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Diabolik Lovers-The Hated Mothers Who Should Not Be.

Updated on March 14, 2016
Cordelia after being attacked by her son Ayato.
Cordelia after being attacked by her son Ayato.

Cordelia, the one you have to hate.

Cordelia is probably the worst mother in existence. She has relations with her own son to where he sees her as a lover rather than a mother (Laito). She beats on her other son and drowns him to motivate him to "become the best" and "to be number one"(Ayato). Then on top of it, she has an affair with her husband’s brother right in-front of her son (Kanato). Claps Mother of the year everyone... Well, you might say "What can you expect from a woman who is half demon and half vampire?" but honestly you have the power to hold your own morals people. Also, Karl (her husband) is partly to blame, she is his first wife, but she was second to give birth to his children (triplets) Oh but she affected others parenting... How about we start with Beatrix.


Now she is not one that I would be all that mad at, yes, she did neglect Reiji but this was NOT ON PURPOSE. This is something that people easily look over. Since Beatrix was the second wife and was first to give birth to Karls children this makes it so that Karl would give her more attention because generally in Japanese culture the eldest son is the one to take hold of the family when the father dies or when he decides to pass the torch. Shu would be his successor so that annoyed Cordelia since she was the first wife. So she pushed Ayato to beat Shu to the punch so he would become a better candidate and get more attention from Karl. This became a war between the two mothers, and Beatrix pushed harder on Shu now, but sadly this made her competently neglect Reiji because her attention was so focused on Shu. As a child you can tell he tried to impress his mother, but it did not really get to her because she was so distracted. But after time passed Reiji hires a vampire hunter to kill her. As she was dying she told him that she wanted it this way, to make up for what she lacked as a mother for him. As she died with a smile, knowing that this could be her way to help his pain. Sniffs She might have neglected him, but you know what... you know that she loved her sons with all her heart. Excuse me, I need a tissue...

Beatrix's Death.
Beatrix's Death.


Christina, this woman. I honestly wish I could hug her. You see, Karl took a liking to this woman, and what did he do to her? He raped her. She ended up going insane and what could be worse? She ended up pregnant with his child. This poor sweet woman now had a ball and chain around her ankle. Now I am not saying that Subaru is a nuance, but since he was now her child, it would make it difficult for her to leave. So she had to stay and become Karl's third wife. Why do people call her a terrible mother? Well, as I mentioned earlier, she lost her mind, and crazy people do crazy things. So at one point she put a silver knife in Subaru's hand when he was a mere child and begged him to kill her. This is heartbreaking to me because when she was not in this state you can tell she was a loving mother.

Christina looking down at Subaru in a tower.
Christina looking down at Subaru in a tower.

So are Beatrix and Christina all that bad when you really think about it? Tell us in the comments below!

Also I thought I should mention that all contents are used in purpose of review.

Hope you enjoyed!


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