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Anime Review 15: Burst Angel, Scrapped Princess, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Updated on July 9, 2011

Burst Angel

Burst Angel

What I liked about this show was it seems to be all about girl power. The main viewpoint character, Kyouhei Tachibana (who I nicknamed Shinji), the only good male character I saw, is an aspiring pastry chef who was hired to cook nutritious meals for a group of girls who fight against giant robots and criminal masterminds. The story is a riveting, action-packed drama that centers around the hapless young cook getting caught up in the strange and secretive world these girls are a part of.

Of course, this being anime, they all live together in a huge armored RV-like thing with a decisive lack of parents. However, with this much intense action in the show, I believe that the lack of adults (other than Sei) was probably a good thing. Also, the stereotypical anime setup worked well here because the girls were a lot more free to face challenges and overcome problems on their own. Amy in particular seemed very mature and quite capable of holding her own against any number of men brandishing firearms or mechs.

The show had an interesting take on the "gun control" issue. It's obvious to me that the creator is pro-gun control, as evidenced by their depiction of a world gone mad caused by everyone being armed.

I really enjoyed this show but there are, as I see it, 3 main problems (3 may not be depending on how you choose to see it):

1) The CG fight scenes were actually the least interesting part of the show.

2) Meg really just seems to exist to get kidnapped. This gets annoying after a while.

3) The girls' skimpy outfits, in my opinion, are unnecessary and this series would be good even if they gave them more modest clothing. This just seemed like the creator's attempt at pandering to horny teenage boys or something. The characters are interesting enough, cool enough, and strong enough, that they need not be dressed like they just jumped out of a cake.

Other than that, I really liked watching this show and felt particularly intrigued by the 5th episode, which made me want to see more. In it, Meg infiltrates a rich girl's boarding school that seems to be hiding a dark and frightening secret. This show is extremely imaginative, exotic, unique (ok other than that Amy, Meg, and Kyouhei resemble Rei, Asuka, and Shinji from Evangelion slightly), and full of interesting plot twists. This is a must-see especially for fans of action, crime, and low-tech sci-fi anime.

Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess is a charming fantasy adventure centered around the life of a princess named Pacifia. At birth, it was foretold by prophets that she would be "the poison that will destroy the world." It was ordered that she be destroyed, and a knight hesitantly threw the infant princess over a cliff, an act which left a permanent stain on his conscience for the rest of his life, and led him to give up knighthood in favor of being a simple healer.

Pacifia survived, and travels the land now at age 15 with her older brother and sister who protect her. Pacifia lives a life of hardship for a princess, always being on the run from priests and zealous followers of Mauser, a religious authority who believes it is her destiny to destroy the world unless they hunt her down. At the same time, Pacifia just wants to be normal and make friends, and you really feel sorry for her because she's such a good person.

Scrapped Princess has a sort of simplistic story, but is an excellent anime for fans of fantasy, and had a good mix of humor, cuteness, and exciting chases and fights that make for a good story.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

This show was a mixed bag for me. Based on the first two episodes, I wanted to omit this from the list altogether because it was that bad, but it got more interesting from episodes 3-5. It's a slow-paced anime, sometimes the lines seem to be delivered a little stiffly and unnaturally. There isn't a lot in terms of showy or dramatic animation effects. I also felt it didn't have any strong female characters I could relate to, or any characters I could relate to, for that matter. However, I would say this long, epic soap opera-like story is at least as good as original Star Trek. I suppose I shouldn't judge something harshly just because it's old. For anyone other than the dedicated anime fans, I would not recommend it, but I definitely would for anyone interested in older anime or in the history of their favorite anime genres.


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    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 6 years ago from Illinois

      Troy stop commenting drunk...

      Anyway, we all know your tastes are more in line with the vaguely homo-erotic subtext vibe I got from Legend of the Galactic Heroes. So try that.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      As a horny teenaged boy, I found Burst Angel very boring. The combat didn't make any sense, and the costumes' skimpiness was overwhelmed by their silliness.

      0 / 5 could not fap

      Didn't watch the other two cause I was busy fapping to live-action porn and telling IRC how much better it was.