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Animation Domination: Scientifically Accurate

Updated on March 5, 2015


On YouTube the show Animation Domination High-Def included various segment called Scientifically Accurate. Basically, various cartoons or kids' shows were used as subjects of songs that dealt with how different characters would function in the real world. For Animation Domination High-Def, the scientifically accurate aspects of characters involved acknowledging and revealing the not so family-friendly aspects about certain animated characters. It was disgusting, it revealed facts about certain characters that made watching them somewhat awkward, and it made various friendships questionable when it came to characters who would have eaten each other in real life. For cartoons that took place in prehistoric times, characters that were shown to be civilized were actually very primitive and did primitive things in a real life setting. In cartoons where the cast was made out of sea creatures, turned out certain friendships would not work in the real world because one friend would have been eaten by the other friend. Even a short dealing with Barney & Friends dealt with the fact that Barney was a carnivorous Tyrannosaurus-Rex, which meant that the humans and fellow dinosaur friends would either been killed or eaten by Barney. There was also gags in all of the shorts where the singer talked about the sexual aspects of certain characters. Other cartoons that were talked about were The Flintstones and Spongebob Squarepants, which dealt with either shorter lifespans, cannibalism, or the idea of characters doing things that would give children nightmares. Animaton Domination High Def made Scientifically Accurate realistically disgusting, but it was hilariously disgusting.

This was not an accurate representation of prehistoric life. Like anybody was surprised by that statement.
This was not an accurate representation of prehistoric life. Like anybody was surprised by that statement. | Source

The Flintstones

The life of The Flintstones was not an accurate representation of the life of prehistoric humans. Nobody would really argue with that. Unfortunately, Scientifically Accurate talked about some aspects about early human life, and viewers most likely wished the original cartoon was the life early humans lived. Technically, the Flintstones would be classified as Homo Erectus, a more primitive ancestor to humans who were not as developed as Homo Sapien, or modern humans. One of the more negative aspects about The Flintstones was the fact that their lifespan would be significantly shorter compared to modern humans. In this case Fred Flintstone would have died by the time he was thirty. But there were other, less depressing realistic lifestyles of a caveman Fred Flintstone would have experienced. One thing was that monogamy would not have been as important in prehistoric life as it was today, and Scientific Accurate emphasized this fact by showing Fred Flintstone having implied sex with another male caveman, who most likely was Barney Rubble. There was even a scene that explained the reason why humans were one of the must well-hung primates, mostly by showing Wilma Flintstone deciding to mate with the most well-hung male among a group of males. Then it got freaky by showing that due to fossilized skulls of younger cavemen, older cavemen most likely committed acts of cannibalism by eating the brains of dead cavemen youngsters. This short then ended with the statement that since cavemen were alive after the extinction of dinosaurs, Dino, the pet dinosaur of the Flintstones, was most likely a dead fossil in the ground.

Spoilers: two of these characters could eat the other two characters.
Spoilers: two of these characters could eat the other two characters. | Source

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants was a cartoon where it took place underwater. Most of its characters were sea creatures and they all got along with each other, more or less. Of course, this being a cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants took some artistic liberties about how underwater life was portrayed. Scientifically Accurate decided to reveal the aspects about underwater life that Spongebob Squarepants decided to leave out in its production. First and foremost was the use f a Somali pirate rather than a fictional pirate to sing the spongebob Squarepants theme song. One aspect about Spongebob that Scientifically Accurate revealed to viewers was that sponges were immobile for the entirety of both day and night. Also, Spongebob would really be classified as a hermaphrodite, there would be a total lack of organs, and that it procreated by shooting sperm out into the sea. Basically things that a children's network would most likely not show on a cartoon meant for little children. Interesting fact; Bikini Bottom, the town where Spongebob Squarepants took place, was actually under the Bikini Atoll, which had nuclear test conducted by humans. Which meant that Scientifically Accurate had to say that this show featured characters who were the victims of radiation. Which meant that the entire cast were essentially mutants. Also, some of the characters were shown to eat some of the other characters. For example, Squidward would have eaten Mr. Krabs because an octopus would have considered a crab a potential meal in the real world. Also, Patrick Star wold have also considered Spongebob a potential meal, which meant that two characters would have been considered murderers. Basically certain friendships in Spongebob Squarepants would not work in real life and a lot of characters would have either been eaten.

Spoilers: three characters would have been considered food for one of them.
Spoilers: three characters would have been considered food for one of them. | Source

Barney & Friends

In my article Top Four Fictional Depictions of Tyrannosaurus-Rex I talked about how Barney & Friends was a show that tried to make a Tyrannosaurus-Rex all cute and cuddly. I also talked about how other sources of media have mocked and joked about Barney's overly friendly nature. Scientifically Accurate decided to analyze a Tyrannosaurus-Rex like Barney would have behaved in real life. Mostly be emphasizing how stupid one would be to let little kids around a Tyrannosaurus-Rex. First and foremost was showing that Barney would be a giant bipedal reptile with claws that were specifically made to rip prey's flesh for consumption. Also, a dead cow dropped onto some schoolchildren to show that this Barney was not a friendly dinosaur. Additionally, the singer pointed out that Barney, as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, had a septic bite. This meant that if Barney as a real Tyrannosaurus-Rex bit someone, that person would still suffer fatal consequences due to infection. Also, if the parents of the kids from Barney & Friends still sent their kids to Barney even if he was portrayed realistically, they should get in some serious trouble by Child Protective Services. Also, Barney would have possessed jaws that could have broken a lot of things that got caught in them. Other than its ferocity, Barney portrayed realistically would have been too large to do things like TV Barney, like driving a train. Also Barney most likely would have eaten all of the other dinosaurs that appeared alongside him in Barney & Friends. Also, apparently a Tyrannosaurus-Rex would have possessed giant reproductive organs if it were alive, according to scientists. Barney would have been an awesome predator if he was portrayed accurately.

The source for all of these wonderful shorts.
The source for all of these wonderful shorts. | Source

The Truth is Weird

Sometimes reality made cartoons seem more depressing when shown with real world implications. Scientifically Accurate was a collection of shorts that examined how different cartoons or shows would portray its characters in a more realistic setting. For instance, The Flintstones as a sitcom would not have been exactly the same in the real prehistoric times because marriage as an institution was not invented, thus monogamous family units would not have existed. Spongebob Squarepants would have been radically different as well in that most of the friendships in this series would have ended with a character becoming another character's food. Barney & Friends would have been different in a realistic setting because a lot of people would most likely get eaten.


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