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Updated on November 30, 2009

Another Lame Cliche Horror Film

"Orphan" is the most overhyped horror film since "Freddy vs. Jason." Originally, I had no intention of seeing this god awful movie as I knew from trailers, that it looked like a rip off of "The Good Son." With a few minor differences here and there like instead of a boy killing people, its a girl, and that it's the adopted child this time that thirsts for blood. Unfortunately, since my friend, at the time, dragged me to see it with him, I ended up seeing the movie, and it came out to be almost exactly what I had expected, with a few little plot twists to make it a bit more original. However, I won't say what those twists are for those that wish to see this film. Anyway, "Orphan" is probably one of the least scariest films I've ever seen. Not only does its' terror rely solely on mere shock value, some of the supporting characters are dumber than sin. Like in one scene when the father, John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard), takes Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) out to the park to play, some girl picks on Esther. Needless to say, this angers her as she diliberately breaks the girl's leg, for pissing her off. Even though it's painfully obvious to all the parents and other kids there that Esther was at fault, John just defends her saying she's just a confused child and nothing more. Indeed, he gives her every possible benefit of the doubt even over his own wife's pleas. Although some will argue that he has good reason to doubt his wife, as she was a former alcoholic for a while, and partially responsible for the death of their child, due her problem. However, if John plainly sees Esther hurting a kid in front of him, and not notice how insane that little girl is, then I think he might possibly be the dumbest man alive. Esther acts like a perfect little angel in front of John, while acting like a cold hearted b**** to her adopted mother, Kate Coleman (Vera Farmiga) and her other children. This is especially obvious when Esther spies on her foster parents having sex but when Kate tries to explain to her what was happening, she just gives Kate a cold hearted response. To make matters even worse, this film is just too predictable as any idiot could see who was going to die or get hurt from a mile away, as it seemed like anyone who pisses off Esther is going to somehow get hurt. At least in most horror movies, there's supposed to be an element of surprise as the viewer is unaware of when and how the victim will be hurt. In "Orphan", it seemed like everyone who pissed Esther off, immediately got hurt or killed in the following scene. Thus, making the entire film totally predictable. "Orphan" is about as scary a root canal, at the dentist's office. Sure, the thought of visiting the dentist is scary at first but once it's over, you realize it wasn't so bad. That's exactly how I felt when I saw "Orphan."


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 8 years ago

      you bring up a lot of valid points. however, i usually find horror films scarier when you DON'T know what to expect. where you might know someone is going to die, but your not sure when or how as the tension keeps building up. that's what always made me get scared in a horror film. where as this film didn't do anything for me. however, i do appreciate your input though.

    • profile image

      PashaS 8 years ago

      Interesting view of the movie.... I loved it...Hahaha!!! You are right it was predictable to an extent, however it was almost supposed to be because you needed to understand what she was trying so hard to do and protect at the same time. John that poor SOB was supposed to be naive as hell because that is what people with Character Disorders do, they manipulate better than anyone in the world. The reason why I liked this film was more than just the story in itself but I have to say I think that Isabella Furhman (Esther) did a phenomenal job at playing a sociopathic killer and the reason her character is supposed to be so calculated obviously because of what we all learn in the end about her true age (spoiler alert,sorry for anyone who hasn't seen it yet)So to me it was more than just the predictable movie, it was the acting mostly, but hey, it is a movie right...LOL I waited to see it on DVD anyway.