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Anitator's Review Break Down

Updated on October 13, 2013

About Me

I'm an animator by trade, hense the name Anitator and I love watching animations and films. So I thought because I'm nice and friendly and know a lot about the industry I would watch content for 'research' and then post on my hubpages so you can see whether you would like it.

But because I'm an animator I analyze things differently than just what you see on the surface giving you much more in depth descriptions of content.

I want to write my reviews on animation and TV series as I watch a lot of them. Some will be family and children genre as that is the industry I work in and some will be more adult based which is a new area I am currently looking into. The films will be live action and animated and then yet again some will be family and children genre and some will be more adult.

I think by sharing opinions and chatting with others people on hubpages it will help me understand better about what people are looking for and I can add this new line of research to my work. So people get more animated work that they would want to see. A win win situation I feel.

So about my reviews:~


So first I introduce the film with the DVD cover (if I can find it) and try and give a little bit of background behind it.

Some will have a good history behind it because they were popular, made from books or comics or are following from a well know TV series. Some wont have this but I try and add it if it is there.

Otherwise it will be a brief synopsis of the film.

The Film / The Series

The film / series section is where I delve into the details about the film or series but from a different perspective than just running through the concept from start to finish. You will find I tell you very little about the film or series itself because I don't want to give anything away and would rather you watch yourselves and gain your own views on it. Instead I give you other details that make the 'backbone' of the film / series itself which can be more important than people might think. The points are broken up into sections, you wont find all of the items I describe in the points in my reviews at any one time because I seem to focus on elements that relate better to the concept itself but I want to tell you what I am looking for.

So the details I break down into are:~

The Story:~ Is there a strong story to the concept? Does it tell you what you is happening or does it leave you with the 'what is going on' feeling? Is it easy to follow or do you get lost? Is there moments that make you jump and give you a thrill or are you left disappointed? Is there any drama to it or is it so simple you can work out what is happening which leaves it flat and boring? These are all things I am looking for and then write it up in the review.

The Characters:~ I use the words 'Character Profile' a lot. The character profile is written for each character before a film or series is even begun. These are used as reference so the writers can keep referring back to make sure he/she is getting the right character for the job. So a character profile will have their name, gender, age and what their character looks like and what their personality is like, so are they bubbly, frustrated, bright, dozy, the comedian, devious, thoughtful I think you get the gist. You list all these details and that profile belongs to that character.

So if a nice character suddenly becomes aggressive towards others it has changed profile however if as the story goes along and their problem which caused this aggression is solved or they get told off by others and realize their ways and go back to being nice then its counted as a character development. A character has kept their profile but has grown and learnt from their experience but it means a character goes back to being 'themselves'.

Mostly in villains a profile will change at least once. They could be a good character but turn bad because of an event which is typical. But sometimes they will go back to good and back to bad and this is what is not recommended as how can you get to know this character and how do you keep the story consistent? Simple answer is you cant. Yet a character can pretend to change to develop a story as this allows him to keep their profile but cause mystery and drama which is good. So I look to see whether the character profile is consistent through the film / series and the closer the profile is to real life the better. So for example is there any emotion?, what problems do they face and how do they react to these situations, can they form relationships or does this develop a character further. Most importantly is their purpose, does the character have a strong purpose and are they for filling this role?

For me the characters should ALWAYS come first and then the story develop around them so a character fits in perfectly but also makes the story stronger because the characters hold the story together naturally and can even help you develop a story in ways that you wouldn't have thought of before. My stories are always written this way and many times you can actually tell where the story has been created before the characters as they are not as strong its just a 'story'

Sound:~ Sound is another thing I comment on. With good sound this can add great pace or sadness to a film. It can also add much needed impact to a scene by highlighting things maybe not seen but you can picture in your head. But this sound is not just music it can be character voices also. Because like any show if the voices are not right it can be the most unbearable thing to watch. So I like to point out little things like this because when its done well it makes all the difference.

Backgrounds:~ Backgrounds are more from the animation stand point. You cant really comment on a real life background. Well you can but in my case if that's the best place to shoot the film it must have been right at the time. However in animation at least you can make your own but depending on how it is drawn it can make all the difference. Some put in lots of details which are nice and give you something to relate to. However too much detail is easily missed and you can sometimes miss the plot entirely in a scene as the actual point your trying to show is hidden in the middle of all this other detail. Then there is the opposite where minimalist detail is used and certainly makes things look more cartoony but yet again this can then by too obvious what is happening and just makes things flat and boring. Many people take backgrounds for granted but if done well can add great drama, mystery and atmosphere to a scene and shouldn't be taken on first sight.

Spoiler Alerts:~ If I have to add something in that I feel is a spoiler I will put a warning notice in at the beginning of the review in italics and then in brackets you will find (spoiler) and the spoiler will be in italics as well so you don't have to read if if you don't want to.

I normally will try and balance my reviews so if there is lots of negatives I will try and find positives and visa versa. It's not always easy but I like to try.

At the bottom I will then put my rating to the film and you can decided on whether you watch it or not. All the reviews have images from the films dotted in when I can to try and help you get an idea if you would like it or not.

I never say at any point that just because I don't like something that others have to do the same. as everyone has their own opinions but these are just my views take them as you see them. I don't think really there is a wrong or right answer it's just whether it fits your cup of tea or not.

Overall I do this so I can find out what others think and then in turn I use this feedback as research in my work so I can produce things people actually want to see. Which I am hoping one day may improve the animation industry.

Anyway that's me in a nut shell and any questions let me know.


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