many people who watched the show remember the Tyr character, and
were intrigued by him. He was the main lure of the show.

Most expected him to be moved to co-star.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. After the second year he was more off
camera than on.

Suppositions and References

If what is believed, that is was
Sorbo or the other Producers,
or Powers which resisted
making the Tyr character the
Co-Star, that would have been
quite stupid and fly in the face
of history.

Man from U.N.C.L.E was a hit show in the 1960s. It was supposed to star Robert Vaughn.

A Scottish chap, David McCallum was only to appear in a few episodes.

He played Illya, a Russian, who, at this height of the Cold War, worked with
UNCLE and Vaughn's character, Napoleon Solo, for the good of all.

David McCallum was so popular he was called the 'blonde Beatle' . He received more fan mail than any other actor had ever done.

He was moved to co-star and the show stayed on the air.

Star Trek

In the same era, and closer to home,
the original Star Trek found itself in
a similar situation.

Mr. Spock was to be a side
character, but public excitement
moved him to co-star.

William Shatner was wise enough to appreciate that although his
character was to be the Star, to be the archetype Captain, whom
everyone might want to fly with, the public had a fascination with
Lenard Nimoy's Spock.

The Kirk character become a legend in his own right, by extending a seat on
the dias to Spock.

To have pulled ego or rank would have killed the show and ended both their careers.

The Next Generation

In Star Trek, the Next Generation
which aired the 80s, the public
became fascinated by the Klingon,

Originally he was a 'side' character,
but was soon moved to the fore.

The interest in Worf provoked more Klingon-centric scripts and more epis in which he was featured.

Denise Crosby, who objected was dispensed with, and Michael Dorn, who
played Worf continued into the Movies and then, later in the decade, to
Deep Space 9 for the producers appreciated realised without Worf the
audience wasn't there.

Back to Andromeda

The character of Tyr was the show.
Viewers were not all that interested
in the others, they've seen them
before in various incarnations.

Tyr Anasazi was new, different and
filled the screen, when he was on.

Yet, camera time remained limited,
and epis about the other characters reduced him to third man on the left.

Andromeda failed.
It could have been 'all that'. Capturing Star Trek viewers was a given, if what had been done with Worf had been done with Tyr, the show would have held interest.

Unfortunately, the Producers didn't seem to get it.

How Stupid Became More Stupid

In ancient days, i.e. Man From Uncle or Star Trek producers had to depend on the hard copy letter which had to be written and mailed to the studio. They had to depend on 'Nielson' ratings or the chat of talk shows to know how the majority of people were viewing their programs.

Because many were stupid, they let Star Trek (TOS) go off the air, Only recontructed in movies and then in The Next Generation

In the year 1999 when the Internet was available World Wide, when all one had to do was a search to see how many hits something had, it was clear that if the Producers had the brains of an average stegosaurus, they'd have shoved the character of Tyr into the fore, and promoted him.

But they didn't.
So Andromeda went off the air.

Those who view the first 2 seasons today will probably be amazed by it.

A Star Trek Universe where everyone doesn't get along. Where one needs an I.Q. beyond Forrest Gumps to follow the plot and get the inferences. Where rivalries and intrique doesn't end with the credits, but goes on, unresolved.

The First two seasons are quite exceptional, and one assumes that somewhere, someday, someone will 'get' it, and it will return to a vast audience.

Of course, with different stars and diverse ideas.


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