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Anime Movie Review: Your Name (2016)

Updated on July 26, 2018
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

Your Name Limited Edition USA blu--ray cover.
Your Name Limited Edition USA blu--ray cover. | Source

Quick Info:

Director: Makoto Shinkai
Distributor: Funimation Entertainment
Runtime: 107 minutes
Availability: On DVD and blu-Ray, buy digital download on Sony PSN store,, and iTunes

Story Summary:

Mitsuha and Taki are two Japanese high school students who suddenly wake up in each other’s bodies. Taki is a teenage boy from Tokyo while Mitsuha is a teenage girl from a small town. Now they have to do their best living each other’s lives when they randomly switch, but fate may keep them apart in ways they couldn’t imagine.

"Nothing more or less than a breathtaking view."
"Nothing more or less than a breathtaking view." | Source

The Story Is Beautiful!

The story of Your Name is beautiful, and no I’m not just talking about the animation, although I’ll be gushing over that in its own section. What makes Your Name memorable is that it uses the very common trope of Freaky Friday as the premise for the romance. While body-switching happens a lot in stories, it’s usually not used in a romance story, which makes it different than a lot of romance stories.

The story is entertaining, well-written and very endearing. I love that they made the characters very likable and relatable. It’s a very sweet and endearing story that is very entertaining. is very entertaining. The film is very enjoyable and unique when you compare it to other romance stories

I love the humor and the character writing. It makes Taki and Mitsuha very relatable and interesting characters. I like their personality quirks and how they are very different from each other.

The writing for the other characters is also excellent and gives the supporting cast a lot of personality and I enjoyed that.

Your Name. -- Official English Dub Trailer

The Animation Is Gorgeous and Breathtaking!

The animation for this film is amazing, not just because of how fluid it is. The art style is so nice to look at. It looks like a painting in many of the landscape backgrounds.

The art is just breathtaking and you’re going to just enjoy the scenery. The animation itself is also very fluid and it’s just amazing to look at.

The character design is rather normal when it comes to anime but they still look nice.

What’s amazing about this anime film is that every single frame can be used as a desktop PC or smartphone wallpaper background. It looks amazing and you’ll be drawn in by not just the stories, but the visuals as well.

Audio And Subtitles:

English (Reviewed) (Available on Blu-Ray/DVD, Rental from Amazon, iTunes, Sony PSN etc)
English (Available on Blu-Ray/DVD, Rental from Amazon, iTunes, Sony PSN etc)
Japanese (Available on the platforms listed above)

The English Dub is Fantastic!

Since this film one of the best anime films in recent years, the English dub had a lot riding on it, because fans and critics the world over love the original Japanese dub, the English cast had to bring their A-game. And NYAV Post did a fantastic job with this English dub.

This English dub was just amazing. I love the English dub for this movie. It’s not that the Japanese dub is bad or anything, it’s a dub that a lot of critics loved, but I want to talk about the English dub because a lot of other critics don’t really talk about it.

Michael Sinterniklaas is fantastic as Taki Tachibana. He did a fantastic job voicing his character. He’s very entertaining and it’s very funny seeing him portraying Mitsuha Miyamizu in his body when he has to portray his character as feminine while still using his same voice.

Stephanie Sheh was also great as Mitsuha Miyamizu. I have always loved her work ever since I first heard her in Bleach 10 years ago. I haven’t always kept up with everything she’s in, but I always love her voice acting. She really brought life and personality to her character and she was fantastic in this movie.

Laura Post did a great job as Miki Okudera. She was great and I really liked her personality and she made her character memorable. I liked Laura Post’s voice acting and she was a nice choice for the character.

Glynis Ells did a great job as Hitoha Miyamizu. I loved her work in this anime film. I loved her work in this film. She was fantastic and she performed a lot of the exposition dialogue that was important to the plot and she did it perfectly. I really loved her performance.

Catie Harvey did a great job voicing Yotsuha Miyamizu. Her character is hilarious and keeps me entertained because she has to deal with all the body-switching weirdness without knowing what the audience knows is happening. Her character is hilarious and entertaining.

The English dub is fantastic and you’ll enjoy it if you like to listen to the English dubs. If you like Japanese dubs you should enjoy those too.

No matter what your audio preference is, you should enjoy Your Name no matter what language you pick.

If you are trying to purchase the movie digitally, make sure you pick either English dub or make sure you pick either Japanese with English subtitles if you want the original audio.

