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Angel by Cspaceman

Updated on March 4, 2013
Angel by Cspaceman
Angel by Cspaceman | Source

Angel - Lyrics

I just just saw heavens beauty
Alleluia oohooo
Time to dance with your man
Yes you can heyyy
Teach me all of your moves
Alleluia haaaa

But first take my hand
And hold it tight, don't let it go


As I put my hand in your hand
Bump the music on


And we slowly dance
The light
Bouncing around us


And the angels busy singing
And the trumpets like ringing

I saw the moon in her eyes
She saw the sun in my soul

Bursting millions of colours
Totally out of control


And all stars in the sky
That's what we are
Creating our heaven
Making music forever

I've got an angel holding me
Loving me
Taking care of me
A special angel made just for me

She's heavens beauty
She's looking out for me
She's really loving me


(c) Cspaceman 2011/2012/2013


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