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The Tuxedo

Updated on April 3, 2013

Another wasted film of Jackie Chan's talents

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the only person that can make a Jackie Chan film suck. Okay, that's being too harsh by placing the blame on one person because the poorly mediocre script, and a director, who wanted to present this film like a bad high school movie instead of dare I say...gasp...secret agents (which is what the film is supposed to be, anyway), had contributed to this film's medeocrity. The film is about this a Chinese shoufer that's been assigned to shoufer a highly trained secret agent wearing a advanced tuxedo, a la James Bond type with gadgets galore, until he is put in the hospital by a gang of drug dealers. Now, it's up to Jackie Chan to put on the tuxedo and finish the mission with assistance of Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom thinks that Jackie is the original agent. Don't get me wrong. I love all of Jackie Chan's films (the ones released in the U.S. anyway) even though most of them are typically cliched and involve almost similar types of jokes. However, Jackie Chan's brilliant kung fu style mixed with comedy has become an instant sensation in the United States, recently. By producing popular American films like "Rush Hour," "Rush Hour 2," "Shanghai Noon," "Shanghai Knights," Jackie has become a house hold name. Hell, even the imports of his foreign films in China like "Mr. Nice Guy," "Rumble in the Bronx," and many others have managed to become quite popular here. Unfortunately, though, despite so much potential having America's newest beloved action comedy hero and one of America's hottest starletts, Jennifer Love Hewitt, this movie offers a lot of style, but it also offers very little substance.

I remember seeing the trailers for this film a while back, and the movie showed so much promise. It looked like another great action packed film and full of laughs which has become expected in Jackie Chan films. Unfortunately, the writers must have been on crack or something because this film probably had some of the worst story development and dialogue that I've ever seen in a film. Whatever happened to the witty dialogue in the Rush Hour films to add Jackie's kung fu comedy antics? Instead, you hear lines like when Jennifer tells Jackie over the phone that the password is, "Hey babe! Nice rack!"

To make matter worse, the characters seemed to act more like high school teenagers than secret agents. Hell, in one scene a couple of guys, that are supposed to be investigating where the drug dealer is going to strike next, are too busy looking through the cameras zooming in on Jennifer's ass. Not that I'm complaining about the view, but it does seem a bit stupid that these guys do this throughout the entire film. (Sarcasticly speaking) I mean it's not like they should be at least at some point do some actual government work.

The story development is simply appalling because it seemed like the writer didn't take the time to develop the script ideas. In Shanghai Noon, I thought the director and writer did a great job developing the relationship between Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan while giving a solid story. However, in "The Tuxedo," the character and story development are rushed and are developed at the wrong times. For example, after Jennifer and Jackie lose the drug dealer while chasing him, instead of argueing with each other or talking about something regarding the case, they sit back and start flirting with each other. Jackie says, "First of all, I know you have a huge crush on me." "First of all, you wish!" replies Jennifer. However, it doesn't help an obviously rushed script when the director doesn't even try to cover up that the rest of the actors can't act.

However, the only good point about this film is Jackie. His kung fu style comedy shines through in this film, but it wasn't enough to overshadow a otherwise wholly megahyped crappy movie. Jackie is perhaps one of the few actors that I know that can pull off being an action hero while adding in a lot of comedy elements, all in the same movie, along with Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, and Chris Tucker. Although this film is a mediocre disgrace to the film industry, at least fans can rest assured that the action kung fu sequences are still good.

Jennifer Love Hewitt will probably be declared by many fans as the only person to make a Jackie Chan film suck. However folks, Jennifer had nothing to do with the bad script or the direction of this, so who's really to blame? I do admit her perfomance was just awful, but to post blame on her alone is like what so many Batman fans said about George Clooney. I mean sure he didn't fit the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne that well, neither does Jennifer as a secret agent, but they both couldn't have possibly had control over their absent minded directors, whom seemed more bent on making money than delivering good cinema. George and Jennifer never wrote the scripts for either film, "The Tuxedo" or "Batman and Robin." With so much potential, this movie fails to live up to it.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Thanks justmesuzanne. I appreciate the compliment. Yeah, it's kind of sad Jackie Chan was involved in this film, as he literally felt out of place in this comedy. It was almost like they used his martial arts expertise more as a gimmick rather than as part of the storyline.

      To be honest, I never saw "spy next door", but i heard it was pretty bad though. I'll be sure to check out your review the first chance i get. Thanks for stopping by.

    • justmesuzanne profile image

      justmesuzanne 7 years ago from Texas

      I have to say I agree with your assessment of this film. I love Jackie Chan, and especially loved Shanghai Noon, but I was very disappointed in The Tuxedo. I really didn't like the silly, special effects "flying" at the end. You could just tell JC was embarrassed to do something so ridiculous. Great review! Marked up! :)

      What did you think of The Spy Next Door? I just posted my review of it:

      The Spy Next Door: DVD Review