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Anime Review: Usagi Drop

Updated on January 25, 2014
Fan art from
Fan art from


The story follows the 30-year-old Daikichi who is attending his grandfather's funeral where everyone is shocked to find out that he had an illegitimate daughter with his maid. The mother in question is no where to be found and all that remains is the 6-year-old Rin. At the funeral, right in front of the little girl, Daikichi's family squabbles over who should take her in and if they even should. This enrages Daikichi who can't believe how is own family, even his mother, is acting and steps up to say that he will raise Rin himself.

Rin quickly warms up to Daikichi (who greatly resembles his grandfather) and the two start living together. Daikichi himself is single and works fairly late hours at his office. Everything around him from his work, to family, and his lack of knowledge on raising children all suddenly become obstacles to him raising Rin, but he had made up his mind and their was no backing down from the path he had chosen.

Rin when Daikichi first meets her.
Rin when Daikichi first meets her.

The series then follows the everyday lives of Rin and Daikichi and the various things he learns on raising a young girl. These seemingly mundane events are incredibly endearing to watch as you see these two become closer and closer.

The anime even touches upon what it really means to be a good parent. That not only do you provide for your child, you also sacrifice things important to you to make their lives even better. Before this I had not seen an anime touch deeply on this subject but I do not wish to spoil any of the plot points of this show covering this so watch for yourself to see what I mean.


Usagi Drop has two different styles it uses for its animation and switches between the two from time to time. First is your typical anime style that is used the majority of the time. Clean, crisp colors with faint character outlines. And occasionally using less detail for faces with simply lines drawn on for comedic effect (refer to the picture below to see what I mean).

Then their is a second style used during serious moments or times of greater understanding which I can only describe as a water color painting. Typical animation is gone and the background will become a splash of water colors vaguely looking like what the background should be.

This switch in style helps define the series even more. It fits well with the slow pacing and gives it so much more beauty than it already has.

Water Color Example
Water Color Example


Usagi Drop is an anime I can easily recommend. It is very different and draws you in so quickly with the relationship between Rin and Daikichi that it is astounding. In fact I watched it all in single sitting I was so enthralled. The pacing is a bit slow but I think you would be surprised at how despite that it will keep you wanting more and more.

The anime stops before a time skip in the manga. Their is no finality to the series as it is simply about Daikichi and Rin living their lives so that is very fitting. If you want to know more after the anime is over, you can simply pick the manga up from where the anime leaves off at chapter 25 (the start of volume 5).

The series does change dramatically after the time skip however. As it now focuses on the 16-year-old Rin and her life. The manga also takes some turns i did not quite agree with but it was still an enjoyable read none the less.

Both the anime and manga have been released in America.


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    • kotobukijake profile image


      4 years ago

      I myself just recently finished watching this series, and it strongly helped inspire my recent post on anime to recommend to people who are not exactly anime fans. Indeed, I consider Bunny Drop the best family anime not released by Studio Ghibli (albeit more along the lines of Only Yesterday or From up on Poppy Hill than Spirited Away or Kiki's Delivery Service). It is truly a delightful , heartwarming series unlike any other I've seen. Between this and my curiosity over certain comments I've read about the manga, I also was inspired to read what is now only the fourth manga series I've completed; I agree that it is a well-written manga (the first part of which was adapted with surprising faithfulness into the anime), but that the ending sits uneasily. That said, I have to admit I'd kind of like to see the second part animated, and I will certainly get it if it also gets an American release. Nice post, and I hope you help turn some folks on to this awesome show.

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image


      4 years ago

      can't say I've watched much like this before. Well balanced and informative review, I'll think about it.


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