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Angie Gega - An Interview From The Heart

Updated on June 7, 2013
Angie Gega AKA Anjeza
Angie Gega AKA Anjeza | Source
Dream bigger, reach out over the limits...
Dream bigger, reach out over the limits... | Source

The pre-production

This Interview started like a challenge. We did contact Angie through FaceBook the day before. She said she was willing to gives us a live interview.

We asked her if she was willing to have an informal conversation, where the questions would just flow from our minds. She answered without delay.

Here is what we got from her: a true angel with a great heart. She took her time and almost forgot about her "Zumba" classes. We got wonderful answers that made us believe that there is still hope for this world.

The Interview

Thanks Angie for this opportunity!

Thanks Joseph! Glad to be here with you...!

Let's see. What is in a name, we could ask? I know you were born in Albania... what does Gega means... people would like to know. Just a silly questions to begin with.

Doesn't mean anything...

You said you were dancing from your mom's womb. Can you imagine yourself as a wife, raising your kids, cooking and watching soap operas? Or you were chosen to be a star?

Yes I was. I was moving so much in my mom's belly; she had to cover her belly with a purse when sitting in the bus, because she was embarrassed. Ha!

Yes, I imagine to be a wife one day when I meet the right person. There is no calculation on when that time will come.

When it comes, I will know -- and NO; being a wife doesn't mean cooking, cleaning watching soap operas and having babies. That is a misconception of society that has placed woman second in the family hierarchical level. I will definitely be a modern mom/wife .The title just means permanent commitment to one man, no serving duties; me and my partner will grow, travel, and make a difference in the world....balanced, equal, madly in love with each other and the world, making a difference.

I am not good at staying home and applauding life's drama, or invest my time gossiping. I value life and I want to do all I can to see a difference. Time is precious. Time is limited. Stage is my home. My blood boils to move, perform, travel... and I don't see myself ever stopping.

Introducing "Fuego" by Anjeza

Woman, love yourself!

Still hearing Latin beats.... Let's Continue, Maestro!

There you go! What made you travel the world at the age of 11? Was a need, the excitement? Or a plan from God?

I never felt I belonged to my country. I was too outspoken. Too free, too loud... I always expressed myself. Even though I lived in a dictatorship country where freedom was limited. I always corrected my teachers (even though you are not supposed to correct them - you have to respect them) when they were wrong. Because I valued education, truth, and knowledge. I never did what I was supposed to do. I always broke the rules for what my heart believed to be right. I couldn't wait to leave my country.

At age ELEVEN that opportunity was presented to me. I had to travel to Stuttgart-Germany as a dancer for this Euro Festival dance competition. First thing I told my mom was, "I am not coming back." To which she replied, "what?" I replied, "I don't like it here, I don't fit. I am staying at your friend's house."

And I was going too, if she would actually accept me (she was going through a divorce), but as I see it now, that would have changed my life direction and I wouldn't have been here today.


So there is a plan... more that just a need?

I would say a need, excitement, and plan of God. Those go hand in hand; it all leads to one place: God's plan. My need and excitements are God's plan too. He placed them in my heart and mind. When God lives TRULY inside of you, you know what your desires and aspirations are. His work is inside of you. His plan, Gosh! I just have to be patient to see them unfold...

You are spirituality is full of energy. WOW! You are not mad at God... and the world for taking your wonderful dad at 58. We know your Dad is protecting you and applauding your stardom. Tell us about him, about his dreams, his love for you...

NEVER!! I love GOD too much to be mad at Him.

Sorry then!! My bad...!

It wasn't God who took my father. God doesn't make mistakes, he doesn't hurt. We choose pain with our actions. My father gave up on life. He loved to eat and was overweight. The doctor told him to control his food because his heart was working for two bodies and that body was tired and would soon give up! At the beginning He listened, but then he gave up.

He also lost his job the last year of his life and staying at home was deadly for him.. he was the life of the party.. always being invited in events to sing and dance and tell jokes. My dad was an entertainer in his soul.. and when that kind of life was limited due to his choices and that of others.. His mind gave up... (I believe).

