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Anime Review: B: The Beginning Season 1 (2018)

Updated on January 14, 2019
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing videogames.


Quick Summary:

Directors: Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa
Distributor: Netflix
Date: March 2, 2018
Runtime: 300 minutes
Availability: Streaming worldwide exclusively on Netflix

Story Summary:

On the small Island nation of Cremona, a mysterious serial killer who only targets criminals, known as Killer B is active. The Royal Investigation Service or R.I.S. is tasked with tracking him down. They begin a string of mysterious crime sprees that lead to a government conspiracy and supernatural beings.

I Love this Anime:

B: The Beginning is an interesting story because it’s a police procedural, and yes, anime does have some stories like those, but they’re always futuristic science fiction or cyberpunk. They usually don’t have police procedurals in a normal setting. Although this anime does have science fiction elements, no one on the police force has any supernatural powers.

The story takes an interesting turn with the supernatural elements and I love seeing how normal people react when they are pulled into something way over their heads.

This anime has all the wonderful elements that I love about anime without being too much for newcomers to the genre where some knowledge of anime or Japanese culture is required.


The characters are fun and interesting and kept me Watching:

The characters of B: The Beginning is what makes the anime so much fun. They may not all be developed, but they are entertaining. The main cast does get more development because they are important to the plot.

The side characters are still extremely important because they all play an important role in the story.

I love the characters in the anime and they all have interesting things about them. Lil;y Hoshina is a great character. She’s smart and has a great personality. Her team dynamic with Keith Flick is really entertaining.

I really like Keith Flick. He’s the stereotypical genius in the story, but what makes him so interesting is just how important he is to the story. But I won’t spoil that for you, you’ll have to watch on Netflix for yourself.

Koku is also an interesting character, his motivations are intriguing and he’s also a great character, but there are too many spoilers so I won’t tell you.

All the characters are interesting and it’s worth a watch to see them. Unfortunately, not all of them got development.

B: The Beginning Trailer:

The Animation Is Amazing!

The anime looks really good. The character designs are nice and the animation is fluid. The animation does seem to dip in the later episodes, but it still looks amazing. This might not be Production I.G.’s best anime work, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

The fight scenes are where this anime really stands out because if this was just a normal fight between normal people, they can look really good. What makes supernatural fights so interesting is the usage of supernatural powers and when it comes to characters with wings, it is hard to make those sorts of fights interesting, but this anime does it really well.

The CGI is a little weird, but it’s mainly reserved for vehicles, which seems to be how animators in Japan tend to use CGI unless the anime is animated completely using CGI.

Overall, I really loved the anime, but not just because it looks nice, but it is something that I enjoyed in all aspects.

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Audion and Subtitles:

English (Reviewed)
Japanese (Audio description)

I love the English dub for this anime. Netflix Original Anime kind of varies on how good their dubs are, depending on which studio they get to dub the anime. They can be fantastic or just okay.

Faye Mata is fantastic as Lily Hoshina. She gave her character a bright personality and she was perfect for this character. I haven’t heard a lot of voice acting work by her, but I really enjoyed her performance in this anime.

Ray Chase is fantastic as Keith Flick. He gives his character the voice of a seasoned detective and he did such a great job in this anime. I loved his work in this anime, and I really enjoyed the character of Keith a lot.

Kyle McCarley is great as Koku. I always loved his work ever since he made his English dubbing debut in Durarara!! X2. He’s always been great and I loved his work in this anime. I don’t want to spoil anything about Koku as a character, but he was amazing in this dub.

Brianna Knickerbocker was great as Yuna but I can't really talk about her character because of spoilers, but she gave an excellent vocal performance.

John DeMitae is so good as Gilbert Ross. He reminds me of Alex Organ voicing Shogo Makishima in Psycho-Pass. His performance was great, but I won’t spoil anything about the character, because I’d ruin spoilers for the series and you should just watch it on Netflix to find out why he’s so interesting.

Doug Stone is hilarious as Boris Meier. He was great, and he made me crack up laughing at midnight. His voice acting was great and his character was good.

Allegra Clark was also great as Kaela Yoshinaga. I like her vocal performance and she did a great job. She was great and made me laugh.

Johnny Yong Bosch is wonderfully evil as Minatsuki. He was great and I kind of like him playing evil characters because he’s been cast in so many hero roles it’s nice to see him doing something different. He did a great job in this role too.

