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Narcis Iustin Ianau, the Angel voice

Updated on February 15, 2012

Narcis Ianau has a heavenly voice

A boy that can sing like a genuine soprano isn't something usual. These men that can alter their voices in this manner are called countertenors, but Narcis Ianau is more than that, he can sing like an angel, he can enchant any ear with his beautiful voice. He amazed millions of people on a Romanian show, and his story, of a boy with little musical education, from a poor family, raised by father and grandmother, mocked by every child at his school, has already impressed a lot of people in Romania and beyond.

A new Vitas or even better

During a national television broadcast of the Romanian show "Romania Got Talent " a sixteen years old boy, Narcis Iustin Ianau has amazed the audience with his angel voice. Everyone thought of the famous russian countertenor, Vitas, as the voice and singing abilities resemble those of the world known performer.Narcis Ianau has always liked to sing and he often dreamed to perform on the popular stages of the world, and to represent Romania, his country. Narcis Ianau entered the contest when he heard of the preselection. " I did not want to go at first, but my grandmother encouraged me to participate. I tried several pieces to highlight my voice. I chose a song that I thought it fit me from an opera CD, which I borrowed from a friend. I heard the song O mia bambino caro and I liked the way Malena Ernamn interpreted it. I repeated a lot and tried to imitate the soprano", said the angel voice, the future Vitas, Narcis Ianau.

Countertenors, a rare species of artists

The countertenors represent, for hundreds of years, a rare and unique species of artists. Dubbed "the voice of an angel" they are defined in terms of music, as men who can achieve the mezzo-sopranos vocal register, and in many cases, one of the sopranos. This ability of Narcis Ianau's voice has astonished the audience.

The fact that a long time women were forbidden to sing in church or perform opera led to singers who could achieve female scores. Maximum moment of glory was that of the countertenors of XVI until XVIII centuries. They were considered the true "superstars" of the time, and probably Narcis Ianau will become, like Vitas, a star of our age.
Italy made history with the famous "castrati", that were young countertenor voices with great musical skills, which were being castrated to preserve their high voices untainted, as it was considered divine. The greatest of all time is considered countertenor Farinelli (1705-1782), whose real name is Carlo Maria Brosche.

Future artists castration procedure was halted in the early nineteenth century, when the countertenors glory went into decline. The one that has reinvigorated their status was Englishman Alfred Deller (1912 - 1979), considered the greatest countertenor of the twentieth century. Nowadays, countertenors have remained as rare, among the best known examples there are: Vitas, Jarroussky Philippe and David Daniels and hopefully Narcis Ianau will make it on this list.

The Angel Voice does not live in Heaven

The next Vitas, the boy with the golden voice of angels is only sixteen. Narcis Ianau lives with his father and younger brother, in a small house in a romanian village, in Bacau County.

He sings from an early age. He first sang in the church choir at five years. As he had been waiting for his aunt, Helen, who was in rehearsals, and hearing the choir, he began to sing too. Deputy, hearing him put him among the sopranos, where he played for four years.During this time he sang the psalm readings during Mass while other kids laughed, and still laugh at his voice. But although the other kids made fun of him and his girlish voice, he never gave up.

Since he was little, Narcis Iustin Ianau has always wanted to become something in life so he learned by himself, but also had the guidance brought by his parents, aunt and grandmother who he is very grateful to, though for the past 3 years his parents did not agree that he would sing with his "female" voice. Only now, after the contest, everyone understood his voice is really something rare and unique.

Narcis Ianau was a withdrawn child with few friends, as he was mocked at, beaten and rejected by some colleagues, a child who was crying almost every day.
His mother, Felicia, is living for almost 12 years in Italy, where she works as a housekeeper. Monthly, she sends home about 100 euros.

Mom visits them every year and stay with them for a month, then, with tears in her eyes, lets their father and grandmother take care of them and returns to Italy.

Narcis Ianau's father no longer works for almost 2 years because he was working in a brewery which went bankrupt. So his family is living with very few money with no possibilities to offer him a proper musical education. But history is the evidence that genius is something you need to work hard for and all the expensive teachers and schools in the world won't build up talent.

He has impressed everyone with his soprano voice, but he can sing an altista voice, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone, so it can address almost any kind of music. Narcis Ianau is still at the beginning but he has the opportunity to show the worlds how unique he is and to enchant people with his wonderful voice.

What do you think about this voice?

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      dan 6 years ago

      bravo, esti foarte bun. succes la scoala si in muzica !