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Animals of Binder Park Zoo: A Photo Gallery

Updated on November 6, 2011

Binder Park Zoo

Binder Park Zoo is one of my favorite places to bring my digital camera and spend a day snapping shots of the amazing animals that call the Zoo home. Binder Park Zoo is located in Battle Creek, Michigan and is home to over 600 animals. The Zoo is set in natural Michigan woodlands on 433 acres of land. Only about 150 acres or so have been developed and much of the land is home to native wildlife. There are countless opportunities for great photography, both of wildlife and the animals on exhibit.

This hub is a gallery of some of my favorite shots that I have captured over the years at Binder Park Zoo.

Wild Africa

The exhibits are designed to give the feel that the visitor is stepping into the natural habitat of the animals that they are viewing. This is especially true about Wild Africa, Binder Park's African exhibit that makes about about half of the zoo. To get to Wild Africa, guests can either take a 5 minute ride on the zebra striped tram or walk a trail through the woods. Once they step off the tram or get off the trail, they are immediately immersed into an authentic looking African Village that overlooks the impressive 17 acre mixed species savannah exhibit that displays at least 10 different species of African animals including ostrich, bontebok, Addra gazelle, zebra, and of course, giraffe. This award winning exhibit is one of the best in the country when it comes to showcasing the beauty of the African savannah.

This one wasn't taken by me, it was a picture from one of the keeper staff that was posted to Binder Park Zoo's Facebook page.
This one wasn't taken by me, it was a picture from one of the keeper staff that was posted to Binder Park Zoo's Facebook page. | Source

Giraffe Feeding Deck

One of the coolest things that you can do at Binder Park Zoo is get up close and personal with a real live 15 foot tall reticulated giraffe. At Twiga (Giraffe in Swahili) Overlook, guests can purchase a piece of Romain lettuce and hand feed one of Binder Park Zoo's giraffe herd. Not only does this present an incredible opportunity for every person that walks through Binder Park Zoo's gates every year, it also helps the Zoo financially support the many conservation programs that it participates in, including giraffe conservation. Many Zoos across the country are developing giraffe feeding programs modeling after Binder Park Zoo's program, but I have yet to come across one that does it as well as they do in Battle Creek.

I am a big advocate of experiences like the giraffe feeding deck at Binder Park Zoo. I strongly believe that creating a personal connection to nature in children and even adults is the way to spark change in the world. Animals like giraffe, snow leopards, zebra, and countless others need our help to conserve the planet that we all share and the first step in the process is to create that personal connection to nature. Once an individual realizes that they can make a difference and be a part of conserving a species as beautiful as the reticulated giraffe, it changes the way that they live their lives. Each person that experiences this change in thinking will then go on to influences others. Each day, I hope that there is one person that walks away from Twiga Overlook asking themselves "What can I do to help animals so that my kids can experience what I just did?"

African Aviary

One of the coolest places at Binder Park (other than Twiga of course) is the African Walk-Through Aviary. Guests can walk through this enclosure and see dozens of colorful African birds darting in and out of trees and bushes, building nests, and snacking on seeds at the feeders. It's one of my favorite spots to sit and take pictures and I'm proud of a few of these shots (mostly because they took so long to finally get!).

How You Can Help Binder Park Zoo

Visit Binder Park Zoo: If you are ever near Battle Creek, Michigan, go see for yourself what an incredible place the Zoo is. Make sure to bring your camera!

Support Your Local Zoo: By visiting your local zoo, you are support conservation of species that Binder Park Zoo is also trying to conserve and protect.

Donate to Binder Park Zoo: Visit to find out more about how to support this awesome zoo.


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    • PBody5205 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for your story. Most zoos do not allow you to bring pets through the entrance. I know the policy at Binder Park is only to allow seeing eye dogs into the zoo.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      7 years ago from Cape Cod

      This is a fabulous hub. Excellent work.

      I myself am slightly afraid to go to the Zoo because of an encounter with a Buffalo more than 40 years ago. My dog Babe and I were hiking in a park/zoo in Attleboro, Massachusetts, a couple miles North of Providence Rhode Island.

      Being more human than dog, Babe, a 20 lb. whippet mix, did not bother the zoo's creatures - but some of them took a dislike to her.

      As we walked a narrow path between a cement block building on one side, and the chain-link fenced animal area on the other side; a massive male buffalo charged us full speed.

      Babe jumped up into my arms. I stood frozen watching the creature as he blasted headfirst into the wall of wire. The chain-link fence bubbled out as if rocked by a bomb as it strained to keep back the brown fury. The force of the charge twisted the rusted metal into a mask, permanently shaping it into a mimic of that huge buffalo.

      The animal suffered no ill effects, nor did I or Babe. But, if I had been two inches closer to the fence, I would have been punted into eternity. So Pbody, I love your hub and thanks to your photo tour, I won't have to go in person. Still don't like to get near those animal enclosures.


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