Ben Diskin is fantastic as Kamui. He was a wonderfully delicious villain and he made the series a lot of fun to watch, even if he wasn’t the main villain. He was great in this role and I really enjoyed him.

The entire cast is great and that people are saying they prefer the English over the Japanese is a nice surprise. The dub was just so good, not my favorite English dub, but everything about this dub was fantastic.


The Music is Good Too:

Yoshihiro Ike’s music is fantastic. It fits the anime very well and I really enjoyed the music. I really enjoyed the soundtrack and it was very well done.

The mini opening is "Split B" by Yoshihiro Ike.

The opening theme, which actually plays during the credits, is "The Perfect World" by Marty Friedman and KenKen.

The B: The Beginning Image Album is available on iTunes.

I Love the Mystery in this Story:

I love the mystery aspect of this anime. It starts out like a police procedural but transforms into a supernatural mystery. I also love how these are normal law enforcement officers that end up in the middle of a supernatural conspiracy because usually in most of these kinds of stories, there’s someone on the force who has some kind of superpower or it’s a futuristic setting where there’s high tech. This story is just normal people getting pulled into something abnormal, and that’s why I love it!

The Fast Pacing after the First Four Episodes is Crazy:

B: The Beginning has a ridiculously fast pace. It just dives right in and puts the pedal down to the floor from the first episode. A lot of anime fans are complaining that they tried to do too much in 12 episodes, but I enjoyed it.

It does seem to be like they’re trying to cram so much into the story in 12 episode, but it’s not too hard to follow if you pay attention.

It is a really fast-paced anime, some people might not like how fast the pacing is, but I really enjoyed it. It kept me wanting to watch the next episode. I binge watched nine episodes in one sitting and finished it later.


Not All the Characters Get Development:

The character development doesn’t seem to be evenly spread among the cast. The main characters get a lot more development than the supporting cast, heroes and villains alike. Some of it is shown rather than told, but it all depends on how you interpret the story.

Not all the villains get development, but they are interesting. They’re fun villains, but they are cannon fodder for Killer B.

The Ending is a Cliffhanger:

The ending of this anime is a cliffhanger. It is very clear that Netflix is hoping for high ratings for multiple seasons. They clearly have an overarching story, but they didn’t have time to tell it in just 12 episodes.

But I haven’t heard a thing about Netflix paying for more seasons, but I’m sure they’ll announce if they pay for another season. It depends on how many people watch the anime on Netflix.

My Favorite Anime of 2018:

This is one of my favorite anime I’ve seen this year, and I’ve had a lot of fun new anime to watch this year. But B: The Beginning is some of the most fun I’ve had all year when it comes to viewing anime.

I loved this anime; it kept me watching to see what would happen next and had an interesting story that made me happy as a fan of science fiction.

Everything about this anime kept my attention and was exciting and well done. It may not be perfect, but I do enjoy it a lot and I think that it’s my favorite anime of 2018, and that’s saying a lot because there are still a lot of anime coming out this year that will be fun.

Quick Summary:

What Works:
What Doesn't Work:
Great story, world-bulding
Fast pacing
The mystery was very intriguing
It can be confusing if you don't pay attention
Great characters
Ended on a cliffhanger
Amazing animation
Not all characters get enough development
Great English dub

My Grade: A+:

B: The Beginning is a mystery anime that hit all the right notes for me. It had action, mystery, drama, an intriguing plot and fantastic characters. I loved the cleverness of Keith and Lilly’s smart intelligence and cheerful personality.

I loved the animation, the voice cast, and the intriguing science fiction elements. It wasn’t perfect but I had a blast watching the anime on Netflix. If you really enjoy science fiction and want a different take on police procedurals then you should watch B: The Beginning.

This is my favorite new anime this year and even though it’s not perfect, it’s still a lot of fun and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a “Netflix Original” anime to watch. And this isn’t just that they’ve licensed anime made in Japan, this anime was specifically made for Netflix.

I’m hoping that the ratings will be good enough that Netflix will order multiple seasons of it. I can only hope. Please don’t use illegal sites to watch this anime, sure you’re getting it “free” but Netflix won’t know if you’re interested because they won’t see that you’re a viewer. Netflix does look at their show ratings for their streaming so if you want more please watch on Netflix.

It is my favorite anime this year and I hope there will be more, especially since the final episode had a stinger that is clearly setting up for another season. It’s one of the best Netflix Original produced anime on the site and I really loved it.

B: The Beginning has been renewed for a second season by Netflix!

My Rating:

5 stars for )Anime: B: The Beginning (2018)

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