My sister, (a doctor by profession), assisted him for the last two months.. Training him like a child on what to eat. But He would go back to his habits when she wasn't around. You can't save someone that doesn't want to save himself.

"Performing at the BIFF (Broadway International Film Festival) with my dancers."
"Performing at the BIFF (Broadway International Film Festival) with my dancers." | Source

How wonderful! You just cannot stop talking....

Sorry, I miss him terribly. He was so inspiring and dreamed to see me on stage, singing/acting/dancing. He always used to tell me, "You chose the career that will always keep you young." Entertainment was a dream he had, but could never be fulfilled, and somehow through DNA that dream was transferred to me.

But I won't give up. Now I have another reason to shine; dad's dream lives inside of me I have to make it for two now.

I remember we would talk for hours about life, career, God and then he would go and tell my mom, "Anjeza is too wise... She is so smart... She heals me...."

He would call and say, "My future Sophia Loren, my sugar, my life... you soon will be a star!" And I would ask back, "Dad where did you come up with this?"

He wholeheartedly would say, "I just feel it in my heart..."

Dad will always be in my heart. I can't possibly talk about him and not cry...


Is too soon, the wound is open and deep. But that afterlife thought and the hope that He found light gives me peace...

I have an angel now that looks over me.

What a wonderful story for Father's day... Angie!

Isn't that something? I have started to write him letters and talk to him as if I was going to mail them one day... Who knows ..those thoughts might generate a book one day...

I have already wrote a song for him and I will work with my producer Daniel Jones to bring that to life. Thinking to title it "Phone call to heaven"

Angie and her Dad, who fulfilled his dream through her.
Angie and her Dad, who fulfilled his dream through her. | Source

About the "Fuego" song

"Fuego video was created by me. I was the singer/songwriter, executive producer, creative director, the choreographer of tango etc.

Why so much involvement you will ask? Two reasons: very small budget and also I suffer from control issues. I have a vision and I want to bring it to life, and often other people don't see it the same way.

'Fuego' video took about FOUR months to be delivered. Editors didn't know how to do it. Three of them walked out of the project not being capable to deliver ANJEZA's image, the singer, the actress, the dancer, the passion, the body language speaking through those words and the music.

They could not figure out the change of those images according to the beat of the music. I see everything in life as a choreography of movement, even when I am on a freeway and two cars change lanes in the same time. I think 'How cool! That looks like a dance move!!'"

I knew you were going to write with your whole heart! Amazing! Where do you get inspiration for hits like "Standing O" and that megahit, "Fuego"?? I love those videos. You can speak 5, 6 languages as well? Lost the count...

Heart is the source of my inspiration. Everything I do and say comes from it... And even when I have genuine feelings for someone and they don't work out. I never blame my heart. I never tell her she was wrong. I always make sure she is loved and tell her that we both just have learned.

Every song of mine, that I wrote/co-wrote (Fuego-Standing O, Still Believe) are 99% based on my life story, experiences I went through; or experiences that others went through. I never wrote of an abstract idea. I always base my work in nothing but whole truth.

Overall, all my music has the same message: Standing tall, overcoming, never giving up, believing in love, in life, embracing the mistakes and learning from it; not judging them, forgiving yourself.. and finding the strength to start again, making the right choices., etc.

This statement sounds like a song, already....

Well, my artistic image has always been my life's image. You see, I chose them to be the same because I didn't want to pretend and be another one on stage while another one in my everyday life, and that image is so...Classy, Strong. and Independent; a sexy woman with a BIG heart for a change through that magical energy we call it LOVE!

I speak Albanian, English, Italian, Spanish, read French, and German. Studied Japanese and learning Hebrew now.

But I have sang, and still do in 8 languages. (Albanian, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hindi, Greek)

"Forgive.. But don't forget!!"
"Forgive.. But don't forget!!" | Source
Her best shot as a Bond Girl?
Her best shot as a Bond Girl? | Source
Strength and Desire to Face any Challenge!
Strength and Desire to Face any Challenge! | Source

Yeah, Dancing Words indeed! You do impress with your final product!! You have been chosen to be the one!! I admire your music, your dancing, your acting and your "Zumba" classes! I know you love people... and we love you back. Tell us about your charity projects, please???

