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List of the Best Angelina Jolie Movies

Updated on May 6, 2011

Why I love Angelina Jolie?

This page is dedicated to Ms Angelina Jolie's best movies of all time.

I sure you'll agree that she is definitely one of the most sensual actress of our time. Over the years she has continued to amaze and wow us with her bone jarring action moves, alluring female magnetism and sensitive portrayals.

Here's our handpicked list of her most representative movies that showcases her multi-faceted talents. Please set back, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the show.

"Salt" the Action Spy Movie

One of the best action movie from Angelina Jolie and that's saying a lot about it.

The movie Salt is a fast paced action packed ride filled with realistic bone crunching action. It kind of remind me of the "Bourne Identity", but with a sexier and curvier female version of the super agent.

Watch the "making of" DVD extra and you'll understand why I think Ms Jolie is an undisputed action superstar (not just female action star) of all time. She actually enjoys doing her own stunts whether it is climbing window ledges at dizzying heights, or getting up close and personal in lethal combat.

"Wanted" the Surreal Action Extravaganza

This film is a rare gem that combines the fantastic premise of a fraternity superhuman assassins guided by the hand of fate, with hyper realistic break neck action.

Angelina personifies the invincible female assassin that is at once enigmatic & sizzling hot, as she guides the young initiate towards revenge against an unthinkable threat.

Watch the movie Wanted and be prepared for out of this world car chases, bullets the curve around corners and other super human feats that will blow all your preconceptions about action movie right out of the water.

Movie Trailer of Wanted

"Original Sin" of with Antonio Banderas and Jolie

This is one of the steamiest movie of all time from Angelina. It also didn't hurt that she is starring opposite the latin hunk Antonio Banderas.

The plot is nothing to rave about but the star power and sensuality of the two stars sizzles deliciously.

The plot is simple and wanders at times, but the great thing is, it is all about love and passion. Hence the aptly named movie title of Original Sin.

Its Cuba in the 19th century. Antonio Banderas plays a successful coffee trade business man who seeks out and receives a mail-order bride, played by Angelina Jolie.

But she soon disappears with all his money, and has him hot on her heels in Havana. He discovers she is now with another man and does what every man in his shoes would do. He makes passionate love with her again and again.

There are some plot twist in the second half of the movie which reveals Angelina's bitter secret. But you'll need to be patient to sit through the meandering plot elements.

"Changeling" One Woman Against All Odds

An unbelievable but true story that accurately details the corrupt male dominated world that is epitomised by the LAPD.

Angelina plays the mother of a missing boy. The uncaring and equally incompetent LAPD returns the wrong boy to her but then refuses to acknowledge their mistakes.

Thus unfold a bitter yet inspiring story of corruption, determination & hope.

The movie Changeling is directed by none other then Mr Clint Eastwood. He directs with a steady hand with an intense attention to detail in every scene. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride as you experience this true story as it unfold inevitably with every scene.

One of the best showcase of Ms Jolie's acting ability for those of us who prefer less distraction from her usual action flicks.

Movie Trailer of Changeling

New and Upcoming Movies from the Amazing Angelina Jolie

She is definitely the hottest actress around.

Here're some of her new and upcoming films that we might be adding to this page:

  • "The Tourist" with Jolie starring opposite another of our favorite actor, the versatile Mr Johnny Depp.

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      jan  6 years ago

      she is fantastic and lovely i like her too much

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      shami 6 years ago

      fantastic like her