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Ant-Man and Wasps: Ghost Revealed

Updated on September 8, 2017
Ant-Man and Wasp Poster
Ant-Man and Wasp Poster

Ghost revealed as a villain in Ant-Man and Wasp

Ant-man was a surprise hit, this was mainly down to the lack of hype. Ant-Man is not the most popular hero in the comics and so when the film was announced it got a very mixed reception. People were not excited for it. But when people saw it they were blown away at how great it was. Shortly after they announced Ant-Man and Wasp. We have been getting little information but they have now released a villain.

This villain is Ghost. Don't worry if you don't know who Ghost is, Ghost has only become big in the last few years. Ghost was created in 1987 and first appeared in Iron Man 219, where he tries to destroy Stark Industries from the inside. We know little about Ghost, do not know his name, what he looks like, where he comes from or much about his past.


Origin Story

One of the best things about Ghost is his origin story. All we know is he used to work for a corporation called Omnisapient as an engineer and programmer. He created varies amount of new technology for them, making the profits for the company skyrocket. He later fell in love and his life was complete. But devastation strikes, the woman of his dreams tragically dies in a apartment explosion. Shattering his heart and mind.

At the funeral he finds out that Omnisapient hired the women to make him happy so he would continue his technology breakthroughs. Finding this out devastates hits him even more. So he begins a new mission to upload his conciseness into a machine so he can never die. He then builds his suit and completes his work to become Ghost. He then sets about destroying Omnisapien and everything they stand for. To become a true Ghost you must not exist and so he erased all records of him in every database in the world. He then became a villain and for the right price he will take down any company, corporation or business for you.

Ant-man and Wasp
Ant-man and Wasp

Ant-Man and Wasp

There are a few changes to Ghost, the main one being a sex change. Ghost is going to be portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen in the film. As we don't know too much about Ghost already a change in gender doesn't have a huge impact. It does however add extra mystery to the character and I love that, Ghost is meant to be a true Ghost and not exist initially.

It is not likely we will be seeing a whole backstory from Ghost in the film. As this would spoil the element of the character, but in saying that finding out extra information would add a new dynamic to the character. We suspect that Ghost has been hired to take down Pym Industries or has a vendetta against them.

Another important questions is: is Ghost big enough or good enough to be the only villain in the film? I am not sure and think there could be a possibility of another villain being added in. This villain could be the one that hires Ghost, then when Ghost fails the mission this villain then rises up and tries to finish the job. But we don't know at this point.

A synopsis has not been given yet, but with a release date of July 2018 we will be getting more information soon. There is always a possibility of a teaser trailer end of the year/beginning of next year. There will be a massive amount of hype this time around.

Ant-Man and Wasp

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