My non profit organization is called BECHLEM* and it stands for, "Because He leads me, I shine" Everything I do in my life I give Glory to God. Because is because of HIM...that I have everything...
My non profit organization aims to educate and help abused children, orphan children and non educated children; find their life purpose, be healed, be taught love and the Knowledge of God.

Sounds too good to be true! Let's see... Oh You have more?

The company is registered and as of now it exists as a group but further work needs to be done toward it in order for it to be established. At the moment I need to be stronger myself so I can have a strong hand for them. But my philanthropy and desire to give back to society doesn't end here.

Few of the charity performances include:

  • Pratham, (raising awareness and funds to support uneducated children--where I sang in English and Hindi)
  • Relay 4 Life, (American Cancer Society - to honor the cancer survivors)
  • Pixel Project (Recording a cover to raise awareness of battered women issue), and so much more.

It is my life biggest dream to become a philanthropist through my entertainment involvement in this society. Material success has never made me happy. Owning walls and metals has never put a smile to my face. But healing someone, making them laugh, succeed, inspire, change, embrace life, save them from bad choices. THAT... that is happiness ...

I want to travel the world, open hospitals, and education centers, herbal healing. I am against medical approach in life. I have very low respect for Western medicine. The doctors messed up my father's life with wrong pills (twice). They altered all his system and introduced kidney and lungs issues on top of the heart problems.

Anjeza's song: "Standing O" -- Courtesy of ANJEZAMUSIC

LET GO... *R.I.P dad...

Let Go...

Lived and loved
Enjoyed time
Fun, no pain
That was your life

Gave the world
a piece of smile
Left your family
with tears to wipe

You let go
Too soon
You let go
Too fast

Why didn't you fight
Why didn't you try
I'm not mad at you
I just miss your smile

Don't want to believe
This is actually true
I hope is just a dream
Wake me up, please

You let go
Too soon
You let go
Too fast

Why didn't you fight
Why didn't you try
I'm not mad at you
I just miss your smile

Life will go on
No you in my life
I will build a nest
No you in my life

I will sing in stage
No you in my life
I will reach the stars
No daddy, to share

My kids will ask one day
Where is grandpa mom
I will simply point to heaven
say you're watching over them

I miss you so much
No words can do just
God heal this pain
And please stop the rain

Hope Keeps me going
You're pain free and flying
In heaven, faith says
One day we will all be smiling

I heard your voice today
On my birthday voicemail
You singing la la la
laughed and cried at the same time

My future star you used to say
You will go far...I know
Gosh, why so soon?
Why did you have to go?

You let go
Too soon
You let go
Too fast

Why didn't you fight
Why didn't you try
I'm not mad at you
I just miss your smile

Written by: ANJEZA


Peace and a Better World

Seems like a wishful thinking but I think we can do it one person at a time?

I want to introduce peace in the world. Inspire people through my work and choices and help them financially through my success. And when it comes to helping I want to help the lowest of low, the ones that have no opportunity to choose something else.

People often help the ones that have but don't see, or the ones that have but are lazy to stand up and embrace. I want to help the ones that are genuinely in need of help. The ones with great heart, pure intentions and great aspirations.

You are wondrous Angie! Here is the last one for you: how can we change this world that everyday is reaching that point of no return? Do you think we are lacking God as the guiding light our parents told us about? How can we help humanity as good Samaritans of a HOPELESS world??

How can we change the world you ask, Joseph? The question scares many at first glance.

"The world is so big," they say. "Can't be done..!" They forget the world is us, him, her, them. The world is one child, one choice, one decision, one change. The rest will develop in a chain reaction. You change the world when you make attempts to light a candle of hope to inspire a life, to save someone from a suicide, to uplift someone that is completely lost, to give a smile to someone that forgot about God.

