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Animated Movies to Watch When You're Bored or Having a Bad Day

Updated on August 18, 2020
Ivaa profile image

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

When I'm having a bad day and the universe is testing my patience in every possible way, I blow off some steam with either of the following. First is a book. It's the best healer, a wonderful distraction, a way to travel without leaving the house. Second is a good animation. Animations have an ironic quality of being authentic as well as gratifying to the inner child. Each emotion delineated is like a graceful,well-written book or even a song.
So if you're not the one who reads, here's a list of animations that will cheer you up on a drab day. Pick some good wine and any one of these movies.

0. Up


Up is one of those downright adorable animated movies of Disney that quite frankly is different from their most movies. A seventy-eight-year-old man takes an adventure after the demise of his wife when everything gets monotonous. He unintentionally takes his neighborhood scout along. The two make a lovable and funny pair.

1. L'illusionniste/ The Illusionist

The Illusionist 2010
The Illusionist 2010

A beautiful French-Scottish animation encompassing a magician that finds himself out of work and demand as new age performers take center stage. He then moves to Scotland where he meets a young girl that is thoroughly amused by his tricks. Never having left home, she decides to leave with the magician that changes both their lives.

2. Spirited Away


A true Studio Ghibli gem, spirited away is about a girl that moves to the suburb with her family where Gods and witches reside. On wandering, the family stumbles upon food and after a few minutes of eating, the parents start turning into pigs. The girl frantically runs around for help only to get deeper into a world of spirits. An adventurous classic. It won the Academy award for best animated movie

3. My Neighbor Totoro


I can never get enough of Studio Ghibli movies for one significant reason, the power of their animations to foster imagination. It's every child's paradise and every grown-up's saccharine nostalgia of a simpler time. Based on sisters that meet a droll spirit after moving to the countryside, this animation is Ghibli's very first movie. You will love its traditional animation style. Although released in 1988, it's still a veritable masterpiece

4. Mary and Max


There's something batty yet beautiful about long-distance relationships, the quiddity of which, is satisfyingly captured in this movie. Mary and Max are two lonely people in different continents that become pen pals. The movie is about their unlikely and fascinating relationship. The realistic nature of the movie is oddly delightful. I leave it on you to watch this one and truly enjoy the story

5. Toki o kakeru shôjo/ The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


A girl who acquires the power to time travel after a strange incident at school chooses it to get out of awkward situations and to correct her petty bearings in the timeline. The story unfolds beautifully and is a complete entertainment package. If you like romantic comedies, then start here.

6. The Red Turtle


Some might find the allusive nature of this film a bit unsettling perhaps, but overall the animation is true genius. This mute french animated movie is simple and that's what makes it wonderful. One has to watch it fully to fall in love with the elegant and admirable animation. A man is stranded on a strange island where his escape is constantly interrupted by a gigantic red turtle. After the man decides to deal with it with vengeance, aberrant happenings change his life forever

7. Persepolis


Made on comics by Marjane Satrapi, this one's a biopic, based on the life of Marjane growing up during Iranian revolution. The animation is very close to the comics to keep it's essence alive. The struggle of being an open, candid person in a conservative society and the bearings of such a culture on a young Marjane will make you think of the things we forget to cherish each day. The movie was a winner at the 2007 Cannes film festival

8. Amhrán na Mara / Song Of The Sea


Song of the Sea is a creation of Tomm Moore, director of The Secret of Kells, another brilliant animated movie. This one is hand-drawn and thus has a special place in my heart. The story follows a girl named Saoirse who is a selkie (Irish mythological creatures that transform into seals) on a voyage to save the spirit world.

9. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox


When Barry Allen, The Flash, goes back to the past and alters the timeline in order to bring his mother back, it has adverse effects on others lives and causes disturbances in the timeline only to create a world where the justice league doesn't exist. If the Flash doesn't fix this with the help of Batman his memories of the life he once knew will fade. This movie is action packed and a has a gripping story line. My all time favorite movie.

10. How To Train Your Dragon


I'm sure you've already watched this one, but for those who haven't, go ahead and watch this flawless, animated movie based on a dragon named Toothless who you will instantly fall in love with. This one is also an adaptation of a children's book by Cressida Cowell. It never fails to entertain no matter how many times you watch it.

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  • FlourishAnyway profile image


    13 months ago from USA

    I hadn't heard of most of these. I like your perspective. Sometimes all a person wants to do is lay in bed or sit on the couch and take it easy. For a long spell.

  • profile image


    22 months ago

    Yes, animations are the Best! I've seen Up recently and instantly fell in love with it. The elderly couple touched my heart! I loved the chemistry between the child and the man.

    How to Train Your Dragon is another fav of mine.

  • Andrew Patrick profile image

    Andrew Patrick 

    3 years ago

    I'm glad to find out that there are people out there who think the way I do:)


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