Dream Lantern (English Version)

The Music is Amazing!

I loved the soundtrack of this film. It is outstanding. The band RADWIMPS did an outstanding job for this soundtrack. The music is fantastic, and not just the songs inserted into the movie, but the musical pieces in this film as well.

One thing I was impressed by was that Yojiro Noda, the lead singer for RADWINPS recorded English lyrics for the Your Name soundtrack because he is fluent in English and Japanese. He didn’t have to do this, but he did it for the English speaking audience for the English dub so that audiences could understand the song without looking at subtitles on the bottom of the screen during the movie.

The soundtrack compliments the animation of Your Name flawlessly. The visuals combined with the soundtrack make this anime film an amazing experience.

I love all the songs and they’re amazing. The soundtrack for this film is available on U.S. iTunes for purchase and it’s well worth buying, especially if you love the music. If you buy the limited edition of the blu-ray the soundtrack is included on disc.

Mitsuha writing a message for Taki when he's in her body.
Mitsuha writing a message for Taki when he's in her body. | Source

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This Film Is Special If You’ve Seen The Garden Of Words:

Your Name has cameos from the main characters of Makoto Shinkai’s previous film The Garden Of Words (2013) and while this may just seem like a nice cameo, when you consider what happens in the story of Your Name it makes an impact on the characters in The Garden Of Words, Yukari Yukino and Takao Akizuki.

I think it’s really neat that he had them cameo in the movie when he certainly didn’t have to put them in the film at all. I do think it’s really neat that he created a shared universe for some of the characters in his films.

Mitsuha and Taki.
Mitsuha and Taki. | Source

You Will Need To Pay Attention:

You will need to pay attention to many conversations in this film because of the Japanese culture that is integral to the plot. If you don’t know a lot about Japanese culture or you’re not an anime fan, a lot of it will seem strange and different, but you do need to pay attention because a lot of plot points have to do with Japanese culture.

You don’t have to know a lot about Japanese culture going into this film, but it does help if you’ve watched anime and know at least a little bit about some of the cultural aspects of the film, but they do a very good job explaining a lot of the colure to you, but you do have to listen to what the characters are saying to understand certain aspects of the movie.

There Is A Great Deal Of Plot Convenience In This Film:

There’s quite a bit of plot convenience in this film. It doesn’t seem obvious at first but there are subtle occurrences in the story that only happen because of the plot.

It isn’t blatantly obvious at first like in some other stories, but there is definitely a quite a bit of plot convenience in Your Name. It might not bother everyone, but if you really hate plot convenience you won’t like this film.

The Middle Of The Film Drags:

While I do love this film a lot, Your Name does have some slow pacing in the middle. It slows down for the plot twist and it does feel like it drags. I do feel that it does slow down the pacing, and I don’t know if everyone will like the pacing of the film because of it.

This film is stunning and amazing.
This film is stunning and amazing. | Source

I Love This Film!

Your Name is a stunning and amazing film, not necessarily the best anime film ever, but it is a wonderful experience if you like watching anime movies or movies in general. If you love watching romance films and you don’t want another cliché romance you will want to see Your Name.

It has a great story, good characters, they might not be deep, but I do enjoy their character writing and the twists and turns of the lot and how the characters were connected to each other despite having never met before.

It also handled the tonal shift from comedic to serious very well and it’s one of the aspects that made it interesting to watch.

It’s a wonderful movie and yes, it is overhyped by anime fans, and it’s understandable because I’ve spent this entire review talking about all the things I loved about this film.

Just go and give it a try, whether you borrow it from the library, rent it or blind buy it, it should at least entertain you for a little while.

Final Grade: A+:

Your Name has a lot of hype behind it, and it earned that by being both a heartfelt story and an animation spectacle. It’s not a perfect story, but it is enjoyable.

The writing, the animation, the voice acting, the soundtrack, all these things come together to make it an unforgettable experience. People who aren’t really into romance might not like it, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Even though I can recommend this as a blind buy, I will suggest you try to rent it digitally, just make sure you pick the audio that you prefer for sub or dub and give it a try.

All this hype might elevate your expectations, so just go in expecting a good romance film and just sit back and enjoy. Your Name is a wonderful and memorable experience that you can enjoy whether you’re an anime fan or not. I highly recommend having it in your movie collection.

My Rating:

5 stars for Anime Movie Review: Your Name (2016)

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