Yes, absolutely. We lack God. We have forgotten of our fist love. We have forgotten God. We have forgotten that he thoroughly stands for love, forgiveness, healing, help, not judging, saving, idolatry (money, sex, idols), religion's condemnation.

People like to blame, but nobody can frame or inbox the power and love of God. So they talk with empty words. Some of them have embraced other religions and ideologies based on nothing, based on a cult. Or based on a dying source.

They get lost in their efforts for success and a happiness that have been erased from their lives. The purpose that has died, they go around in circles searching for reasons to live. When the reason has been given to them. The message has been encoded in their DNA since the creation inside the womb, "For I knew you before I formed you in the mother's womb," He said.

This world belongs to the King of Death. God kicked the devil out of heaven and dropped him on earth. That's why good people have a hard time to survive and reach their dream here. Because they are consistently fought back by a dark society. But the strong one prevails, because God is bigger than everyone else.

How can we help? Spreading light, being a piece of God for the world. That includes everything God has been to us since the beginning of the existence, what He was to us when He visited earth and what He remains to be: LOVE, PEACE, LIGHT, FORGIVENESS!!!

Wow Angie! I want to thank you so much for your answers. No wonder you have over 32,800 likes on your Anjeza's Facebook Fan Page. I'm already a fan, and I hope you win more fans after reading the woman behind the Performer.

Thanks Joseph. This was a great afternoon. Now I have to leave you for now. I have my Zumba classes in less than an hour. Got to eat something as well. This was fun!

Thanks again, Angie!

Update: Angie signed in with her own profile name. She will be thanking everybody at HP for stopping by. She is prolific and she won't hold back!

Hi from Anjeza

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  • Angie Gega profile image

    Angie Gega 4 years ago

    Thank you everyone!

    Love and blessings!!

    Stand strong, Firm and patient.. God has amazing plans for each one of you!


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    Thanks again Faith!

    Loved your comment, Rubi! Nice to see you again!

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

    This is great and very inspiring..Beautiful...

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

    God bless you, Angie. Yes, it is amazing. In His Love, Faith Reaper

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    Thanks Faith, Much appreciated. You got us on fire tonight!

    Thanks Angie! -- There is not much I can say. Thanks for stopping by.

    Ruchira, you said it so right! There are not too many that survive Hollywood and its glamour. Thanks Ladies!

  • Ruchira profile image

    Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

    Great insight into another beautiful soul keeping her celebrity status aside.

  • Angie Gega profile image

    Angie Gega 4 years ago

    Thank you @Billybuc and THANK YOU @Faith Reaper. So sweet of you to vote, share and comment on it. Your story is so inspiring. God has his plans and I wont compromise for anyone else that is not from Him...Have encountered many..which made me write songs... Have yet to write something about the ONE.. One day!!

    And as far as the poses.. :) Thank you.. My background in, dance and theater allows me to experiment with emotions and poses to bring to life a story, a thought, an emotion, a contradiction, juxtaposition. It is amazing what one can bring to life digging inside one self... I look forward to get to know you better.. Blessings.. xo

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

    Yes, it does translate "On Fire" which in the case of the "En Fuego" concert, means on fire as in the Holy Spirit or on fire for the Lord God!

    Blessings, Faith Reaper

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    Hi Faith. Hope Angie is reading you. Because she likes these things. EnFuego translated On Fire, could bring the radar of entertainment to Los Angeles (the angels). I will tell Angie about you and your love.. true love for God. Thanks for reading!

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

    Really great interview of an interesting woman of God. I love that she understands and knows the character of God, plus when that one does come along, she will be committed to the one man, as well as her plans together with him in this life are wonderful.

    "Terri Alexa" could learn some new poses from Angie! :) Very dramatic and beautiful

    We have a big concert with Christian bands each year here in a big field all day long in Verbena, Alabama, called En Fuego. You can Google it, En Fuego in Verbena. Thousands and thousands of young people and older come to listen and praise God to an awesome variety of Christian bans, rock, etc.

    Voted up +++ and sharing

    God bless, Faith Reaper

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    Thanks Billy. I appreciate your visit!

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I love these interviews...great job once again, my friend.