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Animals On the Farm Revisted

Updated on October 10, 2011


credit given to Web
credit given to Web

Life With the Animals

Was this the way it was when you were a kid in High School? The events that led me to choose my title will become evident to you, as I write. My life was a happy one, until I reached a time when I was assaulted by old "friends", both verbally and emotionally, during my high school years. I will use animals to portray the actors of this story. I hope you will gain something from the following attempt to entertain the reader. The critters in the story portray people, though some exaggeration may have been used in describing the actors and embellishments taken on the events. I tried to portray how things may have appeared to me and what other's behavior can do to harm those who are their intended victims. No harm is intended for any actors in the story. The lives they may have led later as adults may have been quite exemplary, and it should not be held against them, in behaviors seen as children. We were all children and we hopefully grew out of many of the negative behaviors we all were capable of exhibiting.

Back in the day, Jack Jack Rabbit was quite a happy camper most of his time, which was spent taking part in fun activities at the school. These included classes in which time seemed to go by quickly, competition out on the playing field and social events like the prom and animals on parade or "The Critter Roundup",as it was called.. At this event all of the athletic critters in school who had been warriors and competitors for the glory of their school, got awards for their exploits. Mr. Wally Weasel was the coach of the teams at school, the Chattanooga Choo-choo Warriors. He took great pride in his teams and had really made a name for himself in the annals of coaching critters. That first season on the playing field Jack Jack Rabbit was quite the player and helped his team of fellow warriors win several games. When the awards ceremony took place, Jack was looking forward to getting his coveted Letterman Jacket and accolades from all his fellow critters at the school awards meeting. Yes, all was happy and Jack's pride in his accomplishments could be seen on his rabbit face. His whiskers twitched a lot when he was happy. The first year at high school for critters was a big success for Jack Jack Rabbit. At the critter round up, as it was called, and all the other animals were gathered about, Mr. Wally Weasel announced the winners of the awards and Jack's name was mentioned, much to his satisfaction and with his great pride Jack received his Jacket and brand new letter earned in the competitions for his school. The applause was well received by Jack that day. The Chattanooga Choo-choo Warriors were on the way to having a great ball season the coming year. The other furry critters jumped for joy when they heard that they might be in contention for State Honors. They also took pride in the fact that they were all vegetarians, and looked forward to the big banquet that would be held in their honor with all of its veggies and fruits stacked high to the ceiling.

Elemer Elephant and Gary Girraf were friends of Jack and Iggy Iguana and Kilroy Kangaroo were very jealous. Iggy had little short legs and could not keep up with Jack on the ball field. This was embarrassing to him and he did not like Jack. KIlroy Kangaroo hated the fact that Jack sometimes got the attention that was meant for Kilroy, who was considered by the coach as his greatest creation on he ball field. Kilroy vowed that he would get even with Jack for stealing any attention some day. Patty Possum was a cheer leader on their team and seemed to have a lot of pent up aggression for Jack, who reminded her of someone who did not play for the team,but only himself. She took her aggression out on Jack who could not understand it all. Jack did feel that he was a team player and tried his best.

As bad luck would have it, Jack had an injury to his leg and it kept him from playing sports for Wally Weasel and the Chattanooga choo-choo Warriors ball team. Jack Jackrabbit was sad and he went off to the woods to be by himself quite a lot after that. His friends back at school had deserted him now and Elmer Elephant and Gary Giraffe began to make fun of him at school. Of course Iggy Iguana and Kilroy Kangaroo took every opportunity in making Jack's life miserable as much as they could. Kilroy always said that he would make Jack have a bad time when ever he got a chance and he lived up to his word The two tried to harass Jack and make him feel bad quite a lot.They ragged him about not being a big shot among the other animals anymore. Patty Possum showed her aggression just as Jack had predicted, She made several attempts to belittle Jack and talked about him behind the bushes at snack time and a lot at school too.Jack's life at school was becoming very unbearable and stressful for a rabbit to handle back then. He hardly chewed his carrots at home and began to worry his mamma rabbit quite a bit. When Jack began to limp a lot and hurt in his back, Mamma and poppa Rabbit took Jack to the doctor. He saw that poor Jack needed surgery on his back and leg and this was very worrisome to the rabbit family. Surgery was hard on Jack and it took quite a long time for the rabbit to get better. When he did get back to school, he found that everyone who used to be a friend had all but turned their furry backs on him. He now felt as though he was an outcast. No one even wanted to share a piece of celery at snack time.

Jack did keep two buddies and managed to get through high school at Chattanooga okay. It took a good while for him to regain his confidence. The old coach,Wally Weasel, did not help Jack's feelings very much either and would never speak to Jack in the creature hallways after his operation. Jack was hurt by this, but somehow he vowed that he would not let this get him down anymore. He gave his best efforts in his studying at school and at home and passed the work and graduated with ease that final year of school. Jack's team did manage well enough without him and went on to win a championship later. Kilroy Kangaroo was to play in college later and Iggy went on to become successful in business. Jack wondered If they ever thought back on those times and how they had mistreated him. He could not have lived with his own conscience. Maybe they could have. He did try to take the bad with the good times in school and made the most of it all. With strength and determination it helped him put carrots on the table for his family of little rabbits.

Jack Jackrabbit decided to go to college for furry critters and learned that he was just the rabbit to train small bunnies and show them all what he had learned at school as a hard working Rabbit. He became happy once again and soon met the bunny of his dreams and was married. Later he had a family of his own and was soon raising his on little rabbits on their small carrot farm in the country. Jack Jackrabbit had found his calling in life and had overcome many hard obstacles and challenges. He was happy to help others in need, and there could be no greater joy for him.


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